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Marketing Hive

The purpose of this post is to suggest both an advertising campaign schedule along with a marketing campaign strategy that can have an effective international outreach within a reasonable budget. Many noticed that the team at FullALT proposed an advertising schedule, with up to date pricing along with a price list from the relevant sources.

It looks like this:



As you can see, it is clearly targeting the crypto and blockchain sector of the internet. Likewise, when you do your price analysis of the above 24-month ad schedule, which results in a two-year monthly ad campaign, you will notice that the figure is actually at the low end in comparison to what most successful ad campaigns really cost.

However, don't let this discourage you; there are no cutting corners in the overall outreach. FullALT worked tirelessly to put this advertising campaign together. Its goal is to have an effective worldwide digital footprint that people can easily follow to Hive.

All the rankings and stats of every site were checked, compared, and taken carefully into consideration during the process. When auditing the list, hours of researching where and how many backlinks are associated with each site from forums to other sites that included linking the articles in their pieces.

It is a far cry from the biggest and most effective ad campaign that can be put together, but then again, the goal also included financial rationality. The selection process compared overall outreach, target markets by hits geographically, and the most cost-effectiveness.

We highly recommend that the people who shall be handling the marketing campaigns for Hive take a close look into the above advertising schedule and do their due diligence. The hard part is doing the most within a reasonable budget.

There were many emails sent to and from in the process. Likewise, once funds are allocated, there is a probability that further negotiations can be held, especially for advance payments on ad space.

Graphics & Design work.

Free to use materials on the net is limited and used everywhere by everyone who tries to avoid the costs for professional graphics and music. Free to use materials are out of the question in any serious campaign. Originality is a prized possession in this arena.

Most sites use contractors, and those contractors often use sub contractors for the design work needed. The customer pays the price for all of this at the end of the day. They all use the paid-for materials available on the market.

Unfortunately, this presents a potential issue, as the licenses are issued to individual entities and sometimes even limited to one PC. This means that the team in charge of the marketing could face some logistic issues when it comes to this. The other option is to pay the astronomical costs for the agencies hired by the sites to do it, and that then kills any need for rational spending.

Here is a list of sources that are recommended by @Inthenow, a person with some 20 years of professional more so than freelancing experience in the field (before retiring):

Marketing Materials & Stock Footage:

Videvo: $240.00 per year x 3 years = $720.00

Storyblocks: $350.00 per year x 3 years = $1050.00

iStock: $1440.00 per year x 3 years = $4320.00

Additional Footage Costs (credits) = $300.00 x 3 years = $900.00

Total: $7000.00 for 3 years

These sources guarantee the right to utilize all materials offered. We won't have to worry about any accusations from anyone about the legality. Marketing is too important to be taken lightly and people often forget the time and effort that goes into the visual aspect of it.

As for Hive's marketing campaigns, this is TBD by those who shall be doing that part of the job.


@guiltyparties has recently released a post asking for suggestions on how to approach a marketing effort:


Marketing is, by no means, an easy task for any team out there, as Hive has so much to cover already. Hive's sheer nature, with its social aspects, its humanly readable data capabilities, its DPoS economy, its fast and feeless transactions, its soft contract capabilities, and its - the list just goes on.

Let's not forget all the front ends and other services already utilizing Hive. Then add to that our native currencies, HIVE and HBD, with an emphasis on HBD when talking real market needs, because let's face it, The USD is the world's most used currency on the internet and in actual-world business transactions.

The marketing campaign shall need a lot of work, similar to all the work not seen in putting together a cost effective 24 monthly ad campaign takes. Even more so, as our target markets for Hive, HIVE, HBD, and all the current portals and services utilizing Hive are so diverse that it is practically impossible to professionally and effectively cover everything in one campaign.

We sincerely hope that all the above time, effort, and real work are utilized, which can help save the future marketing team for Hive many headaches in getting the same job done. Put it to fair use, we can all work together to make Hive a household name this year.


