Hive Open Mic 134, Pardon - A Forgiving Guitar Solo (Original)

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Hello HIVE OPEN MIC 134, and welcome to my latest guitar solo!:)

First of all, a big thankyou to the wonderful @yetxuni for selecting this awesome topic of 'forgiveness'! She is an amazing musician and an incredible singer! I'm sure you all already know her, but go ahead and check out her videos!:)

Also, I just thought I would add that I am recovering from covid, so that is why I might look a little rough, and seem a little distant in the initial introduction! I'm much better now, and in a few days will be 100% :)

This weeks theme is a deep and meaningful one to me. Forgiveness is something that we have all experienced at some time during our lives, and it may be upon both ends - recieving or giving. Sometimes it is hard to forgive, sometimes there could be something unforgivable. Actually, I have had something in the past which was unforgivable (involving a past relationship) and there was no way I could forgive someone for this... however, it was eating me inside. The fact that I did not forgive meant that I could not let go of the dark situation. Eventually, I got to a stage where I could wish the person well, and detatch from everything. In some ways it was forgivness to myself and allowing me to move onwards in life, which I did :)

On the other side, we can be very grateful to be forgiven in times where we have made mistakes, and we all have! It is a great feeling and a learning process for both parties.

I chose to do a melodic solo for this week as I feel that I can let me emotions out, the first slower sections are struggling with overcoming a situation or experience, and the faster, louded sections are being set free and recovering from anything in the past that was holding you down!

I sure hope you all enjoy this solo of mine! I will be checking out everyone's videos now!

Peace and love!

PS - Now I have just thought I should have done Metallica - The Unforgiven for this week haha! Maybe another time :)

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My dear Brother how are you? days without seeing us, first of all I hope you get better soon Bro, too bad you have covid, that virus does not stop bothering, but we must remain strong, I wish you a speedy recovery with all my heart 💖!!!

This guitar solo was a complete trip man, you played with the techniques with a brutal mastery, plus I love the distortion sound you always use. By the way the track you used was made by you? it's amazing Bro, its melody is a bit nostalgic but with a feeling of hope, your solo turns it into a unique piece 🔥🔥🔥!!!

I liked the approach you gave to forgiveness with giving and receiving in mind; forgiving is liberating and healing, no doubt about it. On the other hand being forgiven also frees us from guilt and motivates us to be better people..... good one my Bro 👍!!!

It has been a great honor to visit you and delight my ears with this spectacular work, I send you a big hug, get well soon 🙌😀💛.... You Rockkk!!! 🤘😎🤘🔥🎙️🎸🎶❤️🌟🍻💥💫💯

PS: you owe us Unforgiven by Metallica 😄!!!!

Hey my brother! So great to hear from you, how is everything going?
Ah dude, thank you! I'm so happy that you enjoyed another one of my videos :) I didn't make the backing track, there is a channel on YouTube called 'YTJamTracks' that make awesome tracks and let you use them for free :) I'd recommend checking them out! But, I was thinking about making some backing tracks in the near future :)

Thanks for the recovery wished bro, yes... I want this virus to go. It feels a little different and is taking a while to shake off, but we will recover and be stronger than ever man!:)

I owe you all The Unforgiven! Haha! :D keep on rocking!:)

Bro I love that guitar, the famous Les Paul,🎸 I swear I want to have one of those, its sound immediately makes me think of Slash, 🤟🏼🎶I love listening to solos made with this guitar, you have been great, 👌🏼🧑🏻‍💻I loved that in your solo you did a blues variation, it is a technique that Slash uses a lot in his solos, I'm looking forward to rock! 🤟🏼🎥Excellent video bro! Rockstar sound! 💥

Hye bro! Ah thank you so much man! I'm so glad you love my playing and also my Les Paul! Slash is one of my guitar heroes! I take lots of influence from him, he is incredible :) I wish Guns N Roses would release a new album, I hope they do! Really appreciate this comment man :)

Also, if you're interested, here is a link of my playing the full solo to Sweet Child O Mine

I have a whole playlist there of me covering Slash's solos as I love them so much haha! :)

Greetings my dear star guitarist!!! Blessings to you tonight!

Thank you very much for the mention and those nice words towards my work done, yours are not far behind and you are also an excellent musician!

In this opportunity I must congratulate you again for the wonderful work you have brought, you play in a perfect way so you take all the merits!!!

Thank you very much for joining this week's initiative related to forgiveness!

Best regards

Hello @yetxuni !:) aw thank you so very much! It has been a great week of wonderful music! I appreciate the compliments very much :) I'm so happy that you enjoy my playing :)

I hope you are having a great weekend!

Amigo @sunsethunter disfruto mucho verte tocar porque te entregas al hacerlo, sin duda alguna tocas la guitarra increíble. Un gran abrazo desde la distancia😃🎸🎸🎼⭐💯💢👏👏👏🎧😊💫🎤🎙️🔥🤗❤️💜💚💛💙💞
Friend @sunsethunter I really enjoy watching you play because you give yourself to do it, without a doubt you play amazing guitar. A big hug from a distance😃🎸🎸🎼⭐💯💢👏👏👏🎧😊💫🎤🎙️🔥🤗❤️💜💚💛💙💞

Hello Nelly!:) so awesome to hear from you!:) yes, I really do give myself to the music and it comes from within!:) love it! Really appreciate your comments and support :) thank you. I hope you are having a great weekend :)

¡Hola, Nelly! :) ¡Qué increíble saber de ti! :) ¡Sí, realmente me entrego a la música y viene de adentro! :) ¡Me encanta! Realmente aprecio sus comentarios y apoyo :) gracias. Espero que estés teniendo un gran fin de semana :)

Wow!! Bravo!! Yet another completely awesome guitar solo from you my friend! man! i´m so sorry to hear you been suffering from covid, that sucks! i am glad you are better now and wish you a full recovery soon! you are such a soulful guitarist bro i can really feel the emotion flowing through your music ... i also had a situation with my ex-partner wich i thought i could never ever forgive, but life teach us that forgiving and moving forward is the best for ourselves, so when you wrote about that i really felt that! dude that part where you made the "inverse hand" movement just blew my mind as well as that freaking bend in the last (was it the last?) fret daaang! really impressive. Dude we´ve only met on Hive and stuff but i really feel you as a true friend you will always have my support and im very grateful for your support as well, now we are all waiting for that "Unforgiven" cover hehe! btw i love the background on your video, kind of psychedelic... big hug man and my best wishes for you, keep rocking!!!

Hey my dude! Thank you so much man, really means a lot to me to read this :) yes you're right, sometimes it is better for us to be able to forgive even thought the situation is unforgivable, but it is better for ourselves rather than letting the pain destroy us! The situation I experienced also involved an ex partner!
Thanks dude! I am glad you caught that section haha, it just happened spontaneously! Same to you brother, I know we've only met on hive but you're a true friend and always have my support man :) I had a crazy dream that hive was worth like $1000 and there was a proper music festival organized where we all played our songs on stage and had a huge gathering. It was awesome man :) maybe that will happen in the next few years, it is possible!
Thanks again man, yes I like the background too, has the psychedelic space theme! :) keep rocking dude!