🎵 Hive Open Mic 185 - Worldwide Live Music Event

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Hive Open Mic ( #openmic ) is a global community working for world peace through a love of live music. Each week is a new invitation to express and connect.

🎵 Hive Open Mic 185

October 23-28, 2023


Global harmony is our mission. World peace is our vision. Our community's weekly live music celebration reaches musicians and listeners globally on a virtual stage, upholding the classic pattern of an open mic event. At the end of each week, we enjoy a community concert, highlighting a Spotlight Artist.

Our song circle is a place of belonging for anyone who appreciates live music. Our creative space offers a chance to build real relationships worldwide between music fans and musicians of every style and any skill level. Every contributor can be proud of the fact we are co-creating a more harmonious world by sharing the joys of music.

For Hive Open Mic 185, we will explore the following theme: "Passion." This theme is chosen by our community's recent Spotlight Artist: @utymarvel . Everyone is encouraged to express and connect through: Passion.

Art by @cabelindsay, royalty free for the Hive Open Mic community



This week's Hive Open Mic theme is: “Passion.” This is a pressure-free invitation, encouraging us to explore new territory together as artists, sharing common ground as a community. Musicians always have full freedom to bring whatever music feels inspired in the moment. Here's a timeline, for anyone wishing to look back, be present, or prepare future entries.

184: Sabor ---> 185: Passion ---> 186: Cinema

How To Play

1. Produce - Introduce your video by saying the words, “Hive Open Mic Week 185,” including your name. Perform a song.
2. Present - Post your video in the Hive Open Mic community. Include the tag #openmic.
3. Promote - Share your link in the comments section of Sunday's open mic invitation in order to ensure your entry is heard.
4. Prosper - Build relationships by engaging with fellow music lovers through uplifting comments.


Edekia (Original) by @auelitairene
Bringer of Dawn (Original) by @cabelindsay
Sura (Original) by @osomeltrozo feat. @dealtokilate
Esta Bella Noche / This Beautiful Night (Cover) by @esteliopadilla
Donde Estará Mi Primavera / Where is My Spring (Cover) by @musicandreview
Son Mis Deseos / It's My Wishes (Cóver) by @zorajr and @armandolnrs
Llegó el Momento / Time Has Come (Original) by @fernanblog
Los Tres Vagones (Original) by @jpulido0306
Anhelo / I Long (Original) by @naradamoon
Surprise Yourself (Cover) by @ebingo
Hello (Cover) by @peaq


The greatest gift we can give to an artist is our attention. For this reason, we humbly ask that everyone offer some friendly words. Reward musicians by offering applause as if we're in a pub, a coffee shop, or concert hall. Our comments might be the vital voice that gives a musician the wings to fly, or the gills to dive deep!


In the Hive Open Mic community, every week is an inspiring musical journey. Here, talented musicians bring their gifts to the virtual stage, reaching around the world. Listeners gain human connection on levels of heart and mind, including people of various cultures and languages. This is the harmonizing power of music.

Gratitude goes to the originators of Hive, who planted the seeds for us to grow and flourish here. Gratitude goes to the community cultivators, supporting newcomers in finding their niches, and comfort zones. Gratitude goes to all the people who share their energy here, supporting our community.


Join in and enjoy!


Saludos a todos, aqui les comparto mi entrada 👇🌟

Saludos, comunidad, está es mi participación para esta semana. Éxito para todos.

Cuando hablamos de pasión sabemos que nos referimos a un sentimiento que nos hace perder el control, que obnubila nuestra razón, que puede hacernos cometer locuras. Cuando hablamos de un amor apasionado es todo lo anterior y además un intenso deseo sexual

Éxitos para todos en esta nueva semana, acá dejaré mi participación


That 's a great idea

Saludos amigos, esta es mi presentación de la semana 185 https://peakd.com/hive-105786/@albertocoachbl/mjtzpwmg

Hello hive open mic good evening to all here is my Entry


Saludos a todos en esta bella comunidad, hoy nos llenamos de pasión y amor por la música. Les comparto mi performance con la trompeta https://peakd.com/hive-105786/@yisusth/fzuvmmyx

saludos comunidad del hive, paso a dejar mi presentación de esta semana, espero les guste.



Excellent theme, passion can be for sport, for a dream, for love. So we have plenty of room to use hehe! great theme. Happy week everyone.

"Blind Willie McTell" - probably the song that showed me that I love to get lost in a song and sing with passion and conviction, despite my usual shyness! I think it's why my father requests me to cover it often to this day! :)


Hello amazing singer. I had a blast participating this week, here is my link!

Holaaaa amigas y amigos de Hive Open Mic, por aqui quiero compartir mi presentación para está semana #185, espero que les guste muchoo!!Los quiero infinitamente y gracias por su apoyooo!!!!


A darlo todo con mucha pasión. Preparandome ando jajaja ❤️

Thank you for the theme selection.

This is my entry

This is it ! #hiveopenmicweek185 from me. I hope you enjoyed 😁🤗🎸🔥❤️🙋

Here is my entry

Hello friends, join me to celebrate my birthday on hive as I make this post


This is my presentation for this week 185....

A great and happy weekend....


Happy weekend to the community. Here comes my entry for this week.


Esta es mi partición para la semana 185! 🙏


Saludos a todos, amigos, esta semana pude compartir con ustedes, aqui mi entrada : https://ecency.com/hive-105786/@velero13/slgfyvxo

Greetings to all, friends, this week I could share with you, here my entry : https://ecency.com/hive-105786/@velero13/slgfyvxo

Good evening everyone☺️ this is my Entry for week #185

Entre muchas pasiones que siento y dominan mi vida para embellecerla aun más... hay rinconcito de mi corazón en donde va situado la música flamenca o géneros musicales españoles en general. Siempre me han gustado y los disfruto con pasión. El observarles y escucharles es un momento único para mí. Por lo que trasmiten con sus movimientos y emociones al cantar y tocar a su estilo los instrumentos musicales.🌹💖

Among many passions that I feel and that dominate my life to beautify it even more... there is a little corner of my heart where flamenco music or Spanish musical genres in general are located. I have always liked them and enjoy them with passion. Observing and listening to them is a unique moment for me. Because of what they transmit with their movements and emotions when singing and playing musical instruments in their own style.🌹💖


Saludos a todos! Por acá dejo mi participación: