Tales of the Urban Explorer: PineTops Health & Leasure Complex

What do you do in a sunny climate, in the middle of summer when you want to be spoiled and laze around the pool drinking Pina Coladas?

Come to PineTops Health and Leisure Complex, with all the latest gadgets, benefits, and astonishingly low prices.


It’s all an illusion. This is in the vicinity of the Beatles homeland, it is sunny but the drinks and waiters fetching them have been long since vacated.

The palm trees were still a nice touch and I could imagine a scene from 'Club Tropicana' going on within the outside grounds. If you are too young to understand, then watch the video.


The first thing I noticed was the great big sign? Hang on a minute, there are families of people walking around in there and the gates are wide open. What is that all about?


There was a guard sat outside what looked like a beefeater box but he seemed to be asleep or at least dozing off; so much for the diligent security.



We quickly snuck around the far side - that is as far away from the guard as we could and arrived in hellish Tropicana settings.

…'it was a warm day and the best time to come here but still I did not fancy a dip'…

We quickly got inside thanks to a tight gap and arrived at the reception entrance.



No Pina Coladas on the menu, but many of those protein shakes; very fitting.


The fire safety audit must have gone well as the complex lasted a further 4 years, this is dated 2011.


Sandwiches £4, drinks £3. About average I would say.


Why does everyone throw stuff into the swimming pool? At least it's relatively graffiti-free.


I do wonder if Millie Darwin got a refund or was stitched up? I do feel sorry for Millie's Mum.




The Sauna had not fared any better. Some vandals have visited before us.



I can see this place was swish before it closed. Something bad must have happened, or the management was rotten.


...'@dizzydiscovery barely manages to overcome collapsing roof parts while juggling his extensive gear'...

Both of us had a little problem with the piece of the roof which was blocking the stairway. Damn inconsiderate of it.



That chandelier does look a little cheap and has been manhandled by someone.


What do you think of those prices? Would you join PineTops Health and Leisure Complex?



Now what is this, the licensing registrar for what exactly? Did they know the end was nigh, and yet still accepted new registrations? What a bunch of twats.


No rest for those staff. Early, middle and late shifts.




We crept up the back of the building approaching the guard; part of the building was inaccessible which used to be a restaurant.


After finding no way in, we back-tracked to the front and took some shots, oblivious now to any watching eyes as we were leaving.

Mr. Guard had woken from his afternoon doze so we questioned him.

He verified PineTops Health and Leisure Complex had been closed since 2014. We knew better as proven by Millie's application in early January.


The restaurant,’Shorrocks’ was an independent outlet and closed around the same time.

I guess one fed off the other. Do your gym time, and then put it all back on with a large plate of chips and gravy next door?


A little searching found me what it looked like once and a priceless comment.

The centre closed on 24 January 2015, due to financial problems, according to the note left on the door. There were no signs of it reopening.

Now I do feel sorry for Millie's Mum. I'm still humming Club Tropicana as I finish writing this. 'Club Tropicana's drinks are Frreeeeeeee...'

Tagging @raj808 as he specifically asked me too for any Merseyside explores.


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I giggle every time I see the name Jemma and its variants.

Had never heard of it being an English name until I lived in the UK.

I was freaked out by some of the names over 'there' - Troy, Carey to mention a couple.., Jemma is rare here spelt this way with Gemma being more common.

Nice shots! That is crazy that it closed just that short time ago and it has already gotten into such disrepair. I want to know who pays for these security guards if they can't even pay the bills to keep the place open. Seems like a whole lot of money being thrown away in to that particular profession. I guess I know if I ever lose my job over here I can probably head over there and become a security guard.

He didn't seem to care whether we were in there or not. Perhaps he guards something else... like his hut? It looks deserted but as I mentioned there were families milling around in the grounds. There was some kind of park attached to it.

Another excellent post mate.

Thanks, we had a good day and all those months ago...

With the auto payment, I to feel for Millie's mum, those things are not always that easy to stop one they are started, that is why I try very hard to go with pay as you go and not do auto payments. Looks like it would have been a nice place in it's day, but I am not sure about the prices.

I to feel for Millie's mum, those things are not always that easy to stop one they are started

They must have known, it was only 2-3 weeks earlier... devious bastards!

Shout out to pinmapple for showing me this. I saw the cover image like "wait.. what?!"

What a fun one that was @slobberchops, thanks! I didn't laugh at all, not even once. Not sure what took me so long to click follow.

I had a hard time finding a good cover for this. The spooky mansion or foreboding looking mill is always good.. but this?

No laughing is bad..., I will have to up my game. Don't want you falling asleep and dribbling drool while you are reading.. that would not do!

Too late

Another good explore back down the rabbit hole of time, pity now lost in time.

Sure many good/bad and otherwise memories emanate between these walls, those who enjoyed using this hide out during the early '70s.

Never got round to this one. The vision of you as George Michael in a skimpy pair of speedos has killed my appetite for a bowl of Rice Krispies

I have a chiselled body, befitting of speedos.. or whatever George is wearing.. I will have you know!

Looks like a really cool explore!

Is this in Southport? I don't recognize it at all so I'm guessing it is outside my usual stomping grounds.

Replied to you in private.., but it's in your not-so immediate vicinity!

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It’s amazing what some palm trees and sunshine can do to a place

It might not be so bright and cheery visiting today!

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Wow this place is so kindness with a piece of life