Love the hair! I keep thinking I'm going to cut mine but I keep chickening out. I know what you mean about being tired of always wearing it clipped up or back. And you would rock that red hair as well, though I hate the thought of the growing out part if you color your hair.
Nice sketches, those definitely take some time. And speaking of time, wish I had more time to play some poker - miss our games together!

Hi! I was so tired of having wet hair that I just couldn't anymore:D
I keep thinking I have clips in my hair and trying to take them out. LOLL not used to my neck feeling air all day!

I miss cards too. Hope you are well!!


Hugs back atcha sista!

I love the new hair! I think you look wonderful! Your sketches are awesome! I especially like the "save the rocks" sketch. What a pretty coloring book! I suggest emu oil for your knuckles! So glad to see you are still alive... I was getting worried there for a minute :O


Thanks!! I think I needed to hear that about my hair LOLL I am enjoying not wearing clips in it all day today :D

and Thank you about the drawings too!! They have been a lot of fun to make when I have time and brain power..... I never give up. I just am slower now than before on everything it seems.

I promise to look into the oil!! winter is not helping!

Yeah, weekends are ruff cuz Hubby is home so everything is more distracting too.


ok the hair....

first of all - i LOVE it. and i think you would totally rock the red too.

but i think you're parting the hair like your old style - and for that style - if you part it at the top of your head - and pull the hair forward all straight forward.... and then like - mess it a bit...

(cuz it's supposed to be like.. not so perfect like your hair is now hahaha you know??)

make it more like.. ok i'm gonna make you a video hahahahahaha

cuz i think its actually closer to what you wanted than what you think!!!
and when it grows in a bit - like 1-2 more inches - it will be even closer.

i think she just went shorter than the pic - but... i think its GREAT!!

as far as your sketches.
there is one there that hit me so hard. i can't tell you why - but I want you to color it in and then I want to buy it from you and have it shipped to me! i'm serious. i'm dead serious. i need it.

i'll talk to you in DM :)

i love you snook. after Sunday - we will talk :)
i love you so much

Monday it is :D

and it was a great DM.....

we will talk more then.

I can not wait for the video


Sending you lots of LOVE, miss Snook!
LOVE that look with your hair!

Thank you, Blue!!!



and kisses and stray fingers, too!


Love this new look, this look really suits you. I hope you are doing great...It's been a while since we talked last time. How's everything going with you? I hope all is good.

Have a nice week dear... Miss you

Thank You!! Life has been interesting........

I hope this finds you happy!!


The hair is chopped!

HAAAAAAAAAAAA! It IS but it will grow back and my super power will be stronger :D

Dig the hair! Get you one of those airbeds that's like a air hockey table? You know, so it blows on you all the time and keeps you cool. 😁 How did you magically make pictures appear! 😂 Glad you still keeping your stress in check. Hope you get to feeling better sis. Much love!

at this point, I am just going to buy an air hockey tablet to sleep on! LOLL


Ohhh.... The hair!
That's Fabulous. It looks better than the way you described it during PYPT.

About those drawings, I've been getting skillshare Ads on YouTube, but I never got to check it out properly.

I like the ending note... You are Alive and you will be fully fit as time goes on.

Thank you!! and Alive is always a great thing :D

I really love SkillShare. There are no ads and there is so much to learn there. I like that you can just watch it 5 minutes at a time too. They really do a great job.

Here is my link for a free month if you want to check it out. SkillShare

Thanks Alot for the link. Thanks 🙏

I will try to make the best use of this opportunity

by the way - your kitchen looks fabulous hehehehe
way cleaner than mine hahahahahaha

I shoved everything into the sink :D

hahahahahahahahahahaha I thought you were gonna say something like this!!!!!! LOLOLOL

well - it still looked fabulous hahaha

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Well, aren't you the cutest little pixie!! Everything looks fabulous on you. I can't wait to see what you dream up next.

aw I just came across this💗Your hair looks lovely and you are so lovely. I hear you on the menopause thingie...I never did get nighttime sweats but I got a plethora of other symptoms and it took me a good few years of struggling and suffering and causing grief for my family too before I finally went to my GP in tears... seems I went through early menopause some time back...aargh... and because they obviously didn't look close enough at my medical history, the docs didn't pick it up. I was getting palpitations, anxiety, feeling angry a lot, and stressed... now I am on HRT and honestly I feel like I have my life back. I feel like me again. And you know what...coincidently I started writing again soon after that 😍 I hope you are able to manage the pain in your hands dear Snook. Your writing needs to be out in the world. Have you considered using text to speech and then just doing the few corrections required afterward to make it easier on your hands 😘 or maybe you already do this? I think its wonderful that you are looking to make a colouring book too. So creative 😍 and those gothic pics you have coloured are gorgeous... take care of yourself... I have really enjoyed your posts in the Dreemport challenge recently. I am so glad @dreemsteem came up with it as it has been so wonderful getting to see people's joy laid bare for everyone to see. Long may your presence here on Hive last 🙏!PIZZA !ALIVE

Thank You so so much for your kindness!!
The Dreemport Challenges were a ton of fun!!
reading everyone's posts was too.

I hope you are having a wonderful day!!

I am having a good day, thank you. I hope yours was a good one today too 🙏😘

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