Hive Open Mic 122, Emotion - Gary Moore - Parisienne Walkways (ALL SOLOS)

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Hive Open Mic 122, here we are!

Firstly, I would just like to say that I am honoured to have been selected to choose this weeks theme! I chose this theme as, to me, music is so emotional. Whatever mood I am in, music is a major enhancer! I also love playing the blues, especiall Gary Moore songs, so for this week I play my favourite song! Parisienne Walkways!

Do you know this song? Well, here I am playing all 3 solos from this awesome tune! I really am feeling it here - true emotion! This song means a lot to me in many ways. It brings me back to a time 20 years ago when my Dad showed me this song for the first time and my life changed there and then!

If you want to hear some unbelieveable guitar playing, just search 'Gary Moore Parisienne Walkways Live' and you will hear the master at work! Sadly, he died over 10 years ago now - but he lives on through his fans!

Here is a little bit 'Moore' about me. I've been playing guitar for over 15 years, but I did have a long break in between where I would only pick it up for 10 mins a week for a quik strum. However, the past 3 years I have been fully back into it - the fire is lit! I feel like my calling has alway been to be a musician, but I strayed from the path. However, I am back on track! I have released my solo album in July! 9 tracks, and all me! If anyone wants to have a listen, just let me know! Or, search 'CHOEY G' and you will find my music. I'd also like to say a massive THANK YOU to those of you who have had a listen and given me some feedback! I appreciate it so much, and am also here to support and encourage you!

I have seen so many amazing open mic entries so far and I have been loving them all! I am getting tagged in so many videos this week haha which is so awesome! I love it! I am doing my best to watch them all and comment. Love these open mics so much!

Leave me a comment and I'll be sure to check yours out!

Again, I am so grateful to have featured on this weeks open mic and to have chosen the theme! Blessed! I love this platform and community. It feels like we can finally get some recognition for all of our hard work and share the love! It is great!

Peace and love to you all!

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You play the guitar very well and it's also very interesting especially when you enjoy the peak of your playing with your eyes closed

Thank you so much man! This means a lot to me :) I'm so glad that you can enjoy my playing, and that my emotion is coming through with my playing! Cheers :)

Muy cool cuanto sentimiento pones con esa gibson me gusta mucho tu técnica esta muy pulida felicitaciones!!.

Thank you so much @edcraft :) I'm am so grateful you enjoyed my playing! Cheers for having a listen :)

Man, I'm a super fan of yours, this song is simply one of my favourites for solo guitar, precisely because of the feeling it carries and you've expressed it so well that you literally made me cry haha.

Music is truly the way and the end when it comes to emotions, it's so pure and magical. You're too good with that magic bro, you really are. Thank you for casting a spell on me for a while with this track!

Hey @jkalthor !:) WOW! I am absolutely honored to read this comment! This really means so much to me! THANK YOU! I'm so grateful that it made you feel this way, and you can feel the emotion I am putting into my playing! You're right, music really is so emotional and magical! Really appreciate this so much!

This is soo good man. I enjoyed all the solos!🔥🔥🔥

Yo! Thanks so much man! Really appreciate this, thanks for listening! I'm so glad you enjoyed it!:)

Brilliant choice! This is iconic music!
And what a fantastic performance!
You really rock, my friend! 😍👊🎸

Anke! Ah thank you SO much! So happy that you enjoyed this, and what a tune this is, right!? I'm the biggest Gary Moore fan out there :)

Massively appreciated! :)

your guitar strum is really very emotional, very touching, and very uplifting, your talent is amazing

Hey! Ah thank you so much! I really appreciate your comment here, and for taking the time to have a listen! :) means a lot to me!

dude @sunsethunter this sounds amazing!!! I really liked the melody!!!

Yo dude! Thank you so much man! Really appreciate this :) thanks for having a listen :)

Esta muy genial este solo. Tu si sabes expresarte y contagiarnos ese sentimiento emotivo por medio de la guitarra. 👊🎸😃

This solo is so cool. You do know how to express yourself and infect us with that emotional feeling through the guitar. 👊🎸😃

Hey Nancy!:) thank you so very much! I am so happy you could feel my emotion coming through, that makes me happy! I hope you're having a great week! :)

Hello everyone here's my entry for this week.... kindly click the link below and enjoy🎧😉⤵️⬇️

Yes! I'll check it out now!

qué hermoso, la guitarra cantando! me quedé deleitada. gracias por compartir.

Thank you so much! I really appreciate you having a listen and I am so happy that you enjoyed my playing! :)

Tu entrada está semana es fascinante, haces que la guitarra hable y nos transmites todo esas emociones que quieres expresar, Dios te bendiga amigo y tú grandioso talento. Felicitaciones🤗🔥🎶🎶☀️🎵🎵💢💯👏👏👏👏🎤💫😃🥰🎧🌹💙😊💜🧡❤️💞

Hey nelly! :D
Thank you! I really appreciate you! Means a lot to me, I'm so happy that you love my playing and that you take the time to have a listen! Cheers!
I hope you're having an amazing week!

