Hive Open Mic Week Number #122 " Blocked " An Original Song By: @discouragedones

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Hello to all my dear friends. i'm back after a long time and i'm very happy that i was able to upload a post again after a month away from music. i missed all of you my musician friends at Hive community 🤗💫😍😇💯🎸. i was sick for a month due to the corona virus and i was not feeling well at all. fortunately, after a lot of care, i got better and regained my health completely. i hope you are always healthy. because health is the greatest blessing that God has given us and we should appreciate it.

Honestly, i wanted to cover Comfortably Numb's solo by Pink Floyd for my new post, but unfortunately my electric guitar has a problem and i have to repair it. that's why i decided to play one of my original songs with a nylon guitar. this song is one of the songs that i wrote it 6 years ago. when i came home in the afternoon after my college exam and sat on my bed and started playing the guitar, without thinking about what i was playing, i just decided to relax myself. after playing a few simple chords, i felt that a song was being made, and it was very attractive to me at that moment, and i told myself that i must complete this song. i named this song "Blocked".

My Gear:
Guitar : Hofner Classical Guitar
Strings : Ernie Ball
Camera : Nikon 850D
Audio Software : Cubase

I hope you like it💯❤️🎸

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I am happy I caught this early, it's the bat way to start my day, thank you

Thank you so much 🎸💯

You are welcome

Nice that you are back, it has been a while without seeing you. Glad your health is now good again. Your song is excellent :)


Thank you so much for visiting my post 😊
I'm so glad to be able see you again and see your marvelous posts, btw!! i miss your piano paying 💫🎹💥🔥

Muy bueno tu interpretación, muy sublime, me gustó amigo. Felicidades 🤗☀️🎸🔥🎶🎶⭐🎤🎵🎵🎧😌☺️🧡❤️💞

muchas gracias mi buen amigo💯😊❤️🎸

OMG! I really love your guitar playing, It's superb! Those arpeggios are absolutely beautiful.

This original piece certainly brings out a lot of emotions in the listener. Congratulations!

Thank you so much my dear friend 😊💯 much appreciated it and i'm so glad you liked it 😇


And your video is really beautifully filmed as well!

You're an artist 🖤

Thank you so much appreciated it for your kindness ❤️🎸💯💫


I wondered where had you been, dear friend.
I hope you are well.
I enjoyed a lot those sutil oriental touches you played. Beautiful!

Broooo😍😍😍 i'm so glad to see you again after a month, much appreciated it for your kindness my brother 🎸💯💫❤️💫🍻😊

You are a friend, you will be always welcome.

Hermano que bueno que hayas podido recuperarte del virus y estés compartiendo con nosotros.

Este composición es muy buena, al escucharla pasaron múltiples escenas por mi mente, bien se puede adaptar a muchos trabajos.

Tu guitarra tiene un sonido espectacular, ha sido un gusto poder coincidir empezando la mañana. Saludos

Brother, I'm glad you were able to recover from the virus and are sharing with us.

This composition is very good, when I listened to it many scenes went through my mind, it can be adapted to many works.

Your guitar has a spectacular sound, it has been a pleasure to be able to coincide starting the morning. Regards

Wooow you made me very proud my dear friend😇😇😇 i'm very happy that you were able to communicate with this song, the beauty of art and music is that you can influence people and i am very proud that i was able to draw your attention with my song.

Have a very energetic and successful day. Cheers bro 🍻💯💥🔥🎸😇🙏

Nice playing, great chops 👏

Thank you so much my brother, it's my pleasure 🤗😇💫🍻

My brother this was heavenly, every note, every arpeggio, took me out of this world for a moment, only greats like you achieve that 🤜🤛!!!!

What a pleasure to hear you again, to know that you are well and that you are here rocking with everyone again, I think it was not Pink Floyd's moment, it was yours 🔥🔥🔥 making emotions flow from your beautiful black guitar 👍😉!!!!

My brother I am happy that you came out victorious of the covid disease, thank God everything is fine, how good it is to have you back, I send you a big hug 💖..... You Rockkkkk!!! 👊😎🔥🎙️🎸🎶❤️🌟🍻💥💫💯

Hello, my dear Farnan my best friend😍😍😍😍😍 i'm very proud to have a friend like you. You are very kind to me. whenever i read your comments, i feel calm and get energy for better work

You are the best 🎸💯💥🔥🙏💫😍🍻❤️

My Brother I'm really glad about that 💖, really glad to have seen and heard you, you know you have my support 🤜🤛, you are a great friend and I always want you to do well 🙌😀💛, you are super talented and you are very cool, I send you a big hug, sorry for barely responding, this week was a little long, I hope you have a happy weekend, and I hope to see you again next week 👍😉!!!!

You are the best too and hey I hope the electric guitar is ready to roar with fury.... You Rockkk!!! 👊😎🔥🎙️🎸🎶❤️🌟🍻💥💫💯

Congratzz man, you are such a great player! I'm glad I found your music. Hope we can do something together in the future! ;)

Woow thank you so much, yes why not???🎸😇 it's my honor to do a collab or something like that together 💯😊

Thank you so much for your kindness and visiting my my post 💥🎸❤️🙏💯

Best bro 😍❤🎼🕴

Thank you brother 💫