Weeklyish Running Update... fastest in a while!

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I've been steady with my two runs a week recently, and pretty happy with keeping things ticking over...

I did one interval session about 10 days ago, then the fastest 5K I did for a while, I was just feeling it, and then a slower 5K, but with a fastish final K, that was the idea.

All in I'm pretty happy, and I've been crushing the circuit training too!

Standard intervals - 600-800s s and 200s ish!

Tow lightly longer and the 200s nearer 250, actually the only 400 dead is the penultimate one.


These are the sections my standard 5K route lends itself to, which is about perfect TBH - two 600-800M intervals and then some shorter runs at the end.

3.40 max, I'll take that!

Fastest 5K in a while!

What can I say, it happens sometimes.. Headed out and felt good so just upped the pace, enjoyed this!


I mean nothing like my former form, but for me, for now, good enough!

Slower 5K with fast-sh final K

And I wasn't feeling this too much, after three days circuit training.... However I pulled it out the bag with the final K.


I think this model could work going forwards, a trot, and then a final K of effort, it's OK even when you are feeling a bit knackered.

Future thoughts...

It maybe because I've been running less that I'm feeling in the mood for maybe running more... there's a 10K coming up in Feb I might do, maybe I'll up to 3 times a week for that, I'll make the decision by mid December, see how the work-life-circuits balance is by then!


Daily exercise is really important for the fitness of the body, my friend. Nowadays a lot of people do everything to walk as little as possible, but then they find it difficult to walk even 1 kilometer in a straight line.

I know what you mean I do the opposite!

Do you know how much weight you lost by this runnings in a week or month?

I think it's about 400 calories per run so around 1Ib of fat's worth on 2 runs a week!

Well done. I seem to be getting slower lately, but I'll keep running anyway.

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That’s fast!
Kudos to you and keep it up!

Just like when a person sets a target that I have to lose 10 kg and walk so many kilometers every day, then all these things become easy for a person.