Sassy Silver Blogger Names : Pick yours today :)

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Authored by @lizelle


Sooo guys and dolls, as an introduction this is Dizzy Silver-Blonde Lizzie here, the name I've chosen as my #silverbloggers name; sassy enough for you?
Trying to sound a little brighter for our #silverbloggers, I've decided to drop the Dizzy part, so you can simply call me Silver-Blond Lizzie when visiting here!

I won't delve too deeply into the reason I chose that name know what they say about blondes and their dizzy moments, and I've been having a number of those ever since setting up this community on the prompting of @riverflows, but you know what, it makes life so much more exciting when I have that light-switch aha moment...and everything suddenly makes sense :)

All credit goes to my super #silverbloggers' team; our super efficient admin @fionasfavourites whose Sassy Silver name is Silver Flower, and without whom I would have been floundering and drowning by now!

Not forgetting dear Sir @papilloncharity aka Sir? Sterling Silver who was peppered with questions when I initially started and @tarazkp aka Hi-ho Silver who diplomatically answered my blonde question about what they mean in the settings with (No Title Set) under our names, as I was totally flummoxed!

When I decided to go ahead and start this community, I contacted @livinguktaiwan asking if I needed to get a special degree at Hive University as I knew absolutely zilch about setting up a community and had just joined her fun Toys on Hive Community, so knew this smart lady would steer me in the right direction.

I wanted to surprise @riverflows that her playful suggestion actually would come to fruition so kept her in the dark!

It was a brilliant suggestion as we already have many seasoned members and I have a feeling that we will become a shining bright silver force here on Hive!

Nothing to do with silver coins as my friend @dandays thought ;)

So now that we have a good crowd gathered here, I thought it timely to give all our members the opportunity of choosing their own sassy #silverbloggers' names.

How do I get my Sassy Silver name listed in the community?

I am so glad you asked. It's simple:

Comment on in the comments section of this post and we will do the rest.

Just in case you're concerned, what happens in the Silver Bloggers' community stays in the Silver Bloggers' community. This does not change your name, username or anything else on the blockchain. You will only "use" it when you blog or comment here.

Would be real sassy if your name includes "Silver", but it really is up to you to decide what you'd like to be called here.


Your Silver-Blonde Lizzie is sponsoring some random prizes for those taking part, so get those thinking caps onto the silver hairs (or the repossessed ones) and let's have some fun!

A reminder

Silver Bow.jpg

Before this Silver-blonde Lizzie signs off and waits to hear from you, do not forget to check out our new #BoW for the week 7-14 June with the topic Embracing Silver here.

Our members certainly shone with the first #BoW, so we're looking forward to seeing some action here again!

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Help to build the Silver Bloggers’ community

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  • add the community account to your fanbase so that you can autovote the Silver Bloggers community account (@hive-106316)
  • with a delegation which you can either do yourself from your wallet, or pick an amount from the table below
  • add @hive106316 as a 5% beneficiary when you post in the community

Come and join our Silver Bloggers community


And, thank you in advance


Yep, I too saw the word silver and thought it was another stackers community. 😆 It wouldn't have sounded quite as appealing if it was grey bloggers, though...

Would done @lizelle, you're really diving into this community lark. I haven't even investigated half of the community options you're making use of. Also, I still don't know if I'm pleased to be able to join in as an over 40 year old, or like I'm getting old sooner than I'd hoped.

I can't think of a name, yet. Everything seems rather mundane. I've been trying to combine silver with ginger or redhead, somehow.

So many are thinking this is to do with coins :):)
I have an awesome team behind me and the best admin in @fionasfavourites, I'd be lost without her!
Thank you so much for subscribing, you can actually choose any name, silver doesn't have to feature in it especially if you're not at the silver stage just yet;)

You are very kind, Lizelle. @minismallholding I rather like Redhead Silver #justsuggesting 😜

 11 days ago (edited)

Hello all! I'm new to these parts, but my name will be Silver Dish in these here parts. I might be dreaming with that one, but if I can't dream on Hive, where can I?

I delegated. Please let me know you received it. Thanks.

I know it don't beat Hi-Ho Silver. That's my fave so far. Good one @tarazkp

Thank you so very much for the delegation @owasco aka Silver Dish, much appreciated!
What did I say in another blog:

it only takes a spark to get a fire going!

And that is what we're doing here, so glad to see you here 🤗

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Thank you so much @ecency, will certainly check it out!

OK can I be Silver Wings? :D

Lovely name, done;)

That is lovely!

I'm not quite wise enough to join this community... Yet.

But I might have gone with The Silver Pickle


Hahaha! That covers a multitude of sins! 🤣🤣

We will wait in anticipation for you to attain that wisdom, The Silver Pickle, Fiona's right about that name!! Think I need to be pickled to stay forever young although that sounds like I'll be sozzled all the time, not such a good idea;)
Look forward to seeing you here!

