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It is unbearable to accept violence that prelude the lost of life of
anyone. The repetition makes it worse and this is why you see protest
everywhere, even place where it seldom happens. Protest comes in different
shapes and forms. At the end of the day it is still protest. Protest is so powerful, it changes inaction from powerful individuals to Actions.
Why we always have to protest?


Since each country is run differently, people protest for lack of opportunity. Usually the main cause of protest is the lack of economy for people to find jobs and make a living. As of today the protest we see now is all about blacks live in the US. I have to say the protest is about the live of all humans being mostly blacks. Corruption always the cataclysm of all protest. Losing your right and your life do not make sense in the same picture.

IF you travel across the globe, you have Hong Kong situation. This is another problem that is lingering since last year. Hard to knock all key points, freedom is the benefactor in all these. People always want freedom.
I can sense more protest and more protest cause again people in power want to maintain their system in place.

Just in 2020, this is not the first life lost in the hands of other people. The fact that people said it is enough showed that they are taking notes. This vile action trigger a response that move the whole wide world. We all will die in due time, just make no sense to die this way. This alone did not sit well with many.

Another reason we may continue to have protest is the fact that we are living in a world where people in charge will never and cannot fill the needs of everyone. It may be worse when they turn a blind eye for some. This is the way it is and may continue to be.
Luckily we have the internet, mobile phone and the media always on the trigger
to display what is going on in the world.



So far many got arrested. In the protest itself many has different agenda and made a peaceful protest turns violent. Looting is another problem for itself.
Many have lost their lives cause they are in the wrong place at the wrong time. So if you go to a protest do not forget you could be a victim. Be mindful of your surroundings.
Lately we are still in covid-19 time, lock-down, unemployment. If you recall right before this main protest, there were other protests about the lockdown.

Other result you can get from a protest, change. Laws could be passed to remedy the situation. Money may be given to family or group of people protesting. If the protest did its thing, you can see sweeping change to avoid similar issues in the future. It is tougher to change human behavior unless they know there is a problem.
Actually the cause of the problem is defined by the number of people out there. I recalled one football player had his professional career put on hold for protesting for what just happened. When you go protest be ready for what is next. Unfortunately many expect to see change right away, only you can start with the real change.

Looking at protest from today to times indefinite we have to understand, protest main objective:to find solution.
I guess this is why we still have protesters everywhere.
No true solution inline for the demand.
I do not think the real solution ever exist within us on the earth.
Time will tell if they will ever get what they want.
Every time looks different. Peace, money may water down the situation but the problem where it belongs may never uproot to flourish a new breed where protest could be something in the past.
Right now the whole world is protesting.
Is this the last one?


Naturally protest is a means of communication to express feelings, injustice, check and balances, review, call for change and so on. However, during protest, people come around with different agenda, some to steal, some to protest, some will be there to send aggression to destroy properties and that is why your point of looking around to stay guard is very essential. Most times, protest happened to be the best and last option to go by in expressing unwanted issues, or call for attention and going out to do so,people must have prepared their mind against unforseen problem that my arise due to the cause of the protest. In the world of human, protest will forever be. There will always be cause for protest, if not this, it will be that.

Yep, it is the reason to voice opinions.
Recently a whistle-blower just earn a whooping $50 million
for denouncing a bank.
It shows there are many ways to protest.

It is definitely not the last one ... in Nigeria there is a protest for rape right now...
Sadly, protest doesn't yield positive changes in my country, it just brings about uproar of bad events.
I just hope people try to stay safe while protesting.

I did not know about this one.
Protests are widespread way of showing dissatisfaction
from the society.

But then, do they ever yield a very effective result?

So we are here watching from all sides.
Time always right.
Let see the end result, we will talk about it again in couple months
or a year

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