Six years on HIVE blockchain

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And it deserves some retrospection and reflections

Six years on HIVE.gif

On this day in 2017, I joined HIVE (aka Steemit then) and it has been a tremendous six years, expressing my feelings on this chain, in the form of my blog. In fact my crypto journey started that year itself with one of my friend pinching the idea of investing in bitcoin. Remember the Gainbitcoin scheme from Amit K. Bhardwaj ? It was found to be a big scam and I had a meeting with him , after which he shared some presentation. Some of my friends invested without getting into the details, but I insisted few more meetings to go into the detailed level and fortunately they never happened. Some of my friends lost money, thankfully I did not invest but I learnt about crypto and joined this platform. Since then I have invested in #HIVE - my only crypto holdings as of now, because I believed in this community.

Hive Birthday.jpg

Since then, I have been a long term believer and have increased my stake on this platform, whenever possible. Usually I express my feelings in the form of my blog, and most of my posts include what I do in daily life. It's as if I am writing my own souvenir for myself, for my family. A decade down the line, it will be a lovely experience to see them again. That's how I see this platform as a true representation of social media on a blockchain. However, the chain poses a lot bigger potential in terms of use cases, if we evolve to build some more use cases (apps) that would create some passion for people to write minus the monetary part.

Remember the @waivio platform created by @grampo and his team ? Recently he mentioned how rewards as high as $10.00 for sharing two photos of a restaurant dish weren't enough, despite having hundreds of participating restaurants.


So they are now exploring another open business model: with a focus on social shopping. I like the idea, and these are the kind of apps that will help us achieve the next level - reaching to masses. We don't need to spread the idea of rewards at all, instead we need to provide the usability that would create some passion for people to get involved, as rightly said in this post.


Microblogging in the form of Threads is really a great addition , and the mass on-boarding campaign by @leofinance is certainly going to take it to next level. However, we need more such apps, that would provoke people to participate on the chain in some form. I would like to share a personal idea here - a honest review app, that one can use to write a review about any product or service. I am sure, everyone has a story to share on the products or services they use. It just needs to be authentic with original content, in the form of evidences. If we can write an app for that and reward them, we will probably take away Amazon Reviews from Amazon.

We just need to be authentic and build more usable apps and I am sure, 2024 will be ours. And lastly I would request all our whales to show up their faces often and express in public forums, why they love this chain or build on this chain. Some are already doing, but the more the merrier. In fact, a collective forum would be lovely.



Note - Graphics used are from @doze who never gives up creating more and more.

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Congratulations on your six years on HIVE! It's great to hear that you've been a long-term believer in the platform and have seen it grow over the years.

I agree with you that HIVE has a lot of potential in terms of use cases. The @waivio platform is a great example of how HIVE can be used to create new and innovative applications. I'm also excited about the potential of Threads and the mass on-boarding campaign by @leofinance.

I think your idea for a honest review app is great. There is definitely a need for more authentic and user-generated reviews on the internet. If you can build an app that provides a platform for people to share their honest opinions about products and services, I'm sure it would be a success.

I also agree that it's important for HIVE's whales to show up and support the community. Their voices carry a lot of weight, and they can help to attract new users and investors to the platform.

There is definitely a need for more authentic and user-generated reviews on the internet.

As far as I know there is none now, that has only real authentic users.

Happy Hiveversery! Stay blessed 🙂

Thank you so much.

You're welcome 🙂

Congratulation! You were just a year behind me joining. We have seen a lot of changes. I like to see people using the platform in different ways, but we do have issues. What gets regarded as 'over-rewarded' is a matter of opinion, but we should not be driving away those who could help it grow. I'm interested to see what the future brings.

Have fun!

What gets regarded as 'over-rewarded' is a matter of opinion, but we should not be driving away those who could help it grow.

The debate on reward is always relative, we need more usable ways to engage people.

I´m sorry I missed this post my friend, wishing you a belated Happy Hive Birthday! You registered here a few months before me but I count all 2017ers as local OGs :) Your journey has been impressive so far. All the best to you in the years to come!

All the best to you friend, I am very happy to read your post too that you have been doing very well on this platform for the past six years. I always read your posts too and love all your posts. And above all I feel very lucky to have met a friend like you on this platform. And I pray to God that you continue to progress in the same manner in the future.

Happy Hiversary!! Congrats!!! 🥳

I believe that those blogs in which we leave our thoughts and our daily life will eventually be a great legacy for our family.

