Marketing Hive

Hive is a decentralized project. There is no one company or one team that's responsible for any aspect of Hive; instead, there are individuals and groups who have come forward to contribute to it. We see this in every aspect of Hive, from the creation of services to core development. It is also true for Marketing.

On Hive, it is not "they're not marketing Hive" or "there is no marketing for Hive". It's "I'm not marketing Hive" or "I am helping market Hive". They = all of us.

Marketing Repository

This is the new marketing repository for all marketing materials.

  • Hive 'story' and statements
  • Target persona profiles
  • Analysis documents
  • Methods and opportunities
  • Relevant links

It will also serve as a library for the Hive graphics and imagery donated by ecosystem members.

Target Persona Challenge (Follow-Up)

Remember the Marketing Target Persona Challenge

Submissions are now up in the repository. Unfortunately I could only find the two that were linked from the challenge post. If you submitted one and didn't link it or want to submit one now belatedly please go for it.


Hive can always use more AMA opportunities. If you got one, let me know, and we'll coordinate it and make it a reality. If you check the Marketing Repository above you'll see there's a section with our existing answers to various AMA questions. There are answers from the current AMA with Kyros Ventures and the earlier Huobi AMA.


If you find an award opportunity for Hive, please either submit for it or let me know and I'll give you a hand with the submission. I've recently nominated Hive for the Most Dynamic Public Blockchain Award with PANews. Hoping for a victory and good news soon.

Current Challenge

  • What marketing initiatives do you want to see?
  • Can you think of something that hasn't been done in crypto yet?
  • What is the best campaign another company (in any sector) did that we can pull inspiration from?

Reply in the comments here and let's make it a reality. You're also going to see the first of these questions tomorrow in the #hivechat on Twitter. Reply there or here.

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What marketing initiatives do you want to see?

I would like to see marketing targeted at web app developers, inviting them to try building on Hive. Perhaps hackathons would be a good approach.

Can you think of something that hasn't been done in crypto yet?

Show how easy it is to spin up Hive dApps. I think we have only scratched the surface with what you can do with customized Hive clients. Don’t like the algorithm? come build your own.

What is the best campaign another company (in any sector) did that we can pull inspiration from?

Apple 1984

Thank you, great points here. Right on. @themarkymark is planning a Hackathon in the future.

Thank you for helping organize efforts here!

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right now there are Millions of people talking about alternatives to Twitter and centralised Plattform, this is where one should engage.


Yes. This is where our blogging platforms can shine. Much of the user outreach right now is focused on letting people know that there are alternatives to the big names that censor you at every turn.

From a marketeer's point of view, the real challenge on how to market Hive is to identify core-fundamentals without mixing them up with initiatives made by individuals that use the Hive blockchain. This is a commonly made mistake by many companies that end up having stagnated growth. There was an opportunity for Hive to gain more traction and exposure. Also, the base approach to execute any marketing campaign should always be executed from the point of view of HIVE values, without any individually based values. Hive is rather a complex, yet easy, type of blockchain. For this reason, there are basically limitless things that people can do on this blockchain, but also limitless opinions about HIVE, whether they are positive or negative. Counter all these opinions by having a core-fundamental tone of voice, that only speaks the language of the chain.

I'd like to see a persona that represents only the HIVE blockchain first before a target-persona one.

Do you mind if I message you on Discord or Telegram?

Of course you can :)

Now you are talking our language.

Our company ( has always sought to leverage the blockchain within our marketing mechanisms and individually act as professional ambassadors for Hive.

When we start working with a client, we spend a good amount of time understanding where the business is, what their objectives are, and the all-important WHY. Why are they in business? Why are they unique? Why should people consider them the place to do business?

Excited to see these marketing tactics shared publicly here and leveraged by every single marketer here.....which is each individual.

From an SEO perspective, each of the linkbacks to from twitter, facebook, even reddit is valuable. Simply being more consistent linking the content to the rest of the internet will help with brand awareness as hive is repeatedly put under the nose of prospective users. It is a little bit of a drawback how splintered the blockchain is with front ends as though each of the interfaces is useful, they are separate webpages and not really linked to hive as a blockchain in the eyes of google.

Simple campaigns (like the poshbot linkbacks) that everyone can use in solidarity would be effective. It would be great to have automated marketing push the content to our social media platforms automatically when we post.

Additionally, branded campaigns on mainstream platforms with a specific tangible value to widespread prospects and a call to action that is compelling can be reproduced by everyone.

