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Other rumors started for Cristiano Ronaldo transfer possibilities. I know a few days ago he said there was nothing going on, and I also thought he would stay at Juventus until the end of his contract, but it seems some advanced discussions and negotiations have started with Manchester City. I do not really like Ronaldo but I like Juventus, so I don't mind if he leaves and Juventus can make some money out of it.

Am always happy when it comes to EPL matches, can't wait for another weekend show down of premier League.

what do you say about arsenal vs Man city

Man City will win against arsenal is my prediction.

I guess we all know who the winner will be on this one. I expect the the Manchester city to run riot against the poor arsenal side. Don't think the Emirates club will be able to do much against this rejuvenated city side. Would be really surprised if the citizens club don't walk away with the three maximum point come Saturday

I don't watch much English football, but even I know that everything points to a City victory. But I would actually be really glad if Arsenal created the surprise of the week with a win. I know, very improbable, but that would be funny.

that's true but I wouldn't like arsenal to win by any means because I support Man city

Guess you are not alone of the one has majority of football lovers and enthusiast always look forward to the most exciting league in the World which is the EPL. Also can't wait for Saturday to see those interesting matches on them TV's

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Thanks for the tokens I really appreciate good job done you are blessed

Thank you very much for the tokens and hive 👍👍

Thanks for the participation rewards!

Thanks for the rewards.

Many thanks for the tokens. Much appreciated. That's some lot of participation we had yesterday. Hope the numbers continue to the increase. The more the merrier it would be with sports enthusiast discussing their favorite sports

What surprised me is what West Ham united Play against mind was Leicester will win the game but West Ham united beat them in the game what a pity for an unexpected wining and I'm sure that game will cut some predictions.

I really appreciate for the rewards, thanks and remain blessed.

There's no much football matches today but I was caught up with an interesting one which is the champions League qualification match between PSV and benfica, I think it's going to be a tough one but at the end I believe benfica will win the match to qualify for the next champions League.

but I think benfica has an upper hand than PSV

Would be sure be a tough with the Dutch club Psv facing off against the Portuguese giants Benfica. I expect it to be an exciting encounter this two has they are both great sides to watch and they play really good football. Benfica appears to be a slightly better side however

PSV Vs Benfica
I predict benfica to win the match by 1:2, with Ramos scoring the opening goal of the match.

Benfica can't defeat PSV...

The game might end draw or PSV win

Football is not what we are thinking the game should end in draw and for saver side both team to score or you tip PSV double chance

This seem like really good options for this match. I forsee a draw has the goals may not come flying being a more delicate match. I believe the away side to win or draw seem like a much safer prediction for this fixture.

The game ended up to be a draw match no team won the match and the Agg is still same, safe for them I guess

If they can do in their first meeting, what is stopping them from repeating it?. On tonight encounter though, I would be titling for a draw match has today contest would be much hotter has it depends on who will make progression. I tip Benfica to advance from this knockout qualification stage

You can not say benfica cannot defeat them bro this is football and anything can happen though the game ended up a draw game anyways.

Yeah In this game it should end over two goals and Benfica have upper hand to win the game which PSV is not a small club on his own too
Over two goal is very sure in this game

Not that sure apparently, since it ended up at 0-0. Benfica just needed the tie to qualify and that's exactly what they went after, defending like crazy all game, even more so after getting a red card. Otamendi was very solid in defense and the goalie Vlachodimos made some good saves as well.

After just goal through the results of the match. Benfica to have secure qualification has slugged it out in a stalemate at the Philips Stadion. The Portuguese just need a draw on this one and glad they got it. Both team defense was rock solid especially that of Benfica after Lucas Verissimo suffered a red card in the first half and they were still able to hold through until the end of the game.

benfica is winning my prediction is 2-1

I will go with PSV and also expecting the two score two goals.

Still 0-0 at half time, but Benfica is one man down after Lucas Verissimo got a red card. Can Benfica hold on to their one goal lead from their 2-1 win last week in the first leg match? That is going to be tough.

And they did. Thought they would falter after been reduced to ten men in the first half. Glad they were able to hang on despite and all the possession and attacks and got the draw that saw them past the Dutch club to the next phase of the competition.

Even one man down and with a huge domination for PSV Eindhoven (73% ball possession!), Benfica managed to keep the score at 0-0. That means they are qualified for the Champions League, while PSV will play the Europa League. Just like last week, Ramos only went in with about 30 minutes left to play, and didn't score.

Oh seeing a 0-0 score is rare. I don't see that very often.

Like I wrote earlier, that is what Benfica needed and clearly what they were looking for. And after Verissimo's red card, it was even more the case, they just defended. Very well obviously since they managed to not concede a goal that would have pushed them to the Europa League, instead of the Champions League.

