Make a Minnow Nomination Post for Round #6 || 10,000 HP Delegation Prize

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Welcome to the Make a Minnow #6 contest on Hive!

This is the nomination post!

We are back with another round of the Make a Minnow (MaM) contest on Hive.

This initiative awards a minnow who creates quality content and supports fellow content creators by giving them a delegation prize as a reward for their effort! Giving our minnows increased curation influence benefits the entire Hive ecosystem and should be considered a great honor.

We also want you to tag your friends and ask them to nominate someone too.

The prizes for this round:

Contest details and Rules

1.- The nomination round lasts one week.

2.- The contest is open for public nomination. Any personal account with less than 10,000 HP that adheres to PAL values is eligible for nomination. (Community/group/bot accounts are not eligible for nomination).

3.- The nominator must be a member of PAL/MSP by joining the discord server of PALNet in good standing with the communty, delegating at least 10 HP to the @minnowsupport account. You can easily delegate 10HP to @minnowsupport using hivesigner here

4.- Only one nomination per user is allow. You can also tag a maximum of 2 more friends to motivate them to participate.

5.- Nominations may include a link to a post in support of the nomination. Such posts help the Founders decide the winners.

6.- The top five nominees, ranked by number of nominations, will be considered by the MSP Make a Minnow Founders. The Founders will decide the winner from the nominees in a private ranked choice vote.

How to nominate

Please make a top-level comment on this post (meaning a direct reply to the post and not another commenter)!

Please use the format:

I nominate @username

Organizers will then reply, confirming whether or not your nomination is valid. If you have made a post supporting your nomination, then link it in your nomination comment.

Tag your friends

There are spot prizes of SBI if you tag your friends and ask them to nominate somebody too. Something like this:

@frienda and @friendb can you nominate somebody too?

We trust you will nominate carefully with the PAL (Peace, Abundance and Liberty) values in mind! Best of luck to all nominees!

Thank you @eturnerx, @minnowsupport and @theycallmedan for making this possible!

Thank you all for participating! We will be posting some new news on upcoming changes to Make a Minnow soon so stay tuned!

With love,
@victoriabsb and @angelica7

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This is a wonderful initiative from the amazing @minnowsupport team and as you rightly said, it will "benefit the entire Hive ecosystem," and I believe any one who wins it will consider it as "a great honor" with a great responsibility attached to it.

Thank you @msp-makeaminnow and @minnowsupport

On this note, I nominate @samostically

I strongly believe that @samostically deserves this award.

@samostically is a committed Hivean who uses his creative skills to create quality and educational contents on Hive. I see him producing wonderful and thought-provoking write-up in Leofinance community; putting up wonderful tutorials and amazing content of his Chess Tournaments on Hive and other offline engagements; giving us hot Sports analysis for our personal consumption with no hard feelings 😅; breaking and analyzing great movies; and one of my very best is that he is the founder of an engagement initiative in Hive Naija group, that helps in teaching, promoting and rewarding great comments from Newbies in Hive and the Hive Naija group.

Oooo, I cannot forget to mention the wonderful work he does to promote creativity from newbies, to help them produce quality contents on Hive and to help them engage with other authors posts.

He consistently proves that he deserves this reward and many other awards on the Hive blockchain, and I believe if he wins he will graciously support newbies who create quality contents as well as to create more contents himself.

Here is one of his posts where he gives tips to Newbies on how to improve their content creation.

I also wish to call on @onos-f and @magicfingerz to participate in this great initiative.

Great initiative I must say, and kudos to the team once more.

I love what this contest is all about and for me,. I nominate @samostically, reason been that he has been of help to others with his post, setting up an engagement weekend for people to interact with each other and thereby awarding the most engaged author, the first 5 giving them valuable reward.

It has improved the engagement of authors also. If you would like to check the link for the weekend engagement click the link below.

And I will like to call out to @chosenfingers and @monioluwa to nominate also

Thanks for the tag, my good friend.

