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Going out away from developed areas can bring much peace and quiet. And sometimes you get to see nature that simply do no exist in the urban landscapes. It is always great seeing new regions and the wildlife or how the area is composed. Many of the discoveries I have made I shared with the Hive community, and glad to see many others are doing the very same thing.

This week I take a look at some Hive plankton and minnows post about nature.

Here are my five Hive picks for the week for #nature

Nagli nature reserve by @tomskiss

Traveling out to the western part of Lithuania they explore sand dunes, beaches and rolling hills. Birds come from all over during their migrations and use the beaches so it is a protected area. The reserve is small, around 3.7 acres but much wild life depends on the area to stay wild.

The harvest season has arrived in the inland districts of Aceh by @zaenfullmoon

Harvesting rice here they use a machine to gather the crop and then go through the process of separating. The fields are large but this machine makes faster work of it than done by hand.

The mini Glass Bridge over the lake instead of Mountain! By @tanzil2024

There is a glass bridge that crosses over some water, to get to it you must walk down a staircase, and the same to get out you must walk up again. It can be tiring but hopefully the views and the experience was well worth it.

A Close-Up Look at Two Striking Flowers Near a Rainforest by

In an area with lots of rain and high humidity great flowers grow. They were found near the Sinharaja Forest while visiting their aunt. Two great flowers captured in that post.

The Beauty of Sunset in Seruni Beach, Makassar, Indonesia by @queen-silvia

Visiting a beach in an area known as South Solawesi province, located in Indonesia. There are places to get something to eat and enjoy the sunset on the water. Some fishermen boats are seen on the waters edge as well.

That's my five picks for this week, come back next week to see
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Congratulations everyone! Thanks a lot for the initiative to make the opportunity to explore such beautiful landscapes.

Very nice picks!

It's a wonderful sight. I can't believe my eyes how beautiful our planet is. But what have we done to the planet. Seeing this, the heart gets a lot of peace.

It is very nice to share publications, with good content on natural areas, dear @solominer , it is the area that I shared a lot during my studies and work in Agriculture as a professional in Phytotechnics or study of plants. I wish you much success, grateful for your visits to my publications.

Oh wow, Thank you, thank you so much for picking my post. Much appreciate it.

I will make sure to read all the other post and give my best upvote to them as well.

Thank you, thank you, and Congratulation for the other hivers. All the post are very amazing, really.


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My favorite theme! Great collection! Congrats to the featured authors :)

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