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Hello awesome people. Welcome to another article about optimal food. These days we're encouraged to be more responsible in the name of health. Optimal food can help us have optimal health.

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Fortunately, we can find what’s optimal food with a simple test:

  • Would we eat this food in nature?

Previous articles: 1, 2, 3, How about we explore even more foods and see how many will pass the test.

Haw about garlic?

Some people believe it's healthy food because it kills bacteria. How about good bacteria?
The antibiotic compounds don’t differentiate between good and bad bacteria. So Why would we want its antibiotic effects?
Knowing what food is optimal is simple, because nature is amazing:

  • Our body warns us when we eat food that has negative effects on our body.
  • Our body rewards us when we eat food that has positive effects on our body.

Our body enjoys food that's optimal for our body. This is great news: food that tastes great (without any complication) is good for optimal health. Simple pleasure is the key to health. Isn't this great?
The more we complicate ourselves with processing food, the less natural we make it. So Why would we complicate ourselves with creating food that's not even healthy?
Taste is a good indicator for optimal food. However, we cancel the warning function of our taste

  • by adding spices and other stuff to foods that we wouldn't eat in their natural form,
  • by eating unnatural food that tastes great thanks to processing,
  • by cooking food.

The taste test is simple: When we can't enjoy a plant in its natural form, this is the body telling us"NO!".
The smell test is pretty simple as well: When a plant makes us sneeze, this is the body telling us"NO!".
The foods we're meant to eat won't bother our taste / smell. Speaking about enjoyment, some people say:

I enjoy meat (or any other food that requires preparation)

How many grams of meat that you can eat without cooking them are there in nature? I don't know and i don't think there are enough. When we can't eat a food in its natural form then, How natural is that food? I don't know and i don't think it’s natural enough. Thanks to spices and other compounds, nonsweet processed foods such as meat offer us the impression of great taste, when in fact we wouldn't be able to eat meat without spices that are not even natural.
How many garlic cloves can you enjoy at one meal? i don't know and i don't think you can enjoy enough to feel satiated only from them. Why can't we enjoy a meal of garlic? Our body doesn't enjoy it because it's not optimal for our body. So Why would we consider eating it in the first place?
People consider eating garlic for its medical properties, such as lowering cholesterol. The importance people place on medical plants (aka herbs) comes from a medical approach. Speaking about herbs,

How about herbs?

First of all, What’s the medical approach?
People believe a compound (a plant, a herb, a medicine) is a health compound just because it solves the symptom of a health problem.

  • Disease is not caused by lack of compounds (e.g. garlic) that work on the symptom (effect).
  • Disease is caused by lack of good compounds (nutrients) from optimal food or by negative compounds from bad food.

The food we eat is a component of our lifestyle. Medical compounds don't change our lifestyle that caused the health problem in the first place. While we work on the surface (on the effects), we allow the underlying cause to continue and we allow it to get compounded.
There is a reason we can't enjoy garlic (or other herb) in its natural form. The body tells us this food contains compounds that have negative effects on our body.
Working on the effect vs working on the cause - it's up to you to decide which approach is better.
This article is not for people who like to live superficial (on the surface) lives, that are also complicated thanks to complicated food. Plus, physical health is not even a growth need. When we turn bad food into the purpose of our life, What are we doing? Are we living to eat bad food? Are we destroying our health with food? What a pitiful way to live.
Great news for people who like to work on the cause: It's pretty simple to know how we can work on the cause. The best defence against disease is a healthy body.

  • We can build a healthy body with proper nutrients, just like
  • We can build a strong building with proper materials.

The food that's useful for building a healthy body is food that our body enjoys in its natural form. Our health depends on the nutrients of our food that in turn depend on multiple factors, that you already know from a previous article. For healthy people the only medicine that makes sense is optimal food, as it has

  • Positive compounds i.e. nutrients,
  • No negative compounds i.e. toxins.

I don't have medical studies so i'm not qualified to give advice to unhealthy people who are under medical treatment. Only your medical doctor can give you medical education about your medicine. The medicine business won't bother with changing your unhealthy lifestyle (the cause of disease) as

  • changing lifestyles is hard, as people are afraid of change, especially when it comes to changing their much loved food, because they value taste over health.
  • it's not their business to help you with the cause of your problem. Their business is to maximize profits. Your health is your business.

People believe herbs are food because herbs are plants that exist in nature. Here are some facts about our reality (which is where we live): Not all plants that exist in nature are optimal for us. E.g. tobacco (a plant from the Solanaceae / nightshade family that exists in nature) is toxic to us. What's up with toxins?
Why do plants create toxins? E.g. nightshades produce natural pesticides called glycoalkaloids as a first line of defense against pests. The natural pesticides produced by these plants defend the plant from pests by damaging their cell membrane.

What’s the compound effect?

The compound effect.png

Our consistent results are the compound effect of what we do consistently.

  • success is the compound effect of positive effects/results of constructive daily actions
  • a small life is the compound effect of negative effects/results of destructive daily actions

The compound effect is always at work in the background whether we notice it or not. We either compound negative effects or positive effects.

  • optimal health is the compound effect of positive effects of healthy compounds
  • health problems are the compound effect of negative effects of unhealthy compounds

When we consume negative compounds once in a while, the negative effect is still gonna be there and it gets compounded. Just because we have no symptoms, it doesn't mean that the negative effect doesn't get compounded. Food should feed us, not harm our health.
How many reasons to eat food that harm our health are there? I don't know and i don't think there are enough. So, when optimal health is our goal, we can avoid negative health effects.
How many negative health effects can we avoid without information about negative health effects? I don't know and i don't think we can avoid enough. I share what's optimal and what’s not, as complete information can enhance someone's health. You’re still totally free to eat whatever you want.
Garlic didn't pass the test. There are multiple pungent plants: horseradish, onion, cayenne pepper, chilli pepper, black radish, etc. How many pungent plants that pass the test are there in nature? I don't know and i don't think there are enough.
Some unnatural foods pass the taste test because thanks to high amounts of refined sugar, some of them are sweeter than fruits. No wonder why

  • people go from eating natural food to eating unnatural food.
  • many people even become addicted to unnatural food.

Parents offer their children unnatural food. No wonder why parents have to force food on their throat. The biggest tragedy is that over time children are conditioned by people around them to eat unnatural food. The unnatural movement is so extreme that for some children eating is a stressful experience in which they are scolded for not eating, when in fact children don't enjoy that food because it's not our specific food. The unnatural food movement is so extreme that for many people the taste is so perverted that they can't enjoy our natural food.


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Bottom line

Herbs, garlic and other pungent plants, don't pass the test, despite the fact they're considered natural medicine (medical foods). So it's good to know that:

  • optimal food is not all the plant-based food sold in a store. Just as,
  • optimal food is not all the food sold in that store (meat, dairy, etc).

This article are part of a book.
Raw-desserts taste delicious so How about them?
We can explore even more foods in the next article. Until then, in the comment section you can share your opinion for the questions of this article. Thanks so much for reading. Have a great day.