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RE: Will Hive stay a niche blockchain & cryptocurrency and die?

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Hive's future looks much richer & stable if it's being marketed as a 2nd layer network blockchain with integrated smart-features.

It’s all in our hands now. No more to blame.

We need largest stakeholders come together and work together collectively to take our hive to the next level.

We want to see more committed witnesses like yourself on our HIVE.

I truly believe we can collectively come up with a solution and if everyone realises this is a positive sum game.

Ps. I have always curated manually. I don’t curate content I empower people who are adding value to our Hive.

I was doing damn good job with Dtube volunteerly and BUIDLing strong foundation until I saw laid off made me stared to add value to STEEM via Twitter Hustle and Seven77 Twitter movement and I failed badly. Just getting ready to for Hive.

We can together BUIDL our hive and it’s in our hands


Definitely! Key is indeed: Large Stakeholders need to be part of creating the future of HIVE. I don't want to see the large stakeholder to define the plans though, that shall be a collective approach... That requires the large stakeholders to be approachable for good ideas, even when they come from the tiny stakeholders. My experience so far is however: Large stakeholders are not approachable. Without success I tried several times with a number of these stakeholders through various channels. No response :(

I'm doing HIVE AMA Twitter LiveStreaming every single day GMT 5pm.

I know @theycallmedan started doing his HIVE Sunday AMA

I want to see to see more and more people will do HIVE AMA. I might not be aware of lots of Discord and Slack because I don't do both.

I see Charles Hoskinson of Cardona AMA on Twitter
I see CZBinance of BNB AMA on Twitter

The open and transparent and approachable we're the sooner we can move forward.

Let's be the change we want to see in our HIVE.

AMA is one way, but imho to narrow since many of the HIVE people, like myself, dont have the time to attend such AMA's, certainly not every day and when I join one, its more discussing without any followup. I've been part of many of them in the last 3+ yrs with our community: mostly Discord, but also at other channels. What we need is incubator type of approach. Project ideas are supported on topics the project owners didn't cover. We need teams to sart B2B activities to onboard other existing communities (this likely requires development and integrations, so these teams need business, sales and developer people). We need to drastically alter the way HIVE tokens are distributed. We definitely need SMT before anything else. That said, what link you're AMA is? Also today? I may join this one to check it out :)

I'm doing AMA every single day exclusively on Twitter so you join me whenever you're free.

I agree We definitely need SMT before anything else and we need to improve our HIVE token economics.

I simply don't like Discord and most people will disagree with me but one of the main reason we're not growing our Network and we spend too much time Discord not on our own platform. I'm strictly not part of any discord channel or Telegram group.

Discord is a closed group and we need to rebuild our HIVE brand and Network and rather see HIVE community members utilise our own platforms and Twitter and YouTube to bring awareness and to be more transparent.

I go live on Twitter every single day 5pm GMT and would love to have you sometime soon

I agree, HIVE shall be more public, while Discord is not, and even Telegram is not. WOW, you make a lot of Tweets! Need to find a way to follow you but your reTweets not ending up in my feed, renders my feed more-or-less useless meaning many of the tweets from others I follow will be snowed under. Any idea how I can setup Twitter to do that?

You can turn off ReTweets in settings


Super! Followed and made use of the Retweet setting :)

It is extremely frustrating trying to get the large stakeholder's attention for sure. Even if you are trying to build useful projects and asking for guidance. It's like pulling teeth. They all seem to be in their own little circle jerks and leaves the rest of us out of it.

Not sure if they are that bad, some (hopefully) more are good natured... But we lack 'corners' in our community where we connect, we lack incubator type of 'corners', I think we lack 'business' people. With 'corners' I mean well designed services to connect projects, investors and people with the right skills + the culture of users to want to work together with the understanding what is required to make something successful (this is always a combination of business, financial, legal, marketing, sales, software and solution architects, software and solution engineers, software developers). Our developers seem to spend time on HIVE core development, and all sort of 'hobby' tools (with a few exceptions). The exceptions I mentioned may however not have all the skills within their team. So far I didn't see any project/tool that is developed and marketed like a normal (startup) business would do. Always some (or more) necessary elements driving adoption and success of a service is missing. Decentralised services is cool in itself; Decentralised organisation is even more cool; But it requires tools to connect on specific topics. Incubator setup would be wonderful to have. It starts with investors who can fund project + users who can offer their 'business' skills to the developer community, and vice versa while along the way all users involved will gain knowledge and learn the business skills required to continue on its own at some point in time.