Much love😍

You are welcome

I nominate @martinlazizi for his tireless efforts to make the Hive network a welcoming and friendly community. I was fortunate to introduce @martinlazizi to Hive, but in the few months he has been here, he has made Hive his home by onboarding and mentoring so many new members. He is an adept writer who consistently creates engaging and educational content.

I nominate @martinlazizi with enormous honour and privilege, and I sincerely hope he is considered.

Please nominate someone @wil.metcalfe and @explorewithsasha!!!

Oh thank you so much for mentioning me @pappyelblanco. 🥰😍

I nominate @samostically

He is very engaging and will be resourceful with this delegation. Here's a sample of one of his weekend engagement post 👇

I invite @niglys and @temibot to participate

This is an amazing initiative.

I nominate @samostically...
He is currently a value-adding person on Hive and I am sure he would use this delegation to drive more positive initiatives across communities.

I invite @itsmiessyonpeakd & @penueld

@peaq thanks for tagging and inviting me. 💛💛💛

You are welcome love😉

I NOMINATE @samostically
He has add alot of value in people lives on hive.

I will love to invite @zara09 ,@teesart,@jacoalberts,@maby-tunes to nominate someone also.


Nomino a @lisfabian

Ella es una persona que rescata algo muy importante para la vida humana, como es la risa. Con su iniciativa REÍR ES GRATIS, promueve la felicidad la apreciación de la alegría en la plataforma.

@riverflows y @anggreklestari, pueden nominar a alguien también?

I nominate @lisfabian

She is a person who rescues something very important for human life, such as laughter. With her initiative LAUGH IS FREE, she promotes happiness and the appreciation of joy on the platform.

@riverflows and @anggreklestari, can you nominate someone too?

Gratamente sorprendida. Muchas gracias, es una gran iniciativa @msp-makeaminnow y una gran oportunidad de ayudar a los que vienen detrás. Con relación a este proyecto, siento que es mi marca personal. Poder sacar una sonrisa con respeto es prioridad en estos momentos de tantas dudas, incertidumbre, enfermedades y guerra. Muchas gracias @sirenahippie. Lo intentaré, que todo sea para bien.

Pleasantly surprised. Thank you very much, it is a great initiative @msp-makeaminnow and a great opportunity to help those who come behind. In relation to this project, I feel it is my personal brand. Being able to bring out a smile with respect is a priority in these times of so many doubts, uncertainty, illness and war. Thank you very much @sirenahippie. I will try, may it all be for the best


@victoriabsb and @angelica7... Thank you for the announcement. Thank you @eturnerx, @theycallmedan, and @minnowsupport for another round of MaM.

I nominate @squids.

I would like to invite @enginewitty, and @zakludick to nominate someone as well!

!LUV !giphy Good Luck

How nice to see you nominate, and thank you very much for your nice words.
Good vibes.

Thanks to @wesphilbin for the invite to take part here!

I nominate my dear diligent and talented @clairemobey for the delegation.

I would like to invite @therneau, @joetunex and the ever-busy @blitzzzz to nominate someone too!


Most welcome! I had to edit my initial comment, as I had three people tagged to help nominate. Be sure to check the rules and guidelines of this MaM!!


Haha! Whoops!

Monkey see - monkey do!

Thank you for the nomintion @ZakLudick 💕

I nominate @josuemonterola

Hive Motors Community Leader and user with an impeccable track record within Hive , great content creator and is always supporting .

I invite @loboblanco and @abisag

I nominate @khaleesii
She's creative and engaging here on Hive.

Feast your eyes: LINK

@merit.ahama and @readthisplease can you nominate someone too?

Thank you so much for the mention.

Would check it out, thanks!

Awesome initiative.. helps to grow the community.

I nominate @samostically... He has been doing a lot to add value to hive. You can check from one of his posts here.

@josediccus and @mayorkeys, I know you would care to nominate somebody!

