Hive Open Mic - Special Announcement

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Hive Open Mic ( #openmic ) is a global community working for world peace through a love of live music. Each week is a new invitation to express and connect.

🎵 Hive Open Mic

Special Announcement


A new invitation to sing together is coming soon. In a few weeks, we're inviting all musicians to sing one song in unison. Our goal is to combine all of the participating voices and instruments into a singular musical expression that represents Global Harmony. This is for our 111th Community Concert, beginning Sunday, May 22, 2022.

The reason for this special occasion is because of a tragic incident that happened in Nigeria, involving a violent crime and cover-up. This motivated our Pillar of the Community @ebingo to create a song, in order to shine a light for Truth and Love (see his original post: This Little Town). Singing it together will give us all a chance to feel the closeness of our far-reaching community.

Personal Invitation

Hive Open Mic host @cabelindsay introduces Hive Open Mic #111.

We will sing "This Little Town" in English, and possibly Spanish too, for the 111th week. Then we will compile everyone's contributions into a live music mashup and music video, like we've done twice before (see the examples below). We're grateful to @ebingo for his inspired song. We are proud of him for being a ray of light. 🌟


Original Post: Hive Open Mic #99: "Oh My Love"


This Little Town

by Dr. Ebingo Kigigha

I can’t keep holding on
To this small town

I’ve got to keep moving on
Before it all falls down




Tempo: 60 BPM
Tuning: Standard
Key: G


We invite your input. We still have several weeks to prepare for this song, and everybody's attention is appreciated in this community-wide effort. We have some specific leadership opportunities available here, so let us know if you feel called to step up and help with this initiative. Specifically, we're looking for the following:

  • Spanish-language translation of the song
  • Sharable "scratch track" we can all use as a metronome, to ensure we're all in rhythm and on pitch


107: Brave Mind ---> 108: Undisclosed Words ---> 109: Paper Kites ---> 110: Abrazo Musical ---> 111: This Little Town ---> 112: Tradición Local



Hive Open Mic - Week 107 is underway now.

This week's invitation is: “Brave Mind.”


Join in. Enjoy!


This is such an honour.
Thank you for doing this...and I'm super excited about week 111

You sound amazing by the way and you made those chords and word yours❤❤❤

Your song touches my heart, brother. I admire the ways it served as the perfect backdrop for the story you presented to us. Its message also carries a meaning and depth that I think is relatable on a universal level too. I think we all have a capacity to broaden our perspectives, think outside the little box, and expand our knowing.

I'm very happy about that. I'm hoping we can achieve raising awareness globally about this.

Thank you for you efforts in making this a global issue, you are a star in the dark...God bless you

Me gustaría escuchar la canción en español para así ir preparandome 🥰😀

A sad reason, but this will bring your song and cause to even more listeners, which is great!

Hello everyone! i offer to help with the English/Spanish translation of the song! y may leave my translated version on the discord chat of the openmic moderators soon! greetings @cabelindsay @ebingo and everyone else who will take part of this initiative.... a big hug

That sounds great!!! I can't wait to hear how it sounds!

Omg this is art! I will be honored to participate

Happy to know you're with us in the musical expression. Thank you, friend.

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What a beautiful idea, and so is the song!
Love to be part of it!
Thanks, Cabe!

Edit: wow to those previous ones!
Brilliant, just brilliant!

Yay, I greatly look forward to your presence in this new co-creation. Thanks for your encouraging words.

Awesome stuff. I'm looking forward to listening to the mashup.

Dear Cabe, this is a great idea and we will certainly be there in the front row to watch the excellent presentations that are coming up. This is another special opportunity to bring our voices together in unison and the motives are very noble. A hug!

Woohoo! Happy you'll play a part in this co-creation. So often, I witness you through the music you share and the comments you give, and I am just so impressed by your sincerity, and the sweetness you bring. True artists with heart!

What a beautiful initiative, I would love to participate. What better way to express global harmony than with music. ❤️

What better way to express global harmony than with music. ❤️

Well said, my friend. Thank you for expressing it that way.

Graciassss por la invitación Dios mediante alli estare para dar mi aporte @cabelindsay

This is so wonderful and I love to be part of it

Mind blowing 🤯

Entendido queridos amigos. Sus deceos son ordenes. 👍

Muy bien, me alegra nuevamente poder estar en conjunto con tantos cantores y músicos talentosos uniendo nuestras voces en nombre de la paz y la armonía.

Haré lo posible por realizar una traducción al Español, si de pronto alguien más lo hace pues bienvenido sea.

Gracias una vez más por esta iniciativa y por anticipar este nuevo momento tan importante para la comunidad. Saludos y bendiciones.

WOW, 😔 es triste!.

Pero m gustaría participar, y será hermoso nuevamente con todas las voces e instrumentos💞.

We need to support and try our best to join the plan.

This is an awesome idea.

I'll be prepared for this!💯

Saludos. Toda la solidaridad con los hermanos de Nigeria.

Greetings. All solidarity with our brothers and sisters in Nigeria.

Waoo... I cant wait to participate in this coming session of music...
This is awesome...

Amazing, I will be happy to participate

Alli estaré en la semana 111 si Dios lo permite bendiciones cabe por tu hermosa iniciativa

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This is lovely cab.
Can't wait to see the final video.

Es triste 😢 por el accidente, pero a la vez me emociona prepárate me junto a mi familia y participará para esta semana, primeramente mi Dios, 🙏🏽🥰

Thank you so much for this!
It truly means a whole lot to us Nigerians.

I pray many blessings to come your way Cabe.
You are indeed amazing in and out!♥️♥️♥️♥️

Count me in...totally love it... not a lot of words but yet weighs alot
Powerful message.can't wait for week #111

Please can I change the key G to something else..closer to G,on the second fretboard on my guitar

Nos unimos a este canto y desde ya nos preparamos.

Dear @cabelindsay and @mipiano . I have a small suggestion for you and I thought it was right to write a comment here. Is it possible for you to choose the song "Bella Caio" as a common song for another community concert call? Because this song has its equivalent in many languages around the world. It is a song that has been recognized internationally and is known by many people around the world. How do you find this recommendation?

Hi @veliozdemiroglu

Thank you for your suggestion, the team will have it in mind and consider what would be the options. Thank you once again :))

It's a great suggestion, thank you. Let's keep it in mind for an occasion when the timing feels right. These community-wide co-creations are fun, and I enjoy the way they bring us all together. The only downside is that the video editing requires an incredible time investment. Maybe with some practice we'll figure out how to streamline that part, in which case we can do them more often.

Hello @cabelindsay this initiative has great power, I loved the song that you present to us, you are extraordinary with what you do, it would be an honor for me to be able to participate in this concert and sing in unison for truth, love, justice, I would appreciate it know the instructions very much, God bless you infinitely!

Yeaaah count on me!

Wow, this will be wonderful. I will be happy to participate

This is a wonderful initiative , can't wait for week 111😊😊

Excelente!, Siempre me ha gustado estos tipos de eventos en conjunto! Con el favor de Dios lo lograremos con acabados mejores a los anteriores, Dios les bendiga!!

Wow...No tengo palabras porque esta propuesta me ha chocado el alma. Hoy la musica me hace un llamado y allí estaré poniendo mi grano de arena dando lo mejor de mi. Bendiciones

Wow... I have no words because this proposal has shocked my soul. Today the music calls me and there I will be putting my grain of sand giving the best of me. Blessings