Wowww... Great guitar play.
I love those solos and the backing're just amazing

Good one

Ah thank you so much man! I really appreciate this! Means a lot to me bro, thank you for taking this time to listen and I am so happy that you enjoyed it! :)

This is definitely the feeling of this week's theme bro. Bravo. You have let your guitar sing for you. This is an outpouring of passion. Your performance has touched my soul and that of many here. Congratulations and thank you so much for this. You grace our community with your talent...

open mic eng.png

Hey @jesuslnrs !:) wow! Thank you! I am so happy with your comment, I'm thrilled that my playing has touched your soul! That is amazing! I really do put my heart and soul into my playing :)
Hugely appreciate!

What an awesome entry!
This is magical brother..
The feeling from your guitar sound pierce deep into my heart, I love your skillfulness on the guitar, you're a genius friend 😃😃🎺🎶🙌🎸💙
Keep Rocking 😎🎵🎸🎶🎵💜🎯💯💞♥️💕🎤🎺

Hey bro! Wow this is so amazing to hear! I'm so happy that my passion comes through in my playing! Really appreciate this man, means a lot to me! Thank you for having a listen, I'm so happy that you enjoyed my playing!
Cheers bro!

Much love man💙💙🙌

You're right. Music improves & even changes your emotions & mood just like you did as I listened to you play so wonderfully.
Your skill is so amazing. The way your music goes is just great. Thanks so kindly for your sweet presentation. Mehn, THIS IS MUSIC!!!

Yes it really does! So great that you agree with me here! Music is so amazing, in every sense! :) thank you so much for having a listen to my entry, I'm so happy that you liked it! :)

It was my pleasure dear. 😇🙂

First we apologize for not having seen your majestic entry dear friend, you don't know how happy we are for your presence and talent and this week you have been the protagonist!
This has been incredible, all those chords and plucks took us to heaven. Wow! thank God for you and we hope you will continue with us. Hugs brother! ⭐🙏🏼💙🎸🎶

Thank you SO much! Also, absolutely no need to apologize at all :D thank you for having a listen, I'm honored! Means so much to me, and to read a wonderful comment like this makes it all worth it and motivates me to keep going! :D

Much love!:)

You rocked this one again, big bro!!!

Aw thank you so much sis! So happy that you had a listen and enjoyed this! Much love :)x

Always, welcome, big bro!. You know, I'm a fan!

So much emotion in one video...amazing piece man, love it 👏✨🤍

Hey man! Thanks so much! Really appreciate this :) this song has the most emotion out of any guitar piece in my opinion :) I sure do 'feel' it :)


Awesome,I felt it too bro 💓

wow bro a few days ago your publication caught my attention since I admire Gary Moore a lot but I don't know what was wrong with the platform that I couldn't see the 3speak videos. Today I'm watching your great talent as a guitarist and it's something incredible what you do, gary moore uses a lot of feeling when playing and you transmit it totally. Thank you for this aural gift that you have just given us.

Ah man, thank you so much! I appreciate this so much!!! Really means a lot to me:) thanks for taking out the time! Gary Moore was such a legend and his emotion was unmatched! I always love playing his songs and will play more! :)
Really appreciate it brother!

My brother the great Choey G in da house 🤜🤛, what an incredible presentation, you stopped playing for a long time but you never forget it, and you really rock like a Rockstar 🔥🔥🔥🔥!!!!

Gary was a guitar god, Guitar Hero himself and this tribute you did to him was the most EPIC I have ever heard in his honor, excellent work, excellent sound and excellent that beauty of guitar that as I told you once, I love it 😍!!!!

Truly as you say, I think for everyone Hive has been a blessing, especially for us musicians who know that outside the industry is very wild and competitive... Hive Rockkkssss and Hive Open Mic Rockssss the double 🙌😀💛!!!!

My brother this has been an eargasm, amazing how you play and you put a lot of emotion into it, your dad did you a big favor by showing you the way of music and hey, never doubt, you are a high level musician, you were born to rock 🔥🔥🔥!!!!

I send you a big hug dear brother, I apologize for barely listening to you, better late than never and here I am enjoying another great work of yours, no doubt.... You Rockkk!!! 🤘😎🤘🔥🎙️🎸🎶❤️🌟🍻💥💫💯

Hey my brother!!! Ah dude, thank you so much man - reading this means the world to me! I'm so glad you loved my tribute to Gary Moore - he really is a guitar god! A true hero and pioneer of the power blues solos. The emotion he felt is unmatched!

