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Keeping On Going On

I have been on Hive for a few months now. It's not always been a smooth ride. At first I was really enthusiastic, once I had worked out the basics, and had earned, or had delegated to me, enough HP to interact. In fact that was the biggest hurdle when I first started. I nearly gave up straight away.

At the beginning I was really on a roll and would post and interact everyday. I was trying to follow a system I read about on how to do well on the blockchain, the 5-500-5000 system, which is 5 posts or comments a day, leading to 500 followers, leading to 5000 HP. I realised it was an achievable system, even if it might take me a long time to get to the 500 followers and 5000 HP, I could see that the 5 posts a day, or more like one post and 4 comments, seemed quite easy.

But then I went away on holiday and got completely distracted and just couldn't get back into the swing of things. I was also finding it hard to get any interaction on my posts. When you first join there is a lot of support to try and encourage newbies to stay, but once that ends you're on your own. I also found it really difficult to come up with a post everyday. So I guess I got discouraged. I made a few attempts at getting going again but I just couldn't get myself enthused. But it looks like I've managed to crawl out of that hole again.

Magic Money?

So now I'm looking at my goals on Hive. I had no idea that Hive had anything to do with crypto currency when I joined via Ecency. I thought it was just a cool place to blog and interact. In fact I had always associated crypto with scams. So the crypto element never really figured much in my thinking. I think the big problem with crypto is that I don't understand it. I watched a film on Netflix yesterday about bitcoin. The narrator gave an explanation of how crypto works, but I was lost after the first couple of sentences. Especially when she started talking about mining it! My head hurt! I'm just too old and thick to grasp how you can magic money out of a computer.

However there are many things in the modern world that I don't understand but use regularly, including this smart phone I'm writing this post on. So perhaps understanding it isn't that important. I assume that mining on Hive has something to do with all of its members interacting on the blockchain, but I don't know if that's the case or how it works.

I'm still not sure if crypto, Hive in particular, is a real currency. It could be that I put a lot of time and effort into posting and interacting and make zero money at the end of it. Thankfully I haven't spent any hard cash on it so the risk is small. I think about it a little like monopoly money.

However I am going to try to focus a bit more on making Hive. I know that there will be days when I have nothing to post about or will be too busy to spend time on here. So I've decided to invest some of the little amount of Hive that I possess. I've realised that I can make more by delegating some of my HP, and as I'm not planning on withdrawing any for a long while, it makes sense to invest most of my HBD into savings and earn interest on it. Not that I understand that either!

Optimistically Sceptical

At this point in time I remain optimistically sceptical about crypto currency. It would be nice if I could make some money on here that can be used in the real world. I've been unable to work for years which means my wife has to work too many hours a week to keep our head above water. I had hoped she would have been able to have reduced the hours she works at our time of life. So anything that I can make here will be worth having. Even if it just pays for the odd treat such as a holiday away. Another river cruise would be nice.

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It is a long term thing that is for sure. Crypto is great but people got complacent. The highs of last year were fluffing crazy.
If they ever get there again then great.
At the moment I just bank on 50cents being a Hive high.
Have you thought about joinging us in Saturday SAvers, we just pick a couple of goals like an amount of HP or HBD to save and then post about it.

 3 months ago  

It may be worth joining the Saturday savers. It seems to make sense to save some of my HBD and earn interest on it. I'll have a look at it.

The 20% is great interest on your HBD savings.

 3 months ago  

Yes, it's an unbelievable amount. I'm also delegating some of my hive to get a return on it. Although funds are limited at the moment and I don't intend to put any hard cash into hive as it's too much of a risk for me.

I have not put any fiat (cash) into Hive because I have not had any spare 🤣
Delegating Hive is a good thing, it is not much of a return but better than nothing.

 3 months ago  

So saving gives a better return.

We delegate HP which is different to the HBD we are saving, so I like to think of as two different things.

Yeah, crypto is hard to understand for the majority of us. You're not alone that's for sure. hehe. It took me a while to get rolling but as soon as I gained some traction, my earnings and investment began building as well. I wish you the best of luck with your goals!

 4 months ago  

Thank you. I've come to the conclusion that it's best not to worry about understanding crypto and just get on with trying to make some. It seems that investing any hive made is as important as earning it through posting and and interacting.

 4 months ago (edited) 

@kaazoom I can also say that there are things I still don't understand in Hive. LOL!

However, this is a wonderful platform to meet people from around the world. Sometimes, I am surprised to see that they suffer similar situations thousands of kilometers away.

In my case, it is my husband who works, and I take care of my little ones.

I see a great opportunity in Hive, but to achieve sufficient income it will take time, for me this is a project with long-term fruits.