Disheartening Results from the Last Blood Testosterone Measurement...

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Be thankful for the 'road bumps' in life, for unexpected results provide the opportunity to correct course...

In June, my total testosterone measured 639:


A 46% increase in testosterone from the last time it was measured!

Results from last week were a significant decrease:


Only 459, despite the big pile of supplements I was taking...

That's still a 5-7% increase over the measurements of 428 and 437 taken in November 2017 and February 2018.

However I need to consider what the potential confounds were to this latest experimental protocol.

Then re-adapt for the next trials to be taken following Steemfest, to start after I return from Hong Kong before leaving for Australia in January.

Possible confounding variables that affected the results:

  • Inadequate sleep.
  • Too much alcohol (I don't regularly drink lately, in fact 2 beers and I'm a little dizzy... Need to get back in drinking shape for Steemfest 😂). I was drinking a beer or two a day in the last two weeks before the testosterone test. I HOPE that's the culprit because it's an easy fix.
  • Not working out nearly as hard as I should have been. In fact, I was hardly working out at all.
  • Diet changed where I dropped the broccoli, the red grapes, and the pomegranate juice from the diet. Tried supplements instead; I'll go back to those three foods in this next round starting in December.

There were plenty of things that were off in this last experiment from July to September.

Riding high off the results from June, I proverbially 'rested on my laurels,' and paid the price.

Incidentally, that saying "Rest on your laurels" refers to Roman Times, when a victor would psychologically remain in the glory of past victories while foregoing the obligations necessary for earning future glory.


We learn from our mistakes, and I eagerly look forward to re-initiating the former protocols to determine if past results can truly be reproduced.

I'm also going to go off all supplements in two weeks, because you should cycle off some of these products periodically.

Details on that coming in December, when I'll list all of what I'm taking, one by one, on a daily basis to help educate everybody on why I've elected to ingest the products I've chosen.

Hopefully this knowledge will be of use to you to help make your life better in some way.

Next post you'll learn what made me upset with the HomeDNA kit!

Felt like a bait and switch...

Stay tuned!

Thank you for reading 😊

@scan0017 😘

PS: Does anyone else have their cursor missing when typing up a post?

Love ya guys 🤝


Did you recently watch re-runs of "Gilmore Girls?" I've heard that has a drastic effect on Testosterone levels.

That's a real serious issue. One that you must find solutions to, so the rest of us will learn from your experience and experiment.

I'm typing from mobile most of these days, so I don't know about the missing cursor.

Hey James 👋
I've always posted using my mobile; anyhow, the cursor seems to have returned when typing this reply. Then disappeared after making this edit. Weird.

The only other difference that I can think of was growing out my facial hair. Who knows whether that has any effect on testosterone or not; I'm inclined to think it's irrelevant.
However, it was an additional factor...

I'll bet you're right: The supplements provide the brick and mortar to build a fortress, but if you're not moving weight good luck building muscle...

We'll find out on the next blood test.

Sorry to hear about your phone ☎️

Have you looked into ashwagandha? I just started taking it.

Thanks for the tip, I'll look into it 🤝

Just ordered some off eBay, thank you! 🤜🤛

I'm sure you will bounce back Craig, especially if you return to eating healthy and rest well.

Thanks for the "Rest on your laurels" lesson, that's something we all need to remember.

Looking forward to see your next month's report!


I miss you brother!
PLEASE tell me we'll finally get to meet face to face in Krakow at Steemfest!
You've got a massive hug coming your way if you'll be there 😊


I’m going with sleep and alcohol. It is fascinating to see how the human operates.

I'm with you Lydon; not sleeping enough (that's when testosterone is manufactured, while asleep), plus more alcohol than I drank in the previous 3 month study (fairly minimal, if it were red wine some studies would claim even healthy) AND very little gym time...
Looking back on it, this last go was a pretty lame attempt.
To quote an officer on the Death Star:
"We shall double our efforts!"