Dear Diary: My Goal Is That My Dialysis Will Be In My Home Soon

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I really do not want to travel anymore for my dialysis and there are many reasons for that. One is that it takes a preparation physically for me at least because I have to take a bath and that requires effort which is such a chore now for me to accomplish.

My parents are also not getting any younger, they are in fact in their ripe old age already and it makes me think that I hate them getting older because I like them to be younger and full of energy. I am just thankful that they are health conscious which gives them vitality and strength.

That is why I am fortunate because I get to enjoy their love, care and selfless support even though I am such a drag unto them. Also, I am fortunate as well that I discovered the steem community that really helps me out with my medical expenses and gives me hope to make me achieve my medical goals that I so wanted to accomplish.


It is proving to be hard and a long work but at least I am inching and inching towards it. So I am really grateful. Now all I have to do is to be patient and continue to persevere so that I could soon have my dialysis here at home. Not via hemodialysis but peritoneal where a solution would be instilled in my tummy, drain it out back again to clean my system.

That system might require some extra work but at least I am free from going to and from my dialysis center and might also allow me to travel in some places too if I like without ever worrying about my dialysis schedule. That is what I want and I must be more patient about it until crypto prices would give me that possibility.


Just stopping by to say Hi!

Peritoneal would certainly be a positive change in your life. I hope you can get it!

I have mixed feelings about your posts at times. Sometimes they are hard to read, or a bit "too much information" for my taste.

However many are very good and I am fascinated by your willingness to let it all hang out there. That is something I have never been good at and to tell the truth it makes me feel a little bit inadequate.

I have only been here a few months, but you sir are one of the most diligent and hard working bloggers on this site. Every.Single.Day. Day in and out you are here. Hats off to you!! I hope I can become more like you in that respect. You are one tough cookie!!

I know you probably do this because you have to, and I'd like to think I would do the same. I don't know if I could though. Bravo!!

Hi @steemstreems
I love blogging and I already am comfortable sharing my life here at steem community that is why you can read at times I am telling that too much information LOL.

Yes I needed to blog because of my goal in this lifetime. I am like an ant now saving up for my future because no one around me really is helping except here at steem where you as my friends supports me from kind thoughts and prayers to cryptos, all I appreciate my my heart.

So I am taking all these opportunity to earn that is why I am always blogging nonstop from day one with most of my time in front of PC although I am lying down most of the time because of my bone and pain issues.

God bless you.