Tales of the Urban Explorer: Alcan Pechiney Aerospace Industrials

The factory closed in 2007 when production was transferred to France

This is what I read when trying to discover a little history regarding the former Alcon Pechiney plant. Well, that's not quite correct as I found evidence of inhabitants from 2008 within.

It’s long enough for security to leave, and the securities management to not bother paying them anymore.


While it can be fun trying to evade security, that isn’t the case when @bingbabe is hanging around in the car waiting for me.

Alcan Pechiney’ was a drive-by. The masses of smashed windows immediately alerted my ‘abandoned senses’ and caused me to swerve violently into the only parking space available.

Right outside the front gate; it was here or nowhere and nobody seemed to give a damn.

“Want to join me”, I said optimistically.

She didn't, it was far too creepy looking. Yes, it was, I had to admit but creepy is what I do, and alone at times.


...how the fuck am I supposed to slide through that gap?...

Talk about tight. This was worse than the late Mary Whitehouse’s vagina. It was October, and I had to strip down to a t-shirt and hope my skin would not be shredded.

To date, that has been the tightest yet and I could feel my chest prickling in anger with the added scrape marks.


The medical department could possibly find a method to shrink my size thus making it easier to escape ‘Alcan Pechiney’ when I was finished?


Hopefully, I stepped inside expecting a cohort of nurses to give me aid. My expectations were dashed when I saw the state of it.


The paperwork could have been generated yesterday, it looked brand new (if you overlook the rusty staple).







It was a mess in the medical department, but there was paperwork knocking about. Having limited time and seeing the size of ‘Alcan Pechiney’, I did not dither.


Where to start? The 'Finishing Area' looked promising. Bend down, walk forward and you are in.


…’Alcan Pechiney was unnerving. I don't generally get the willies but I was feeling it'…

They used to manufacture parts for the aviation industry. I could imagine full planes being in here once.



Thankfully the warehouse was empty. I had visions of a gang of thugs emerging all armed with crowbars, a combined gleam in their eyes and a scream of 'GET HIM'.





Beyond the enormous warehouse was yet another. I backtracked, walked around the front of the building noting the 'Main Office' sign, and approached it from the opposite end, giving pause to wave to my wife.



'yeah, I survived the first part and am still breathing' - came the unspoken words.


It could have been some sort of reception area once and before the fire hit.



The melted intercom gave the game away, along with blackened walls. I zoned in on the 'red book'.


This is why you need to ensure your fire alarm is working correctly. It was being noted as 'faulty' daily.



Otherwise, your reception area becomes a blackened shell just like this.


The sign looks as new as that paperwork I spotted earlier.


Large areas of ‘Alcan Pechiney’ have been demolished. I was quite glad about this. Now it would only take me 2 hours to explore it all shaving around 4 off.





Which window to climb through? It was overwhelming and I wished I had all those hours to look around.


I decided to walk up this dodgy alley with the hope I wouldn’t get jumped.



Entering via a window gave a feeling of safety somehow. Walking past the power boxes I found an office with some more interesting artifacts.


The shelving looked to contain some kind of paperwork.


I was not expecting hand-written industrial orders regarding 'Transformers' from 1956.


They didn’t half write differently in that decade, very cursive. Are 'I.Kelly' and 'J.Walling' still in this world? I very much doubt it.



This office was wrecked just like the others but had been spared the fire treatment.



I exited and walked further up the 'alley'. It didn't feel right and I was experiencing some tension.


The 'Central Engineering Department' was much like the rest of what I could see, but with goodies everywhere.



They had hardly made any effort to clear away all the old crap before leaving for France.


£24,000 for a Hydraulic Grip Cylinder? It does weigh over a ton, I guess you get something substantial for your money.

I could have spent some time here; there was no shortage of incriminating paperwork.


When you get bored, simply walk through the door into the next office as my predecessor did. No need to open it.


I am guessing there was all manner of confidential information sitting about waiting to be ingested.


There was no need to jump through the windows, every door was wide open.


A rusty filing cabinet crammed with British intelligence secrets. @goblinknackers would have loved it.


One doesn’t know what to photograph when so many documents are on show.



The view from above; note the table and chairs where the 'hard-workers' would sit, play cards, read The Sun, oogle at the Page 3 girl and drink tea… all day.


There was plenty more to see, @grindle would love it here (if he can fit through that bloody fence gap). Totally industrial, nobody about, and filled with history.


Getting out was even worse. Had the bars gone slimmer in anticipation of my exit?


@bingbabe was chuckling inside the car watching me gain a few more ‘chain marks’ for my troubles.


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Just a few points

I was not expecting hand-written industrial orders regarding 'Transformers' from 1956.

try explaining to kids what life was like before their ipad things!!

