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The draft of the Hive Whitepaper is ready for community feedback.


See the LaTeX code here:

You can see the compiled draft in Overleaf at the following link:

Both versions of the whitepaper draft will be updated as changes are made.

Provide Feedback

Every section of the whitepaper has a section and subsection number assigned to it.

  1. Write down the section and subsection number your feedback relates to.
  2. Write down your feedback the best you can in comments.
  3. Alternatively, follow the instructions in the Gitlab repository.

Please take the time to read the draft in its entirety before providing feedback.


I will process your feedback after 7 days to allow feedback to build up in comments and in Issues. The reason you can't edit the draft yourself is because we'll end up with a lot of wasted effort, a giant mess of confusing statements and general disarray if multiple people are editing over each other.


Please refrain from posting off-topic comments and if you want to post off-topic, keep them all in one chain. All comments will ideally be feedback related.


  • The Hive Roadmap, the Hive Technical Vision, and other similar "future development" type of topics are not part of the Whitepaper and are not intended for it.
  • Anything to do with abuse through posting, voting or on-chain interaction within the appropriate limits of the chain is not part of the Whitepaper.

Both of the above will have their own documentation that will be presented in the future for general input.


I. Introduction
II. Hive Assets
III. Block Production, Signing and Consensus
IV. Development and Integration with Hive
V. Ecosystem Growth and Distribution
VI. Conclusion


Unwritten at this point. Please ignore that section.


We are just 'Hive' or 'the Hive ecosystem'. The blockchain itself is called 'the Hive blockchain'. The currency is called 'HIVE'. We are not called 'Hive Blockchain', 'HIVE Blockchain', or anything of the sort. Please keep this in mind when proposing quotes or paragraphs.


The whitepaper was written largely from scratch. Originally, it was started by examining if the Steem whitepaper can be reused to some extent. The answer to that is no, it cannot. It is completely useless and irrelevant to Hive. You can read my thoughts on the Steem whitepaper here if you're interested: but this is as far as it shall be mentioned.


We will do a round of credits in the repository after completion.


Provisions in either the Gitlab repository or in another Github repository will be put in place for translations after completion.

Update: 28 Sept 2020

The whitepaper is out and awaiting public release.


"the Hive blockchain", "the Hive blockchain", "the Hive blockchain"...



Is the description of the DHF voting accurate? I had always thought that it was functionally similar to witness voting and full stake was applied to all votes. The whitepaper describes a dilution of stake across multiple votes. (that is actually the system I’d prefer for DHF and witness voting... but wasn’t aware of either being changed)

You are correct, it works similar to witness voting and full stake applies to all votes.

This is looking really good.

Thank you.

Replying to all comments to acknowledge.

You logical approach makes it present in a very logical & simple manner.
My doubts regarding Steem were in regards to the fact it was token in nature & reliant on those at the top remaining committed. It always felt like it was centralised.

My issue with Hive is that the mirroring of value, which itself I have no problem with, it is just that those at the top can also muscle decisions. Again, it is only a problem if they choose to dictate advantage to themselves.

As we saw in the Stemmit Ninja Grab, there are people who have levers that can be pulled. It relies upon Ethical conduct.

Thank you for your open dialogue & your article regarding the tone of the Steem whitepaper was very good reading.

Key word for subsequent documentation:

ethical conduct

Noted, thank you for your comment.

V.3. Communities

It is important to note that communities do not generate monetary rewards for their owners and organizers; their value is a purely qualitative improvement to the user experience.

Are you sure that is correct? I have a community, the owner account of the community has a wallet, I sent it 5 HP and delegated to it, have used it to test vote and have earned a reward:

com wallet.png

There is a community account which can function like any other account does, but that's not what the paper is referring to. In the original design specs, community owners were intended to be able to set a reward beneficiary percentage to the community account. So a community could take 5% of all the rewards generated within the community for example. I'd been under the impression that these sorts of monetization tools were still in the works. I'd be more curious if this callout in the whitepaper means that intent is no longer there.

The way I understood it a hive-#00000 account is a community account. Right now there does not seem to be any difference between my test community (Just Because), and OCD or GEMS. If I log in my community account as @hive-185849 I can vote, tip and delegate, any votes/comments would say @hive-185849. And the paper did state that:

The naming of communities is not exclusive and multiple communities may have the same or similar names; their base account is set by a hive-000000 name-number naming convention

So a fix I think is needed for the V.3 communities section, or at least some clarification on the monetized or not monetized standing.

The whitepaper so far states and aims to state that when a 'community' account (hive-#) is created, it is the same at its core as any other account. The hive-000000 account I use as an example is mine that I will never use, thus making it a safe example. It's clear by the discussion here that further explanation must be added in regards to community accounts, how they're used, what they do, etc. It may even be a question as to whether further documentation that's specific to these is needed.

I will circle back to this comment thread once addressed.

Thank you @guiltyparties for this post. I love Hive, Latex, and whitepapers 😄



Replying to all comments to acknowledge.

Has anyone started working on a german translation already?

@satren wenn er die Zeit übrig hat?

Werde mich nächste Woche dran setzen, dann hab ich endlich wieder Zeit.

Once the Whitepaper is completed we will ask for translations. For now, it is not worth dedicating time to translating.

Hi, Guilty! Here is a translation of the Whitepaper in Spanish. Libro blanco de Hive en Español | Traducción . It was made by @gorayii and me.

Thank you but at this point this is an incomplete draft and should not be translated. We will ask for translations in Gitlab or otherwise.