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Many thanks for the tokens. I really appreciate

Thanks for the rewards! No football major leagues this week end, but plenty of international matches for the world cup qualifiers.

Bro @amr008.sports where did it say it had to be 3 comments? XD

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Thanks for the rewards

Thank you for the reward.
Congratulations to everyone that made it today.
Happy Weekend y'all!!

Hi prophet.. What do you have to say in today's games?

I haven't been online for a while.
I couldn't prediction any game.
Tomorrow is another day

Thank you so much

Thanks for the tokens I really appreciate

Thanks for the rewards.

A wonderful performance from ieanacho yesterday against Liberia
Two wonderful goal from him

Awesome performance Indeed it was from the Nigerian international Kelechi ihenacho. A brace was all his team needed to secure the maximum three points. Excited to also see him replicate his performance at the club to the national team. The country now has a very reliable forward. Remember few years where he was having difficulties in his performance and form. Glad those days are now behind him. Kudos to the one and only senior man has he his fondly called by the people of Nigeria.

What is the score line please? I never knew Nigeria Super eagles have a match.

Nigeria won the match 2-0
Ieanacho scored both goals for Nigeria

Nigeria won with 2:0, it was a nice performance though

Yeah the really deserved the winning not because they won they plate good football yesterday and their team work really work for them as well

Indeed they were so good on the football pitch. Great to see the Nigerian players play has a team again. Hope to see them continue on this impressive form for as long as it takes. And also that they take their place as giants of Africa once again.

he really tried, he shows he is outstanding 👏 and a professional footballer

Yeah, he proved he was really a senior man... He made us proud, Kudos to him

Yeah he is a senior man because he coordinate the team and well control the field very well hope for more from him
Nice weekend friend

I don't really know him. Where does he play?

From the comments, it seems like he plays for the Nigeria Super eagles

Somehow loses a lot of changes yesterday against Liberia

Congratulations to those who won 200sport yesteday

Yeah. Congratulations to them, including me.
I hope you've guess a game for today?

it was really nice performance, i fell in love with his performance yesterday

World Cup Qualification

Latvia vs Norway

Away to win

I bet on the victory of Norway in this match.

You are walking with me in this. Let's watch how it turns out.

I don't think it's gonna be a easy win for Norway , am predicting it a 1:1 draw

That's not a bad prediction either. I just want to risk it all..

It seems you were correct. Norway won the match.

Awesome prediction. Great win it was at the Daugava Stadium has the Norwegian side clinch maximum after 0-2 victory. Erling Haaland opened scoring via a penalty in the first half before the was put to bed in the 66th minutes by Elyounoussi. Great performance it was from the boys

World Cup Qualification

Scotland vs Moldova

Home win

Yeah. Everybody is predicting home to win.
Let's see not put all hopes on them winning.

Have you seen the odds... Scotland has high stake, but e go shock them🤣🤣🤣

E dn choke
My brother!!!!

Correct again. Those odds were all favoring Scotland winning the game so it definitely wasn't a suprise

yes i think Scotland should win the game for sure

I think Scocia will be the winner of the match.

Nice one has the home team did well in coming out victorious. Goal from Lyndon Dykes in the fourteenth minutes was enough to ensure the Scottish national team emerged winners at the Hampden Park

World Cup Qualification

Netherlands vs Montenegro

Home win

I see an easy victory for the Netherlands.

of course even a baby knows Netherlands 🇳🇱 will win the match

The Netherlands have a very strong team

Am seeing the winner already.
Netherlands celebrating their winning

We shouldn't expect less. Montenegro is not a match for Netherlands.

I hope you watched the game?

And Over 3.5

As most people thought, it was an easy win for Netherlands. 4-0 with two goals by Memphis Depay. Netherlands still second in their group though, behind Turkey.

And the Dutch national team didn't disappoint has they ran riot at home with four to nil thrashing at the Philips Stadion. New Barcelona home boy better a brace, Paris Saint-Germain new signing Wijnaldum with a goal and Cody Gakpo completed it the scoring at the 76th

Tennis is not a sport I follow very closely, but I saw today these two kids take down major players at the US Open. The 18 years old Leylah Fernandez from Canada won against the Japanese Naomi Osaka who was defending her title. And on the men tournament, also 18 years old, Carlos Alcaraz from Spain eliminated top 3 seed Stefanos Tsitsipas. Very long match, over 4 hours, I didn't watch it all, but the parts I saw were very good.
Maybe the new generation is starting to take over! Although both Osaka and Tsitsipas are only 23 years old, pretty young too.

I don't follow Tennis much either but I didn't realize the US Open was already starting up. It's nice to see the young take over.

Yeah, I missed the start too, there was other things to watch for me. But another surprise today with Ashleigh Barty, the big favorite on the women side, losing against the American Shelby Rogers. It's all open now on the women table, with many big names already gone.

I'm not a huge Tennis fan, but one time I had the opportunity to see Nadal playing in person and it was really incredible.

Somehow, the game seems to be a lot faster in person than it is on TV, and Nadal is a monster!



Scotland wins

Home wins.
That's a probability by the way

A short 1-0 win for Scotland. They're only third in the their group though, way behind Denmark who won all their matches so far.

Well, that's not bad since they could win this home match.
Thanks for the feedback.
Have a blessed new week in a brand new ember month

A goal from Dykes Lyndon proved to be the difference between both sides has Scotland came out winners. Congratulations to them for making the home so excited

World Cup Qualifications


Austria wins

Easy win for Israel 5-2! They're doing pretty well in their group, at the second spot.

i dont really know about isreal performance but i want them to win, if not for anything it is our lord's country

Unfortunately the Austrians fell short on the day has they were surprisingly humiliated by the Israeli. Great performance it was from middle east nation has they thrashed the away side five goals to two at the Sammy Ofer Stadium.

World Cup Qualification


France wins

I guess there will be GG in the game and France winning either half

You have started 🙄🙄

What now!!

And France still looking bad, it's a 1-1 draw. Five matches without a win for France, for a supposed big football nation, that's not good. They're still first in their group though, it's a pretty easy one.

I agree with you, France will get a win

Ukraine will win and leave France more in crisis.

That's not true, Ukraine will feel the loss

It was a disappointing performance from the current World defending Champions France has they were held to 1-1 draw at Stadion NSK Olimpiyskiy, Kyiv. Anthony Martial goal in the 50th minutes saved the team blushes has they could have fallen to a shocking defeat.

Wow it really nice CR7 come to Manchester united is really shutting down the internet like yesterday I saw a news that the jersey in man u store have all been sold out and there are still some fans outside wanting to get one for their self i just hope he is CR7 of then cos premier league is not a joke the smallest team can bring you down unexpected when you have the best defense, midfield and attackers

this hype of cr7 has nothing to do with playing, let him proof himself if he can still perform in England

He is one of the best players of all times. Very hard to play at his level

I can't wait to see him play, please when is he gonna play his first match...?

I believe the Portuguese talisman is very aware of the English premier league having played there before. Nothing should come to him as a surprise. He has nothing to prove at this time. He will be ditching the goals has he always done. Not really surprised with the massive sale of his jersey, a player like has done that at any club he goes. His social media following shows what a club stands to gain by having him in their side. Such an iconic player

Did anyone got a better sure odds for the weekend qualifiers game

BC6ZCPM3 sportybet.. Stake wise

Mr amrsports just always make me happy cos am not the type that knows how to create content all I got is come here comment and I will get voted even though is not enough I still appreciate thanks Mr amr for been part of this my small success

Yeah indeed does a great job with the engagement initiative. We all don't have to make content's. Making good interactions also enables one to build his or her stake and also earn decently