We love how the blockchain can make marketers of us all and are looking to play a good role in the proliferation of the blockchain opportunity to all corners of the planet.

So would you recommend we focus on promoting just one of the sites, such as What's the magnitude of the campaign you would recommend in terms of the cost allocation and scope?

We can absolutely set up an ad campaign let's say on Google (as social media is unusable these days) and have links going to our core sites.

Why we are unique: 1. fast blockchain that's meant to scale and constantly optimized/developed 2. decentralized and free of the exit scam risk 3. open source with public control of the source code/free public contribution. This is a qualitative answer with just the facts and then we can go into talking about freedom and being unmutable.

Great questions for the live Tuesday night #hivechat on Twitter too!
@traciyork @jeanlucsr .......So sorry I won't be there, but sometimes- just sometimes, there are more, ever so slightly important things than hive- like snoring....🤣

Yeah hoping it'll go well, 13 minutes left until it starts.

Haaaaa, after reading your post last night and making my comment, trying to get to sleep, I thought of a great thing that I would love to see happen to Hive to improve it, but do you think I can now remember what it was??? 🤔 🙄

Poop! 🤣

I am willing to help with my skills and experience in the area of ​​marketing. You just have to have a small budget and equipment.

I know you're doing good with your meetups which have always been excellent.

I was thinking about the persona challenge just the other day. It is still on my list: things have been a little hectic in my little corner, and I would really like to do it justice. Can you bear with me? I can't give a timeline at the moment.

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Take your time, it's an open-ended initiative.

Cool! It's now on my list!

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You are absolutely a terrible Marketing for HIVE

If you just left, that would be great for Hive... not your stupid promotions.

You got a better idea?

If you’re up for an actual conversation about it, I bet I could convey some improvements.

Yeah man, I'm not personally against you just because of Hivewatchers. Your ideas are of the same value to me as anyone else's or my own.

yea but Hivewatchers is an ACT of aggession.
Setting up an AutoBot for determining behavior? Sounds Canadian... Notta big fan.
nd then, your autobot CITES me with a demand to appear before a judge in DISCORD to deffend my honor!
Which sounds like a Police State.
So I don't like ANY of that and I just suggest that going forward, ANY of your "Marketing" plans should begin with NOT being a Total Dick, expecting Entitlement : /

Thants my sandwich. What say Ye?

I already knew how you feel about HW and the bots and me being a dick. What about your thoughts on marketing?

Great question...
Well, If I can't get You to even acknowledge that I've been Marketing My Sci-Fi on HIVE for about a year, why would I think Marketing has any Impact? Many new HIVE ideas are old STEEM ideas. I think you wrangled in a great (Possible) Influencer with that Gaming Group... I think working with them the right way would elicit great results for onboarding and Marketing.

... frankly.

I remember back in the early days of Steem there were a few sci-fi authors posting regularly. They all left when the price took a dip. It would be good to get that re-established, maybe to get a writing group onboarded. It's along the lines of groups like @mazergaming recognizing the value of Hive and finding a good home here since it's basically the introduction of Hive to valuable content creators who engage instead of just post and milk.

I'd love to see renowned cryptoyoutubers talking about HIVE. Crypto people are a major target we should focus on, one huge barrier of entry is removed then.

The biggest problem with that is they demand to be paid to feature Hive. I've received quotes anywhere from $200 per video to $2000 per video.

Sounds like a decent use of DAO funds to me. Arguably a better use than many of the other things we have funded.

I wouldn't expect anything less than that. Shouldn't there be a proposal with a constant flow of HBD for marketing?

would fully approve such a proposal. I would like to take advantage of this thread to comment on my idea, as well as congratulate you on this work.
There is a Youtube channel that shows the stories of the big companies. It would be great if they published a video with the history of HIVE and its fight for freedom. Also mentioning all its qualities. The videos last between 10 and 15 minutes. The oldest ones have more than 3 million views.

Because HIVE is unknown, they will most likely charge for the video (they produce, edit and publish it). My point is that I have no experience in doing this kind of negotiation. The times I've tried with influencers don't answer me.

Do you have an outline of how to do it?

I would like to eventually host a seminar to rise awareness about hive.

I've been shilling the shit out of hive on altspaceVR every Sunday at 4pm PST. Next week @crimsonclad will be our guest!

Glad to see others are doing starting to think in the right direction after I did my proposal. Let's bring HIVE to the top!

I like to see that we hire a digital marketing professional and market hive in crypto related publications. We like a marketing professional among us supervise that effort. We pay for it from DHF.

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