Storm Frederick And Consequences

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A week ago we were hit hard by the storm Frederick. Actually we were at its edge, but that was enough to cause a lot of trouble all over the town and almost throughout the whole country. Now we have another warning for this weekend, another storm is approaching. Right now it is raining, but the forecast is the rain to turn into snow and the wind to be strong.

Until then, let me show you what was the last weekend and what I saw through the lens of the camera.

This first image was taken by my hubby, when he went in the park for quick walk with the dog. The lamp post was fallen, you can imagine the force that also caused many trees to fall, some even uprooted.



The last bits of the tree, that will be removed.


Another tree that suffered the gusts of the wind. Sadly it was a home of starlings. The hole drilled by woodpeckers hosted several generations of starlings. Now, after the broken branches were removed, this is what is left from the tree


When the storm began, wind reached 100 km/h and we were warn not to go out unless it is really necessary. There was a death case, a woman being struck by a fallen tree in the center of the town.

I hardly could sleep at that night, hearing the wind combined with snowfall. The snow however, did not last long and couldn't cover the ground. In some places inland though there was substantial snow cover.

On the next day, on Sunday, it was still very windy, but slowly subsiding and completele stopped in the afternoon, when the sun was back.

I was reading the news and one of the local site asked everybody in Facebook to share photos of what we saw during the storm. I sent a photo of the rooftop of the neighbouring block, the insulation ripped.



The pictures were from the morning, but during the night that lot was wrapped around and on top of the chimney.

When I looked at the photos the others sent, there were damaged cars, walls, fences... it was really horrible.

On Monday morning I tried to photograph this billboard from the van while commuting. It was not the only one that the wind not just bent but crashed.


Yesterday, I saw still fallen trees and street signs.



The Green woodpecker was not the only one, Simon the squirrel was also there. If you look carefully at the left bottom you can see the squirrel, or better to say the blurred outlines.

I keep an eye on the weather outside. Still calm, just raining, but it can change instantly and warnings should be taken seriously. The new storm we are warned about is called Marco and I very much hope to be less horrible than Frederick.

Thank you for viewing.

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I am very sorry for the situation you are seeing there, dear friend @nelinoeva, and I hope that the precision of this weekend does not become effective, and if it does, that there are no injuries or material damage.
It's incredible what the wind can do when it gains strength.
I hope you have a weekend without a jump

Thank you very much for your nice comment.
We had before blizzards and days with snow storms, but never in such magnitude.
I also hope that this weekend will be calm.

Mother Nature power. My name is frederick too btw. Haha

Ha, you are Frederick. 🙂
I always wonder how the storms and hurricanes are named.

Word good question, from what i know from child they pick Ramdon names by the alphabet order

This is quite interesting.

Oh gosh! I hope that this new storm you are expecting will not be destructive. 🙏
Stay safe and take care of yourselves.
Have a good weekend in good shelter 🤗

So far, so good, just a rainy day. Could the forecast not to be very accurate this time.
I did not poke my nose out, 🙂

Let's hope the forecast won't be accurate :)
Have a good day

I woke up about 4ish and it was snowing and the wind was blowing. It is the same this morning, but the wind is not as bad as last week. It is a real winter now.

Change in season storms have been severe this year, not a pretty sight seeing uprooted trees where so much wildlife relies on what is offered.

Heavy weather still to follow in your region by what I saw during the week with plenty snow predicted as well.

Ride the storms out in safety, I check weather forecasts regularly at this time of year with heavy electrical storms that tend to descend upon us without too much warning.

@tipu curate

This year we have a lot of extremes everywhere - records in high temperature in summer and now this. I read today that we may experience something unusual - snow and lighting at the same time.
Crazy, ha?

I was pleased to see after the storm how the squirrel was OK and running on its errands and many birds are back in the park. But the trees that are gone, well this is really not good. Some were old and dry, but still served well.

Take care and thank you very much for the curation!

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Weather comes in patterns over every 7 to 8 years, people forget then think it is abnormal or newfangled ideas of 'climate warming', we have lived through extremes. It's simply Mother Nature sorting out as she has always done.

No excuse though for humans not to take care of the environment, we too are an added burden. Filthy seas, decimating tracts of land for development, dumping modern technology into water killing whales or on the land killing bird life.

Batten down the hatches, stay safe 🙂

Hmm, thinking about the pattern, I tend to forget this, I am afraid.
But it is true that we have done so much for so little time changing the environment not for good.

Batten down the hatches.

This is a new phrase I learned today. 🙂

With wind turbines going up everywhere (ugly as they are) not really going to help with electricity vs damage we are creating using them. Cleaning up plastic is another major problem it does not recycle as they profess.

Jet streams pushing conditions from West to East or visa versa are a built in system we have no control over, need to be logical and think about what works. Alas 'dirty' coal powered systems also assisted the earth in the long term creating new green areas.

Enjoy your new phrase it will come in handy when required.

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Thank you very, very much!🙂

 3 months ago  

These natural disasters are very scary, plus the fact that they're occurring more often! Imagine the strength of the storm for giant trees like that to be destroyed!

They happened so often, that we will start getting used to them. Still scary it was.
Thank you very much for stopping by and for the tip. ❤