Life - A Work | Rest Cycle

Everything is easy if you are crazy, Nothing is easy if you are lazy.
- lazy to source this because the internet is crazy


The day has really been bright
Passing around a lot of delight
Now, it is starting to get dark
Is it already turning its back?
Could this be the last of glows?
For all I see are creepy shadows
Promise me it's not finally bye
That you'd be back with a smile.

Sorry for the diversion, I just need to take that off my drafts. :)

Are people stuck in a work/rest cycle and unable to break the cycle long enough to set aside time for rewriting the script on their life?​​​​

I could remember #dreemflare asking to write something on this about a year ago. Ah... Memories! So loving and missed.

Life as I do believe to be governed by the Supreme is filled with turns of events. A lot of things just keep happening within the unending cycle of past, present and future. - I know it is going to end someday, but for now, we are still living through it.

This takes me into the fixed and dynamic areas of what we get to live, referring to fate and destiny respectively. The difference between both is well spelt out all over the www, so I would just skip that here.

It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves.

We are destined to become who we decide to be. The choice to decide how we would like to live our lives, outside the boundary of what fate already has in place, is in our hands. Most times, a lot of things are expected to happen by chance and we keep waiting for it till it is late. Whereas, those things could have been achieved earlier with the right choice.

Imagine having a book to read and you keep reading the same page over and over. How interesting would that page have to be for you not to find the time to turn to a new one?
Time is a luxury that many can't afford. Perhaps that is the reason for being stuck reading the page that has the work|rest cycle drawn on it.

People change when they have no options left. In as much as the wheels are rolling, we don't see the need to change lanes.

People who don't have enough to rely on are running the lengthy race to make ends meet. While those who have sufficient means are busy trying to keep that lofty status. We just keep doing the same things over and over until we are exhausted.
Work, then rest and get back to work again. The cycle goes on, and trying to change that is one of the last thing that crosses our mind.

Back to the question. Yes, people are really stuck in a work|rest cycle. It just happen to be the default choice that's easy to stick to. I don't even know if other choices do exist as a replacement for work|rest.
Even if we do find the time to open another page or rewrite another script, it's probably going to be another work|rest cycle.



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I'm feeling this post is speaking my language right now heheheh

what a strange day. It feels very sideways and sad and not at all simple. hehehe

but i also think that its much simpler than we think. I was told to go for a walk today and that probably would have helped so much. But I just didn't want to.

didn't want to walk.
didn't want to feel better lol

I re-read the same page of my life over and over all day and now... it's time for bed and I only have myself to blame for the loss of a day. hehehe

I'm glad to see you writing though - 2 in one week.. hmmm is more coming?? :)

I just hope we don't get sick of reading that same page. Maybe erase one or two lines and add in something of interest.

Ought to attend a friend's birthday after work, but was down with headaches and I settled for hours of sleep instead.

😂... More should come if I don't get to 💤 again. 😊

Yeah I would say life for me is a work rest cycle... although for me that is rather exhausting... I'm always on a conquest to see what sparks a flame in me to where the task at hand doesn't feel like work, but fufilling... I think in a way we are all on that journey, but at times question such things.

Sometimes we just accept the comfortable path instead of always striving for something much greater.

Well thanks for this post it has made me ask and think something within myself and for me that is the most important part of my journey here on this platform


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