May it be many more years for you on the blockchain!

those blogs in which we leave our thoughts and our daily life will eventually be a great legacy for our family

Exactly, and even for us for our old time.

Congratulations to you, my friend, it is a great achievement to have been together for 6 years. I have been together since then, but due to certain inconveniences along the way, I have not been able to stay as active as possible.


Many Many Congratulations on completing 6 years on this awesome blockchain.

cool! congrats to u! 💪😎😉🌈

Here's to another 10 years!!

and that review with rewards app sounds like a winner!

Here's to another 10 years!!


Many many congratulations and happy anniversary. We pray that you continue to work on this platform and continue to be very successful as we see that you have been working very hard for a long time.

Congratulations on completing 6 years on this wonderful blockchain.
It's not a short time for you, your therapy can survive on the blockchain to date.
Once again congratulations to you.

Thank you so much.

Congratulations on your anniversary sir. I was amazed on Waivio. I think I should explore more of it.

They are silently building, and good thing is that they are open source.

My warmest congratulations for completed 6 years on Hive. Hope will continue more years.
Good luck to rest years.

Congratulations sir! I was also notified that it's my third Hiversary!

Congratulations on being with Hive for six years. Happy 6th anniversary!

Congratulations bud.
6 years with lots of great achievements. All the best bro

6 years is a long time. Happy Hive anniversary. Stay blessed

Thank you so much.
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How are you dear friend @sanjeevm good day
You have made a great trip to here, continue the successes.
happy sixth anniversary

Congratulations on completing six wonderful years on hive ❤️

Happy Anniversary. Good luck on your hive journey.

Congratulations dear and wish many more years here on #hive..on n on.. hoping Hive to be the one of the best social media app tied to blockchain..cheers

hoping Hive to be the one of the best social media app tied to blockchain


Congratulation ! You have set an example. Patience and persistence always paysoff...6 years is a very long time. Wishing you all the best.

Congratulations on your journey and it shows your commitment.

Thank you so much.

You are welcome

Hehehe, are you still in July over in India??? 😁


Happy Hiveiversary

By a month :)

Congratulations to you friend 6 years old here with this awesome family

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I've tried to get into WAIVIO thing, but I can't really bring myself to use a different front end. I find that much of my content gets lost if I try to use one of the dedicated front ends. It feels like I get more eyes when I just use PeakD or Ecency. Congrats on your Hive birthday by the way!

It feels like I get more eyes when I just use PeakD or Ecency

Peakd is definitely on top, but then what waivio is building is probably going to open doors to many new apps. But usability is the major factor though. Let's wait and watch.

I need to check it out more because I do quite a few posts from restaurants. I used to be a bit active on Tasteem back when it was around.

Congratulations @sanjeevm bhai

Thank you.

Wow. Happy Hive Anniversary 💖🎉

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Congratulationssssss. 2017 seemed to the golden year when a lot of us joined the chain. It was a tremendous time, with a lot of memories. Many scam projects existed a lot back them. I'm happy for how far you've come. Congratulations it's been a long ride.

Ya, a lot of us have come in this long ride.

Six years is great, you have seen many of the goings on here!

Happy anniversary and here is to a fun six more years.

Congratulations for completing 6 years on this platform. Many more to come

Many more to come

True, we will enjoy the ride together.

Congratulation 🥳🥳 ..its been a good ride so far. Let hope to see more years ahead with more rise to #hive

10$ in 2024

You have a great hive journey. That's was really great.

Wow! Congratulations to that milestone.
It's not easy staying up to 6 years here and believing in the system. A lot started with you and have given up on the way buy you believed, sticked around and kept blogging.
Once again, congratulations 👏

Just keep writing for the sake of expressing our feelings, life events - works that way.

Exactly. Hive on!✌

Congratulations and happy 6th year! You've gone so far. I'm already 5 years here though.

I liked how you shared your personal experience, your achievements, your challenges and your plans for the future. I think you are an example of perseverance, commitment and passion for this platform.

I congratulate you on your journey and wish you much success in your next goals. I look forward to continue reading your posts and learning more from you. Best regards

Congrats, its been quite the journey.

It is indeed, and I enjoy writing for the sake of writing my own souvenir. Not often, no schedule just write when I feel to.

2017 was the best year for Steemit. Hope it gets even better in the future. Congratulations

Hope it gets even better in the future

It will for sure.

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#hive5! Six years with Hive! What a remarkable journey! It's where diligent effort and unwavering commitment truly shine. Congratulations!