Tales of the Urban Explorer: Flaxby Park Golf & Country Club

You might be wondering why I haven’t used an image of the prestigious clubhouse as the cover for the Flaxby Park Golf & Country Club post.

After a relaxing round of golf, one should always visit the 19th hole and then down a few pints before drunkenly getting in your Jaguar to drive home?


I will not say at this point why there is an image of the sign at the entrance that you can barely see as it’s so overgrown, that’s for later.

A derelict golf club sounds boring. Overgrown fairways, and greens you can no longer see, and all of them the same.


The clubhouse is going to be the place of interest and so we walked down this lane and walked some more, and then some more.


The clouds were ominous and I felt sure it was going to start pissing down at any minute.

After 10 minutes of seeing this same road bend ever so slightly to the left, the prize and target beheld us.


What kind of a clubhouse it this? It looked more like a load of portacabins taped together with glue. What a shit clubhouse!


For fuck sake, it's not the elegance you associate with a lovely golf club, and could it ever have looked good?

The company hit liquidation problems in 2015, and since then it has lain derelict and useless.

We approached the 'tin hut' and looked around. I had seen a previous aging report that showed all the pumps working inside and you could even pour yourself a pint of rotting beer.


The boards looked new and we sighed. Beaten to it by the boarders, we looked around and couldn’t find an access point.

Then @dizzydiscovery found it, not obvious but our obvious way in. The lad does have potential!


No golf balls left in these boxes and it looked like we were too late as the vandals had already struck.




I'm guessing the club didn't help with the charity gig or was this a contributing fact to them going bust?



A few things left in the kitchen and what do I see on that top shelf, HP Sauce! Fantastic.


The main area was terrible, the dickheads had certainly visited and this was nothing like the old images I saw posted on the internet.




The bar was wrecked denying me that pint of 5-year-old beer.


Still, there was plenty left behind, and no problem if you’re a lady and find yourself in need.


This is just to remind you that it is a clubhouse, and how to swing a ball. Pull your pants down, let it all hang out, and swing.


In case you need a close up of this imaginative artwork.



They had made a real mess, and I do know another Urban Explorer named 'Kyle' though I can't imagine it's him who sprayed this. He's even got a HIVE account (@kyleurbex12) and just maybe he will see my post.


Not even a single chocolate bar to snack on, just terrible.


The food menu was quite limited, but these are not bad prices. This is likely from 2015 when things were a little cheaper.


Competition days are typically on Saturdays, I always used to play Golf on Sunday afternoons when they had all left, and the course was almost empty.


No Metal Spikes? They used to be allowed; my geriatric golf shoes have them. The clicking noise tends to give them away when you walk.

We didn’t stay long in the clubhouse of Flaxby Park Golf & Country Club simply because it was very exposed and walkers still stroll by occasionally.

We wouldn’t want to be seen exiting the place in a dodgy manner which of course we did.


So it’s one off the list and slightly disappointing. It was a case of too late.


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The place still looks good ! i hope someone buys the place and remakes it.

We must be seeing different things, the place was terrible and maybe a reason it failed. The land is fine, and large.

Broken dreams is all I see in these kind of abandoned places you visit as an Urban Explorer, very interesting but very sad! The owners probably had big dreams of a gracious clubhouse one day and then it all fell apart for some reason; mismanagement or whatever!
At least there's a little bit of humour added with the artwork, but still sad...sorry but I'm a real sentimental fool!

I feel sad I didn't get there before the vandals. It is in the middle of nowhere, so it's surprising it's like this. They generally hit the urban areas and are typically kids, so can't travel to remote areas.

Is there anyone who inherit the place?, it look like pretty large land that can be use for use business in the future. Why the owner don't just sell it if the don't have enough fund to re-start something on that.

Nice to be able in touch with you again @slobberchops

The area of land is huge. Who's paying, and who does it belong to now? We don't know the answers.. the owners went bankrupt.

But that place has become good place for little adventure I guess.

Hahhahah jesus, the vandalism is pathetic. I understand artists need a place to practice but that doesn't even look like practice to me.

Sorry for your disappointment. At least you got a good walk! And know that you have no reason to go back. It is a shame you didn't get a chance to try that half-decade old keg though

the vandalism is pathetic.

Yeah, stupid kids with spray paints. Annoying if anything.

i mean, in my personal opinion, stupid kids with spray paints can create some amazing stuff. this shit though- absolutely garbage

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The flaxby? More like the crappy. Christ what a shit bird clubhouse. Even the menu looked like shit served on a plate. Real imaginative food they served.

Hehe, I used to play Golf in another lifetime. Many courses, and I have never seen such a bad clubhouse.

This was a cool one! That building has only been aging 5 years or so?

Ouch!!! I loved your description, "put together with glue." It's very accurate.

Thanks again for sharing these. I don't know why, but that one was exciting. Too bad you guys got there after the beer was tapped out... what a shame. :(

Better luck next time!

Btw... how do you find these? You guys should form some sort of database for this stuff! (if you haven't already...)

Sell new secrets or share them by clues for free entertainment... you guys probably already do this kind of thing, but it popped into my head.

Btw... how do you find these? You guys should form some sort of database for this stuff! (if you haven't already...)

It's all very hush-hush and underground. You have to go out and look for them, Facebook is a good place!

I can see why this wasn’t a venue for the Ryder cup

I heard the puppet has been stolen, the one you have as an avatar as well as many of the other items in there. Fucking thieves.

Yes I saw a fb post last night the puppet has deffo gone and the rocking horse

That's gotta be about the worst club house I have ever seen. Even when it was fully operational it doesn't look like it would have been that nice. We have a country club in the town I grew up that would put this to shame. It may as well be a community golf course. Looks like there was still quite a bit of stuff in there...

They look great most of them @bozz. Golf is a very old game in England, and more Scotland. Most clubs were formed around 1890 something, and hold a lot of history.

It might have been vandalised to heck but that is still one shit clubhouse!!

a pint of rotting beer..

Mmm, yum! :0D

Twas' most disappointing, and I now know why the other explorer didn't post any externals..., its 'cause they are so crap. This is what I associate with a Golf Clubhouse


Haha, yes. That is more my kind of thinking too. A gentleman's retreat!!

Is that the one from caddyshack?

Check out those chemtrails!

That's just a brutally ugly building. It looks like a chicken coop.

Do you suppose that was the 'temporary' clubhouse until they got enough members to fund the 'deluxe model'?

They could probably sell pretty easy to a chicken grower.

They could probably sell pretty easy to a chicken grower.

LOL @bigtom13, lots of room for the chickens to roam about too. it is possible it was a temporary clubhouse, I saw no evidence of the beginnings of the real deal.

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The sign is really not a match for the inside! The artwork and the lady supplies... I laughed. I try to imagine how would people gather in such a place for golf... 🤔👀👀

I'm leaning from sensei slobberchops haha 🙏📸

Not exactly what I would have imagined!