There are a few of us that are actually working on building an incubator type of project. The @hivelist and @hivehustlers crew completely believe the same thing and taking the matters into our own hands. I have seen that the ‘whales’ are really just all about themselves and their own projects and not on helping smaller projects grow. So the smaller projects are banding together to do it on own own! So we are on the same wavelength. We are creating the HiveCommerce movement.

That sounds pretty cool, the incubator type of projects. Are you part of them? Just quickly glanced the HiveHustler website. Not sure if this is the right approach, launching yet another token. They need to focus on what they mention, not through Discord, but through Website, with tailored services just to name one thing. HiveHustler is the wrong name for the service; Marketing (project name, logos included) is so important. I maybe a little critical, but that makes me the professional I am in my day-2-day job :)

HiveHustlers is not my project, that is @nulledgh0st. I am the creator of the @hivelist project. But if you think you can do it better, then do it, it’s a free market.

Fair enough :) The way I wrote my previous comment, may have driven you to write the comment above. But what you mentioned in your second, and last sentence, is exactly what will not drive the HIVE ecosystem. Yes, its a free market, but HIVE and HIVE eco-system is soooo small, it'll get nowhere when we see all sort of projects launching that do not get the right focus and attention, from day one, whilst it also competes with one another.

I had a quick peak at your project as well. I'll not make critical notes, since I don't want to get the same feedback again :) I do hope your project will get somewhere. You realise the 15+ inch laptop you are selling can be purchased from AliExpress for a fraction of the costs to the ones in your webshop? Or do I miss understand something?

Wish you all the success with your project/company.

I am aware, they are one of my product sources. Allot of people markup Aliexpress items even more that I have. Dropshipping is a widely used business model. Aliexpress doesn't accept cryptocurrencies though. The whole issue is we are trying to build use case for the currency, to actually use it for its initial intended use, which is in peer to peer trade and commerce. I am focused more on building the digital download products at this point on the store. The initial part of the project was to build the classifieds site as a sort of Craigslist marketplace for the Hive blockchain. The store came later as a way to try and pay back the investment I have made in trying to build a community for everyone. Sorry if you took my comment the wrong way. I was just stating a fact. I personally have no problem with feedback, but you asked a question of if it was my project, and before I could respond, you went in with your 'feedback'. That project was not mine, so I made the statement I made. Sometimes, feedback is not always requested though, so you should wait for the best time to give it.

HiveHustlers isn't for everyone, but we're definitely a (fast) growing community for entrepreneurs, and we literally just launched our @HiveBit beta service last night.

We appreciate your feedback :) @edje

And thanks for the tag @thelogicaldude - we'll keep building this out bit by bit!

You didn't fail, Steem let you down.

Startups don't die when they run out of cash, they die when the founders run out of energy.

I went to see Roger Ver in Tokyo exactly one year ago today to talk about my steem startup experiment and I realised that I run out of energy.

Most important think for me in HIVE journey is to protect my energy and add long term value our HIVE Protocol

what in your opinion holding hive it back?

Growth - We need more people/innovators/projects/collaborations/partnership/investors

Can you tell me yours please ?

Trust in blockchain. It has been compromised on both steem and hive.

With we had in our way to build trust within our community.

Now with HIVE we're much more stronger in term of Trust within our Community.

Let's together Rebuild the Trust with our HIVE

And we love you for it buddy. Keep doing what you're doing - you're all over Twitter and creating noise, and it's exactly what we need right now.

It's never a solo effort.

We're doing this together and our HIVE Twitter movement maximising/amplifying our HIVE Network Effects.

Let's go $1 HIVE