Yea man, hive really is a blessing man! Finally, our hard work is paying off and we are getting recognition - it is amazing and loads of fun! Keeps us sharp by making new videos all of the time! The best thing is being able to connect with each other, my brother! :D

Dude, one day if (when?) hive really takes off, like big time, we should try organize a hive festival where we can have different stages and create an arts and music festival. Now that is the big dreams we are talking about!

Hope you're having an awesome day man!

Bro that was awesome and you are absolutely right, that musical legacy of Gary Moore, is unique, he will always be a legend and will be in the hall of greats!!!!

Something great about Hive is what you say, it keeps us in shape practicing, rehearsing and testing our creativity, in my case you can't imagine what it has made me grow, from editing videos, to playing Christmas songs, I've done a little bit of everything, I've even written exclusive songs for contests hahaha, the experience has been unique and I love it!!!!

I tell you that what you say is already underway, in this year that I've been in the blockchain I could meet the Hive festival, still improving the way it is presented, but it will be great what will come in the future. In several parts of the world they are organizing Hive Meet Up and Hive Creator's Day, focused on art and music and this has allowed to gather Hivers within their own countries; for example, although I live in Colombia, I am from Venezuela, now there they organize many events of this type and many Hivers know each other and present their talents in conferences and talk about their experiences on the platform.

If this manages to expand more do not doubt that in your country you will get this to happen, and hopefully it will be done on a global scale to rock together in virtual concerts!

Hopefully all this will be fulfilled, while we continue making music so that when that time comes it will be something EPIC 🙌😀💛... could you believe that? a dream come true 💖... have a nice week my Brother!!!! 👊😎🔥🎙️🎸🎶❤️🌟🍻💥💫💯

Glad to see there's people out here that still appreciate the true musicians of old. And I caught that little wordplay you did where you said "Here's a little bit 'Moore' about me."😂 I thought it was rather smart.
This is one of my favorite Gary Moore songs also, alongside The Loner and Still Got The Blues. And you did this song justice, I must say.
Your guitar tone is perfect for the blues, and is that a Les Paul guitar?

Wow. I think I might just keep typing if I don't restrain myself. Lol.

Thanks for this wonderful performance! I hope to one day develop my speed to such level as well.

Ah man! I am honored with your comment! Thank you! Oh yes, I really do appreciate them all, so much! Haha, I'm glad you liked the word play!!

I appreciate this so much man - means a lot to me :) and yes, this guitar is an Epiphone Les Paul! Gary always (mostly) played a Gibson Les Paul! :D

I love The Loner and Still Got The Blues! If you're interested, I will link you to the covers of those songs that I played a few years ago!

What's the name of your YouTube channel? I want to go and subscribe.
The passion with which you play is so palpable. Even the little imperfections in your playing are enjoyable to be as I am an intermediate guitar player also.
Thanks for sharing the link to this cover.
And I knew that guitar was a Les Paul immediately I saw it.😂

The name of my YouTube channel is 'CHOEY G // Sleep Deprived Shred'

Here is a link
I'd really appreciate the sub! :D I post frequently and all of my music is there available to listen to :) do you post on a YouTube channel?

I've subscribed to your YouTube channel. Awesome content.
I currently do not have a YouTube channel. I am waiting to get an electric guitar and amplifier so I can get awesome sounds and video quality in my videos.
I'll definitely send a link when I start. I should start before this year is over.

Thank you very much - I really appreciate the support! That sounds like a great goal, to get an electric guitar and amp, then you will be able to make amazing videos for YouTube! Make sure you let me know as soon as you do, as I'll be the first to subscribe and support! :D

Thanks so much for the stimulating conversation.
I would definitely let you know when I start my YouTube channel.

Gracias @sunsethunter you did justice to this music... i feel so emotional listening to your voicing and expression. .
Great job boss

Hey man! Thank you so much! I'm so glad you can feel the emotion in my playing! Appreciate it very much, thank you for checking it out :)

Glad you're back to making music. I hope you never leave again, my friend. Thank you for choosing a beautiful theme.👏👏👏

Thank you so much! Glad you loved this theme, it sure was a lot of fun this week :) cheers!

Beautiful presentation as usual... I enjoyed watching your performance. Thanks for sharing this awesome piece.

Thank you so much man :) means a lot to me! Thank you for having a listen! I'm so happy you enjoyed it :)

You're always welcome man.

Great soloing. Well done.

Thank you very much! Really appreciate you having a listen :) cheers!

I've been waiting for this hahaha. This is awesome my dude! I didn't hear this music before but It reminds me sooo much of an old Latin group from the '70s, take a listen, soo crazy hahaha:

Thank you SO much! So happy that you loved my playing! Means a lot to me!

Man this song you've shared is awesome, it has such a similar vibe, feel and tune! Super similar! Maybe Gary Moore was inspired by this group! :D