My gift for you

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Because you're ambitious and responsible, I have a gift for you:
A show that’s:

  • Constructive and
  • Recreative.

A show:

  • Through which I help you be more effective and have more clarity,
  • Where you can find simple and practical ideas about becoming more.


Varianta română aici

Table of contents:
The show is currently under construction, because i interrupted editing movies from the show to write about our challenge:

First part of the show:

  • Introduction + What I eat in a day - 1
  • UNlearning Versus Learning
  • What is good nutrition?
    Why is our basic need of nutrition a mystery for most?
  • What's a Pendulum?
  • How is a star born?
    Entertainment versus enslavement.
  • Self-improvement versus masturbation.
    Self-improvement versus enslavement.
  • Motivation versus masturbation!
  • Our reality beats movie: Why did Cypher prefer to be a traitor?
  • Celebration versus masturbation.
  • It doesn't have to be this way.
  • What is awareness!
  • What is a better world?
  • What's better: to be Proactive or Reactive?
  • What's more important: the Why or the How?
  • A brief comedy about Being Fake versus being Real.
  • The "Making of" series in which you can see how you can: record, edit, subtitle and promote your movies
  • Relevant Vs Irrelevant: How can we share information in a relevant way?
  • Influence Vs Concern,
  • Liberation Vs illusion,
  • Evolution Vs Perfection,
  • Solid Ground Vs Quicksand,
  • A brief story about a stormy sea,
  • A brief story about “Our Game”
  • A brief story about an Awesome bus,
  • A brief story about the master of illusions,
  • A brief story about The Red dress,
  • A brief story about a Superhero,
  • Our reality beats movie: A brief story about wisdom,
  • A brief story about a strawberries field,
  • What I eat in a day - 2
  • A brief recap for part 1

Second part of the show: 5 areas of self-improvement:

  • Elevate your soul! A brief story about Perspective + What I eat in a day - 3
  • Elevate your mind! A brief story about effectiveness + What I eat in a day - 4
    Two interactive exercises about using our time wisely
  • Elevate your body! A brief story about health + What I eat in a day - 5
    2 simple ideas for how we can keep our nutrition simple.
  • Elevate your relations! A brief story about Healthy relations,+ What I eat in a day - 6
    3 simple ideas for Healthy relations.
  • Create more abundance in your life! + What I eat in a day - 7
  • A brief recap for part 2.

Third part of the show.

  • Use the force series
  • Raw vegan recipes: raw vegan cake, raw fries, etc.

Why does the first part of the show have so many episodes?

Society changes us:

  • From our real self
  • To a fake self that is made up of limiting beliefs, false beliefs and fake goals.

After 12 years of education system, we have false beliefs even about our basic need of nutrition.
This change is known as social conditioning. In Reality Transurfing by Vadim Zeland it's called induced transfer. In these books, we also find about our game: between us and pendulums.
What’s the name of our game?
The name of our game is Reality: Evolution Versus enslavement:

  • We want evolution.
  • Pendulums want enslavement.

What is happiness?
Happiness is the progressive realization of our own goals, so it's pretty obvious that we're not happy as long as we build fake goals induced by society.
As long as we don't work on the cause of our problem, we experience masturbation: we evolve within the enslavement system.
Self-improvement makes sense only when we invest our time in building our own goals.
The condition for using the force (aka the law of attraction) is to free our intention. We can do that by freeing ourselves of fake goals. By being aware of these fake goals and false beliefs (that are beneficial for our own enslavement):

  • We can be free of them,
  • We can Unlearn the false beliefs that hold us down and
  • We can return to our real self and
  • We can invest our intention in our own goals (that are beneficial for our evolution).

You can take advantage of the fact that we still have access to information and you can find more about our world challenge from people who work for sharing the truth: @krnel, @jasonliberty, @lighteye, @richq11, @dbroze, DeepDives Community.

Do you want to improve your life?
You can check out this article.

Thanks for visiting my blog and reading my article. See you in the next one. Until then i have great news: you can be part of helping people have clarity for our world challenge by offering them information.

Hive community, discord community: only for winners!!!!

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I'm curious to know what you think.
How can we overcome our challenge?
You can comment below and let me know.


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Thank you for including me. We do indeed have an epic challenge ahead of us. But if enough good people like you keep shining a light and reminding us what we are capable of, we will win in the end.

Excellent article!!!

Thanks! Keep up the good work!