My gift for you

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Because you're ambitious and responsible, I have a gift for you: a constructive and recreative show.
Varianta română aici

A show:

  • Through which I help you be more effective and have more clarity,
  • Where you can find simple and practical ideas about becoming more.

cover anunt.jpg

Table of contents:
The show is currently under construction, because i interrupted editing movies from the show to write about our Real challenge. So, apart from the actual show, you can also read articles oriented toward solutions for our world challenge:


First part of the show: Returning to your real self:

Second part of the show: 5 areas of self-improvement:

  • A brief story about Perspective

  • The first interactive exercise about effectiveness
    The second interactive exercise about effectiveness

  • How we can preserve our health
    What is healthy food?
    Welcome to the community Health = Simplicity
    What I eat in a day
    What's your opinion about health?

  • A brief story about Healthy relations + 3 simple ideas for Healthy relations

  • Create more abundance in your life!

  • A brief recap for part 2.

Third part of the show: Use the force!

Setting goals, nutrition, finances, relations are aspects of our everyday life so they might be examples of basic education, that's useful to be shared to other people.

Do you want to improve your life?
You can check out this article.

Minds, MeWe, twitter, instagram, facebook,

You can take advantage of the fact that we still have access to information and you can find more about our Real challenge from people who are dedicating in sharing an alternative perspective: @krnel, @jasonliberty, @lighteye, @richq11, @dbroze, DeepDives Community.

Thanks for visiting my blog . See you in the next article. Until then, in the comment section, you can share your opinion about education.

  • Why don't we receive basic education in the education system?

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Thank you for including me. We do indeed have an epic challenge ahead of us. But if enough good people like you keep shining a light and reminding us what we are capable of, we will win in the end.

Excellent article!!!

Thanks! Keep up the good work!