I turn 40 this December and i do have some clear, white, gray, and silver coming in... but i don't know if i qualify for the Silver V.I.P. section of this community just yet. However, i did want to try and get a name before it's taken. To be honest, i am surprised it wasn't already chosen by somebody. I am passionate about photography, blogging, and crypto so if it be possible i would like to stake a claim as Silver Fox.
I am looking forward to seeing this community grow.

I'll reserve the name Silver Fox for you @castleberry, that is a great name and we will wait in anticipation for your 40th birthday!

Hello @hive-106316. Since my username on Hive is @justclickin, if it's not already taken, I'd like to be called:

Silver Clicker

Image by Liam McKay at


 8 days ago 

Good day #silverbloggers.
My nickname shall be Jackie O'Silver , and yes, there is a story behind that name. Goes way back when I was young and sassy. I may not be so young anymore, but still sassy.🤩
Question??? How do I set up the 5% beneficiary? I certainly want to add that support.

 8 days ago 

I like that name and know that you're still sassy from @thebigsweed's comments and some pics in his blogs;)
Your 'handle' now is Jackie O'Silver when interacting in our community!
That's very kind of you to want to add hive-106316 as 5% beneficiary, you simply click on Advanced settings when composing your blog and add the beneficiary there.
Let us know if you still have issues.
Thank you so much for adding to the fun of our community @farm-mom 🤗

 8 days ago 

Ok sounds good @lizelle, thanks for the info.

Picking a name for the @silverblogger community? Well, I would like to call myself #SilverLove in tribute to the love of my grandchildren and the love of life. Because we must receive what comes to us from heaven and these years are a gift full of love from our creator. How about #SilverLove?

 13 days ago 

No fair! I'm a softie for Silver-Blondies.



First out the starting block, I'm impressed, you old smoothy;)

 13 days ago 

I'm fashionably young.

This community is a great idea. It's gonna be a popular one real quick. Thanks for responding, seems I pulled an old guy move and forgot to subscribe.

 13 days ago (edited)

Happens to all of us mate!
I get in the shower with my glasses on and think that I am going blind.

 13 days ago 

I've washed my face in the sink with my glasses on... this week.

LOL, something like that's happened to me before;);)

 12 days ago 

I better not tease you here, as one has to have respect for the elderly on Sundays 🙄

 12 days ago 

LOL, only on Sundays, that's a good one Sir Sterling Silver😅

 13 days ago 

We're all fashionably young here you'll soon see, but you are one of our younger gorgeous #silverbloggers methinks;)

I would like to be called "Silver Gypsey"

Perfect Silvers name for you Silver Gypsey, all done:)

 13 days ago 

Sir Sterling-Silver here and great that you are giving all members here on #silverbloggers an opportunity to pick their own silver handles, Lady Dizzy Silver- Blonde Lizzy 😀

Oh dear Sir Sterling Silver, so the correct term is a handle? Someone really needs to write up a Hive Dictionary for dizzy silver blondes like me!

 13 days ago 

Oh dear Silver-Blonde Lizzy, amazingly I couldn't get you with the Dizzy part madam, so in future I will refrain from teasing you with it.

No, the correct word is not handle, as we used it on our CB radios in my tow-truck business years ago. I think here in the PC world they call it a Tag-name or something like that.

 13 days ago 

I like the word handle though, tag-name sounds boring! We need someone to write up a blog about hive terminology or the app developers could set up a dictionary (can be called a hivictionary?)
You CB radio guys were way ahead of time!

 12 days ago 

Yeah, handle was a cool term, but of course the techno geeks have invented an "intelligent" language that us noobs do not understand.
So maybe they took their cue from the medical profession, as no one can understand what the doctors write on their scripts. "A gumba dot dash dee slash hash" is what I call the techno language.

The CB radio communications was great fun and my handle was "Bishop", other guys had handles like "Ass fart", "Nomad", "Stompie" etcetera.

Irocinally many years later the french refugees that we worked with at Papillon also gave me the nickname of "Bishop". Some of them work here in the Cape now and they still call me bishop when we run into one of them.

Life is so strange at times.

Blessings and !PIZZA



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 13 days ago 

Yay! I call it progress or what?

Or nothing, cauz' this is progress @papilloncharity 😄😊👍

You're welcome @hive-106316
Support us back and vote for our witness.
You will get one more badge and bigger upvotes from us when we notify you.

Hmm, I think I'll go with SilverSaver. I've always be interested in finance and there's no better time to focus on that than at this stage of life. : )

SilverSaver it shall be be, suits you and very appropriate for a soon-to-be ...50...
Your #silverblogger handle has been added :)
Thank you for joining in the fun Eric!

Would it be possible to change my name to SilverScribe? I think that might be more fitting. Sorry for the indecision. : )

No problem @ericvancewalton, that sounds very much like you, your #silverbloggers name has been changed! I've been playing around with mine a couple of times already;)
What date is your big birthday?

Thanks for making the change! That is my final choice. : ) My birthday is June 18th. I'm still coming to terms with the fact that I'll be 50 but it sure does beat the alternative. Lol.

Haha my son just suggested "Silver Panda" - I think I like it

Lovely name, you're now Silver Panda here in #silverbloggers😉


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