This Is What Winning Feels Like

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Twenty years in the entertainment corporate buisness and spending a majority my life primarily in Las Vegas has exposed me to an extraordinary amount narcissistic socio/psychopaths.

It has taken me damn near the entire 38 + years of living on this planet as an empath to fully understand the situation. I am a rare bird. I am an anomoly. Despite what I have been through and seen as an orphan of a racist abusive top Las Vegas cop who worked directly for metro, various CEOs and mafia figures I am the opposite of my father. He took pride in killing people, stealing their stuff and bringing it home as souvenirs. Thank god he died when I was 11.

I am no stranger to corruption and the ways of this town.

Local judge commits suicide after a crusade alleging police ties to a trafficking ring

I have learned to interact with various types of narcassits. I've found most to be harmless, especially if I keep them at arm's length. However, some situations like with family and work, it can be hard to avoid their traps. Traps often set out to manipulate me in order to gain more resources, power and control.

Narcasists LOVE to observe their prey from a far; at least the ones who perceive you as a threat or at the very least challenging prey they can play with.

It took me losing everything over the past 7 plus years 3 times over to regain my health both physically and mentally. I am stronger than ever thanks to their attacks. I am happier than ever. I live life day to day. I am not on any sort of medication and I have even slowed my cannabis consumtion greatly. I love life. I want to live. I am not suicidal.

I went back to school, moved to Oregon and dramatically turned my health around. I feel like I am 20 something at 38 years old.

Yes, I do miss my boys. I have accepted the fact that I needed to regain my health both mentally, physically and most importantly fight for my name at work, in order to have them in my life again sustainably. I made a less than desirable choice for a mate and I accept the consequences of such. Life is not fair and neither is the actions of the family court system and their mother. All I can do I learn from past mistakes.

When these jackals started playing games with me and taking my work away again for no reason, I made a blog post here on Hive about how corporate america was ready to bring back skilled people. This was a general statement I made that I knew these narcassits at work would see and take offense to. These people care more about not accepting accountability for their actions, power and control than creating a healthy productive work environment.

Four months later and behold a 225+ page timeline with email, text message and video evidence of harassment, discrimination and retaliation by my employer and union, charges filed with the National Labor Relation Board and the EEOC as well as suspicous deaths. I have 10x more evidence of harassment, discrimination and retaliation this time around than last time. For my international folks harassment, discrimination and retaliation is Illegal in America. It was all very exhausting mentally and honestly I would had rather just gone to work to do my job, not protect myself from narcassitic bully management types.


I only want to get my story told under oath, educate my union brothers and sisters how to exercise our rights and hold ALL parties accountable for what they did to me and doing to others. Everything else that comes from this will be a bonus.

The union and employer has made it abundantly clear that I have no value to them and will only conduct illegal employment activity against me. So be it. I will gather more evidence and educate my union brothers and sisters as I prepare to go back home to Oregon.

This experience has been quite an emotional roller coaster. I know it would be, which is why I danced my ass off when the shit hit the fan initially. I know I had a long 1-3 year legal battle in front of me with 10x more evidence than the past case I had won against my union and employer.

Sure there have been times of depression, sadness, disappear and loneliness that is only normal to the empathetic human when people attack you for only existing and surviving while doing their job. But that is what winning feels like. When you are winning, people will try to hold you back. If you are not first, you are last!


I can look in the mirror with my soul intact and I know these narcassits can't. I come to work, do my job very effeciently, help others and treat everyone with respect. I get the job done. I can rest easy at night knowing I have a clear conscious, these narcassitic jackals can not.


Im told at work I'm too skinny🤷


Rest In Peace Matthew Gum



Matthew was extremely instrumental with helping me in the beginning of everything four months ago. He was the main person investigating my allegations for the Union. He wanted to go hard against my employer for discrimination. His boss, the elected buisness representative for the union told him to stand down. He sounded different and sad afterwards. He also stopped communications with after.

Just weird he died when he did. He was the only person willing to testify under oath for me. Also, weird how the Union is saying he killed himself while his death is/was still under investigation and while his family in Texas is saying this:


Nothing is really adding up here. His wife is silent and his family in Texas have removed posts mentioning his suspicious death. The details of Matthew's death may never full be known outside of his immediate family.

I plan on returning home Oregon in the next two months or so. I will be posting on Hive much more once im in a calmer environment and have my computer at my disposal again.

I am not suicidal.


Keep pushing brother, you're looking great inside and out.

I can look in the mirror with my soul intact and I know these narcassits can't. I come to work, do my job very effeciently, help others and treat everyone with respect. I get the job done. I can rest easy at night knowing I have a clear conscious, these narcassitic jackals can not.

That is the truth, and it's a multidimensional spiritual thing going on here. It will increase as the world moves through these cataclysmic times.

People like yourself have a high order of purpose here, and that is surely becoming clear to you.

I'm so sorry to hear this tragic news about Matthew.

Keep strong on this path, your shine is bright 🔆

Thank you bro

A lot going on here and I don't mean the shelves behind the selfie.

Ok ok... I do take 15 different nutritional supplements but no pharmaceutical meds!

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