With Benfica having secured a first leg advantage after edging past PSV 2-1 in their first qualification meeting on August 18, I expect them to see through on what they have started. Wouldn't be an easy has the Netherlands club would be coming out all firing to overturn the tie. Expect Benfica to hold in through to the end and make passage to the UEFA Champions league group stage games.

Europa League Qualification

Ferencvaros vs Young Boys

Away win

GG and over 2.5

Nice prediction bro but I didn't see it play out that way.

It did play bro, check your scoreline.. I hardly give empty predictions..

For me I think it will be a tie

Young boys because I like the name 😂😛

Ferencvaros up 2-1 at half time, in spite of an early goal from Young Boys. Young Boys Berne won 3-2 last week. If I'm not mistaken, that means currently Ferencvaros would qualify. That promises a really intense second half.

Young Boys Berne, helped by a red card (Laidouni), managed to turn the match around in second half. With a third goal in injury time, they win 3-2. That was already the score last week. So they get to play the Champions League, while Ferencvaros will play the Europa League.

I doubt it. Home is going to win this game. The reasons is because they played one man down in their last game but yet they were able to play very fine football.

So, I go for home.

Thanks a lot for the tips @amr008.sports
@cool08,i found this page again. Connect quickly.

Alright... I will connect now . Thanks a lot.

Europa League Qualification

PSV Eindhoven vs Benfica


Bet on a 2-0 for PSV Eindhoven

Egypt Premier League

El Gounah vs Al Ahly

Away win

Cool prediction... over 2.5 goals and away win either half

There are a lot games on England EFL cup

Stakers should try their luck there

Well not stakers mate but gamblers should play there bet and hope for a win if they can make good prediction though. Well I hope they got some luck 🤞

Gamblers are Stakers too... Check the both meanings... 👍👍

Real Madrid finally made the first proper offer to PSG to recruit Kylian Mbappé. 160 Millions Euros! Paris Saint Germain declined immediately, but will they be able to do so if Madrid keeps trying? Mbappe was clear several times, he doesn't want to stay in Paris, and Madrid is a club for which he also said numerous times he would like to play. One more week before the end of the transfer window, we'll know by then.

Well I think its a good offer for Mbappe so I am also wondering if it's enough for Mbappe.

It's definitely a good offer, and I don't know if it's a good idea for PSG to try and keep him at all cost. I am also not really sure why Mbappe seems to be so willing to leave PSG. Paris is his home town and he did everything to join that team a few years ago. They finally have all the ingredients (on paper at least) to really compete in the Champions League, and yet he appears to want to go elsewhere. Kind of strange to me?...

Yea that does seem strange but maybe there were a few things happening in the background we don't know about. Maybe he finds PSG a bit too restrictive.

Leicester played like the team that wasn't ready yesterday

Where lampard find it wrong

I don't know the reason why people don't see the bad side of them even if they see they never admit it a man once said "The team are not ready" why put your mistake on someone else you are making the wrong putting the blame on someone else,you will keep failing until you lost it, he(lampard) did another man(Tuchel)took his success and say "We will build a team no one will want to play against" he is doing it, letgo me say his best he rebuild the folk he thinks are old or not good again he bring out there potential again this man nearly ruin Kai style of play and positioning he knew the his best position but he want another man he loves there. Now look at the team that aren't ready the other day beat the toughest team in the premier league and champions league when he(Tuchel) arrive. Tuchel is not just a manger he is a father he place everyone according to his ability and let them know time to use it he work with the team, he digest with them and make sure nothing break them down

Thanks for the giveaway boss mate you are doing well


Ferencvaros?-?Young Boys



Ludogorets Razgrad?-?Malmoe FF


Game appeared to have played out has predicted. Three goal thriller it was has the home team prevail after register a sixtieth minutes penalty goal that seperated both sides. 2-1 it ended at full time.

Ludogorets Razgrad To win by 2-1 goals.

1-1 at half time. With their 2-0 win last week, it sounds pretty good for Malmö FF, they should qualify for the Champions League.

Ludogorets Razgrad managed to score one more goal and make it a 2-1 win. But that is not sufficient, with the 2-0 last week, Malmö FF is advancing to the Champions League. Ludogorets will have to make do with the Europa League only.


PSV Eindhoven?-?Benfica

Over 2.5

Unfortunately this result did not play has many expected. It was a really cagey that saw no goal. 0-0 stalemate it was at the home side stadium i.e Philips Stadion. Glad the Benfica side was able to prevail on this one after suffering a red card in the thirty second minutes of the game. They had to seriously hang on for the remainder of the game. Glad they were able to.

but benfica is winning

Great prediction mate... over 1.5 goals is certain and any team to win either half.

Like I was saying above, not certain at all, since the final score was 0-0. Benfica clearly wasn't here to take any risk, and that was even more obvious after the red card.