Thank for the mention

Thank you @starstrings01. I appreciate you.

saludos amigos, nomino a @davidpena21

este es un usuario, muy activo en la plataforma, que esta dispuesto a ayudar a los demás, me gusto mucho esta iniciativa , gracias por compartirla.

invito a @surglen y @virgi2001 pueden nominar a alguien también?

Gracias mi estimado , ya leo para saber de qué se trata.

Nomino a @virgi2001 quién con constancia acaba de avanzar y se ha convertido en una minnow gracias a sus publicaciones de calidad y sus ganas de seguir aprendiendo y compartiendo en #hive
Invito a participar a @vvarenas y a @abisag a participar.

I nominate @merit.ahama

She taught me everything I needed to know about Hive, she showed me a way to to independent and I know she's fit for this delegation. She's ever ready and willing to teach anyone without having a second thought about it.

I invite @hopestylist and @goodysam to participate.

Thank you for the invite

You're welcome

Thanks so much for the mention.

Thanks for nominating me

You're welcome

I Nominate @martinlazizi
I've never seen someone so interested in investing in humanity. And also he creates quality content and is always willing to help out in whichever way possible, especially with delegates and kind comments. please come over here @lawrence27 @pappyelblanco @belemo @queenpriscilla @omosefe

Hi there, thank you for the tag🙂

Thanks so much

I am nominating @martinlazizi
for always helping fellow Newbies with delegate Thanks. @channell1 and @youngmiliki can you nominate someone

I nominate @martinlazizi
This guy deserves it

I nominate @martinlazizi
known for his high quality contents and full involvement in hive. Interested in others growth.
@angelic01 and @lawrence27 can you nominate someone too

I nominate @readthisplease for his contributions to the Hive blog as a whole. Over the last the last few months he has onboarded several people,and has stopped at nothing to provide them with support they need.

He has made himself so available to as many who need help here, myself inclusive, answering questions, even tutors when necessary. In terms of creating quality content, he also stands out. I have no doubts that he is deserving of the prize.

Come see this @deraaa & @reineesmay

Thank you very much for finding me worthy

You're welcome

Nomino a @𝙚𝙙𝙬𝙞𝙣𝙜𝟯𝟱𝟳

Una persona qué le pone corazón y mucho amor a su trabajo. Nos comparte su tiempo y buenas ideas en la cocina.

Queridas amigas @marybellrg y @mafalda2018,¿ pueden nominar a alguien también?

I nominate @username
because i am, the user :D


saludos por acá me parece súper importante esta iniciativa ya que se puede valorar el trabajo de muchos que están haciendo en la plataforma, así que felicito a todo el equipo por está genial oportunidad

I nominate @orimusic

E invito a participar a @elisonr13 y a @josecabrerav

Me parece muy buena aunque en realidad no lo entendí del todo. Voy a leerlo otra vez para ver si puedo participar 😊

Hello hivenauts, following the call of my dear @marybellrg

I nominate @josuemonterola

Leader of the Hive Motors Community and a user with an impeccable track record.

I invite @elizabeths14 and @alexabet

Nomino a @lisfabian.

Si entrega, deseo de ayudar, y por mucho, su cariño y desinterés me motiva a nominarla, pues sé, que cuidará de los valores, y ayudará a todos los que pueda.

@ferbu @alina97 los invito a nominar.

I Nominate @martinlazizi
He has been so good and has been shearing some Upvotes so far as I know. I call on @rcmodelaviation

Thank you for the confidence

I nominate @martinlazizi
This guy has been trying for Us in the RC Model Community, he has make sure the community is lively

I nominate @martinlazizi and I want say a big thank you for your support, you introduced me to Hive and made me love it 💯 Your content inspires me daily and for that I make sure I visit your post on daily basis 💯

Am inviting @nkemakonam89 and @otuyanancy 🤝

Thank you so much

I nominate @merit.ahama.

She's really supportive to me and many others here on Hive.

@davidbright and @repayme4568 you are also welcome to nominate.

Thanks for the nomination dear

You're welcome dear 💙 you.

