Thank you so much @lemouth! But you know what they say, some people make my work so much easier! It was really nice seeing and talking to you. You spotted me, before I spotted you!

You spotted me, before I spotted you!

I think this was a tie ;)

Anyway, I agree with you and it was definitely very nice to meet in person and chat! Feel free to reach me out of you pass by Paris another time.

Absolutely, likewise! I realize now why I missed your conference... I thought it was over after the lunchbreak and chatted with Karin for almost an hour outside!

Oh, that's a pity (from my own very subjective point of view). Luckily, a replay is available from youtube (as every talk was recorded). If by any chance you would watch it, feel free to provide me comments and/or feedback.


I'll definitely will check it!


Ha, finally, I had room and time to watch and listen to your presentation. The only feedback that I have is that -maybe- get more pro design slides, but that would be just the cherry on top. Well done, it's a shame I missed it in real time, but I'm glad we spoke in person on the second day (I think you were talking a bit about citizen science with me)!

The Egyptian people were very accurate indeed... 0,1 degree off? Oh man... haha