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Football has a multitude of Gear and one of the most crucial Gear is the Agility Ladder. At least 6 of 10 local football academies have it and it can be found in every top team out there. Some people call it Speed Ladder and some Agility Ladder, all the same, it's used to improve the Speed and Agility of athletes.

The Ladder is usually made with Plastic and Rope in which you can decide the number of boxes with the plastic and the breadth of each box. After use, it can be folded up into the pack and then re-arranged again when next you want to use it. We often use it when we have the Agility and Speed Workout which is fixed on mostly Saturdays because of schools.



We were able to purchase the Ladder when we bought the recent gear donated by Great Ape of the Solana Blockchain. And so far the Ladder has added great impacts on the boys' movements on and off the field of play. Practice makes perfect, the more they will use it, the better they will be at their Speed and Agility skill sets.



We have said that the gear is used to work on Speed and Agility of players so what's is the difference between Speed and Agility?

Speed is the ability to run in a direction while Agility is the ability to change direction. On the field of play, players move or run to every angle/different direction and sometimes run on a straight line so this Ladder Gear works for both and that's why it's essential to have it and practice with it.

Many drills can be done with the Running Ladder to improve your Speed and Agility. The drills are Single Step, Double Step, Step Inand Criss Cross. The drills are practiced in this video; 📹🎥

Although gene helps in Speed they say hard work beats talent if talent doesn't work hard. The great Michael Tyson once said he doesn't believe in talent in one of his videos and if we come to think of it, he's right because if you're gifted talent and you don't put in hard work required, it will just be useless.

You can improve your Speed and Agility no matter who you are with the Speed Ladder Gear, you just need to use it right (Watch The Video), practice consistently and with time you will notice the positive change in your Speed and Agility.

Tips: Set yourself a 30 days challenge and practice the Ladder drills every day for the 30 days. Take note of the time you cover a specific distance before you start the challenge and check the time you will use to cover the same distance after the 30 days challenge, you will see that the time will reduce so that's how it works. You want more speed, do more with the Ladder ✌


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Agility and speed are two very useful things in sports, the athlete who has this and knows how to master it has come a long way.

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