There was plenty more to see, @grindle would love it here (if he can fit through that bloody fence gap).

You cheeky bastard!!!!!

Talk about tight. This was worse than the late Mary Whitehouse’s vagina

Quality 80's porn, happy days it was always a "toss up" between her and the stunning most wonderful Jo Guest.

I am not FAT!!!!

Mary Whitehouse was the anti-porn campaigner, you are thinking about Linda Lovelace lol..!

I am not FAT!!!!

To be an explorer, you can't be.. that or fail at many places. I have still yet to see you, do drop by when you visit the north.

Boahhhhh what a creepy place in total! For some reason I find when there are lists with names and all kinds of psychical markers in there are just weird. And with factory machinery as well...weird stuff!

good find!

I am a poor solo explorer. Give me a partner and I will go anywhere, even if there's a horde of undead inside. All the more excitement!

I was going to point out that looks like some fancy calligraphy there. Chances are people had more time to do things neatly and properly. Who knows. I wish my handwriting was that nice though.

I have found on other occasions that the writing is similar from those times. There would have been other great finds in there if I would have taken more time. I do prefer smaller explores for this reason.

Maybe you will have to stop back sometime with one of your mates when you don't have to worry about the wife waiting for you in the car.

What an exploration @slobberchops 😎 soooo cool!
You saw so much, here in Spain… everything is just empty. Nothing to find inside. Just the walls as you can see in my post from today.
I would love to go through an office like that. See what’s there to discover. Pretty cool.
And the writing about the fire alarm, faulty and all was burned hahaha 🤣 so hilarious.
Great place, large warehouse… so much to see and not much time to discover.
Glad you got out ok. Hope not to much scratches 🤓
Enjoy your day further 👋🏻☀️

And the writing about the fire alarm, faulty and all was burned hahaha 🤣 so hilarious.

If only that fire inspector could read this. He would likely be laughing too!

I bet he would 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

It's not every day you see a sign warning you of explosives! I bet you wear those additional chain marks with pride! Should get them tattooed into permanency!

I know my Palaside fencing well. If there's one bar missing then I can slip through with some ease. This looked the same, but was some bastard mini-variation.


Bastards! I hope never to see that mutation again.

Maybe they are mixing up the gap widths to get at people!

Exploring favours the skinny. @anidiotexplores would not even have touched the sides.

It gives extra incentive not to be a beefy-baws! 😀

This is why you need to ensure your fire alarm is working correctly. It was being noted as 'faulty' daily.

That's a good point. What does "Earth Faults" mean? Is that referring to the ground wires? Thats a super random questions that my brain got hyper focused on knowing the answer haha 😂

Beats me mate. Maybe the earth strap was not connected. It's not exactly essential.

The only aerospace factory I ever toured was then called the Quest Aircraft Company, and it was (and still is) very much active, so the tour was formally guided.

If there is one thing I loathe.., it's guided tours. Where's the excitement and unpredictability? I avoid them.. unless there is no other way to see what I want to see.

To be fair, wandering aimlessly on an active factory floor is a bit too hazardous for my liking.

That's a huge site. Shows the state of British industry when it's empty for so long. Imagine how many people worked there.

Got any scars from your escapades?

Got any scars from your escapades?

Not recently. I have taken to climbing gloves which makes that aspect much easier. As a non-labourer type (a geek), my hands are not built for the rigours of climbing.

Have you ever encountered anyone living in any of these abandoned buildings on your travels? There is an abandoned POW camp from WW2 where I grew up but it is on farmland so unless you found sheep particularly intimidating it was always free to explore.

Have you ever encountered anyone living in any of these abandoned buildings on your travels?

Just once.., he looked unhappy and was wielding a saw. Subsequently this explore became 'The Saw House' and is one for the future heh..

You always bring something that have some history behind.

The plant does not look very old, many of items still look fresh to date. It seems that it was built to produce tons of aluminum products, Pechiney is now part of Alcan a Canadian giant.

You were very lucky to see the cause of building fire, I think insurance company had not paid them any compensation against the claims regarding devastation done by that fire breakouts.

I'll reconsider buying Mercury alarms lol.

Considering its been empty for over a decade, it is in remarkably good condition. It could be that security have been there for years and only recently stopped being paid.

Looks like quite a cool place, and it must have employed quite a lot of people at one point - sad to see it all gone. Nice find !

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The contrast of decay is amazing

Omg this story is hilarious, cleaver, risky and fun! I love this post, I love how serious you take the mission.. and about the old vagina well.. 🧓 😂

Fantastic reportage, I really like your articles. Well done.
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You told the story very well although I don’t understand much English. That’s perfect i like .

Old factories: pictures with a special flair!