I nominate @kenechukwu97 , he is an excellent content creator , kind and brilliant in so many ways. He has helped a lot people navigate through hive and still in the bussiness of bringing more people in hive coaching them consistently until they scale through. Here is a LINK to one of his post.

@reineesmay and @vickoly can you nominate somebody too?

I nominate @readthisplease
Excellent and committed to his blog and very helpful in the blockchain too

I nominate @monica-ene

She's a warrior, who despite her health challenges as been in the business dishing out top-notch content per day, she's also a helper who has help onboard many people to hive and make sure they're able to find their voices and stand firm here(I'm one of her testimony).

Get a glimpse of her story here.

@bimpcy and @femcy-willcy can nominate somebody too.

Oh dear,thank you so much for this.
Its such an honour.
Been a newbie is not easy at all, its difficult to find your way if not almost impossible.

Am happy to help.

I nominate @martinlazizi
He's a good content creator who's helped me and others grow on hive through delegation, and he's also been patient in teaching us the fundamentals of the blockchain.

@bbjmed and @nkemakonam89 can you nominate somebody too.

Thank you 😊

I nominate @khaleesii

She has been amazing and very much engaging and has been on the hive engagement list for more than five times. Ah is full of life and light posting quality and relational contents.
Her post here made me realize the true meaning of love everyone should emulate.

Love for each other in the decentralized economy as well.

Thank you so much, you are far too kind.

I nominate @khaleesii

She puts in a lot of work and is devoted to everything she does here. She takes Hive as her job and she always tries to be better at what she does here every single day.

I invite @peaq and @samostically to nominate.

Thank you so much, I appreciate the mention.

I nominate @khaleesii

Going through her profile will leave you wanting for more of her writeups and videos. She would be the perfect one to win that much HP for more efficiency to her efforts on Hive.

@khingstan and @chincoculbert will you come nominate also? 🙂

You are so kind, thank you so much.
It means a whole lot to me.

I nominate @samostically. He has highly make great impacts to hive and it's users and I strongly nominate him.

I nominate @theycallmedan he's been really amazing when it comes to Activities and contents that helps in various development of this platform. I'll recommend you see this POST of his that carries allot in one

@hopestylist and @gone-hive can you nominate somebody ?

I nominate @samostically

This is an opportunity to commend his impact in the hive community.

A wonderful contest to support users that has been adding value to Hive... There is no other person than @samostically, his love for Hive is contagious, as evidenced by his weekly engagement program. Apart from that, he's a good person with a kind heart; he's ready to listen to your questions and provide answers. He is been of great help to the newbies initiative program providing tips for the newbies. I believe he is deserving of this delegation since he will assist in the curation of high-quality and original content, particularly from newbies, which will help the newbies grow and the Hive ecosystem as large.

I invite @bruno-kema, @vikar and @shopnilhasan to nominate someone

Thanks for mentioning me..

wow this is great, thanks for providing the information 🥰😍

My nomination
As a newbie I strongly nominating @samostically . He is supportive and helping us to gain knowledge about Hive. Truly he is a good person. We all like him. So I think @samostically is the right choice for me. I am inviting @mahirabdullah and @viker to select a choice 🤗

I sincerely like this.
Well, I nominate @samostically

I nominate @burlarj
My sponsor, a great leader and a teacher...

I'll also love @temibot and @vheekthorjay to nominate too

thanks my man

You worth it man


I nominate @samostically
He has been doing very well on the blockchain creating top notch content in every post.

Don't believe me??See for yourself

Here is one of the few community admins who organizes weekend giveaways and sticks to it showing that he is selfless and wants the best out of others as well as himself.

I nominate @samostically

@samostically is a brilliant content creator whose interests cut across many spheres. He's a very notable member in the Nigerian community and his work has helped many newbies in gaining their stance on the chain.

Most notable among his works is the hive-naija weekly engagement initiative which is aimed at bolstering relations among Nigerians on the chain.


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