This is great work!
If we want Hive to grow marketing is essential.

Despite Hive's amazing community and capabilities we are constantly forgotten and ignored by the crypto press. Even when Dan Larimer posts his resignation first in Hive all the crypto media says he posted on The Voice.

How is it planned to raise the money for this?
Is there a DHF proposal I can vote for?

#128 actually has a marketing scope for HiveTips but the marketing isn't cued only to HiveTips. There is also one from @nathanmars (#145) and one from @qwoyn (#149) that are meant to market Hive.

Thanks for the mention my proposal is #149

Oh I guess that was also mentioned. I got like 10 things going on at once

I want to translate your posts to Portuguese. Shall I do it and send to you via discord ? I remember you offered me 50% of the payout, I just wanted to know if I shall send it via discord. Cheers

Yes, was wondering if you were going to get around to that 😁 DM it to me in a doc file on discord and I'll take care of the rest, thank you 😇

i have found you on discord now xD translation sent! let me know if you want me to translate something from the images as well, cheers!

Using DAO funds for advertising/marketing seems like a great use the funds to me! I'd be on board with this, especially if it is done by professionals.

Great as Hive definitely needs marketing.

Marketing is too important to be taken lightly

And that is what we have done so far - we can build a great product, but if it does not sell, then its worst. I have raised this several times earlier - if we miss the boat in 2021, then probably we will never be noticed.

Fully agree.

Hive (the chain) as is, without a second layer already offers more utility than what it is currently being used for.

Our native currencies, well, let's just get straight to the point:

Not seen = Doesn't exist.

Can't be used for their purpose (as currencies) = Useless.

Time is not on our side, 2020 we saw blockchain tech go mainstream, we are now seeing some of the biggest names out there looking at ways to make the internet into one huge, practically centralized tracking system for each person.

Sounds way too much like the novel 1984.

But, we'll leave that topic for those who enjoy that sort of thing.

The rest of us, should concentrate on building options and use cases, while making sure that Hives capabilities are heard of and utilized and ensuring that both HIVE & HBD (our currencies) are used all over the world in 1001 different ways.

Not an easy task at hand, plus add to that the mentality left over from the " being the centrepiece of everything" for some three years. Those skeletons in the closets are heavier balls and chains than anything imo.

Yet, the challenge is there, for those among us who wish to take it on.

but then again, the goal also included financial rationality.

We all saw your other proposal. Youre hardly in any position to talk about "financial rationality".
Im working with a marketing agency atm and will present the proposal some time next week.
One of my principal requests was to avoid the focus on crypto related sites because that would be a massive waste of funds.
Its like FC Barcelona advertising to Real Madrid fans.
HIVE is a gateway crypto and it needs to attract new users that might show interest in new tech.

First, more Users with Influencer marketing + Guides on how all works, Events ( like funding Esport Tournament, best in Covid times IMO), and Interviews with people that share a Vision.

Second: Guest posts on Tech Sites and Investment sites like Forbes, guest post cost around 700$. Would attract more devs and Investors.

Also, some Affiliate Version with onboarding and more flexible Wallet tickets can be a key element.

The proposal on top looks for me also not really professional. It looks like the creators don't know about VA´s, outsourcing work, and split testing things.

Split testing is one of the most important things in marketing.

So it's a total waste of funds.

Edit: Tracking is another point....

Influencer marketing, email marketing, PPC on focused sites like Forbes but more tuned for type of people interested in new tech and open to riskier investments. That is the path i took with the agency.

Ill be opening a Discord specifically for the proposal once i receive the initial draft tomorrow or day after.. Keep checking my twitter, i will be announcing it in the next few days, i want to get as much community feedback as possible.

Sounds good.

I will show over it and give you feedback for sure:)

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This stuff are way overdue. @xmauron3 sent me here and I'm happy he did. It's good to see there are people who really get the importance of marketing and who are trying to get the best out of the firs mover advantage we have in the blockchain social media space.