Hive Naija Weekly Prompt | Edition 34

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As a community, we have come a long way together over the years, and more exponentially since The Big Move. What we want for ourselves is to have a space where countrymen have a home to share the Nigerian experience and connect with one another. Together, we'll have a blast of a year.

Welcome to a new edition of the Hive Naija Weekly Prompts. This initiative is one of our activities to explore our creativity and foster connections amongst ourselves. Whether you're a seasoned creator or just discovering the joy of expressing your thoughts, these prompts are crafted to inspire and ignite your creativity, as well as interact with the creativity of others in the community.

Last Edition's Winners:

What a blast this week! We had 51 of you share beautiful memories and heartfelt letters with us! We appreciate every participant for taking giant strides to expand their minds with the last edition's prompts. Many were as beautiful as they came. And there are a few that we want to showcase for their exceptional entries and level of engagement in the community.

First Place

by @aviva.abiley

I know that you feel lost and weighed down. I know you feel like you have to always be independent and strong for us. You carry so much burden and are always ready to drop all your personal issues just to cater for us.I apologize that your childhood was spent taking care of us and always being on the defensive because of us.

Second Place

by @fredaa

Thank you for standing by me through thick and thin, I don't take your friendship for granted at all.
Our friendship is one that I cherish a lot because it came at a time when I was almost at my lowest, but God used you to bring me back to His plan for my life.

Third Place

by @lightpen

I fell in love with someone along the line (in search of water) but I was hit with a blunt verdict. I was told that with what I was earning, my 10 years savings wouldn't be reasonable enough to fund a decent wedding. I was hurt. I didn't blame the lady. She might be right with her statement. I only wished that she took into cognizance the fact I was a graduate looking for a better opportunity but not lazy.

Congratulations to these talented individuals for their outstanding contributions. Each of them wins 3, 2, and 1 HIVE for their positions. Now, we would like mention a few other entries that we deem exceptional.

Honourary Mentions

This Week's Prompts:

📝 The Valentine season may or may not be over but there must have still been some highlights for you. Share a personal experience of how Valentine's week went, whether you were indoors or out and tell us about any crazy/hilarious event(s) you witnessed on this year's Valentine's Day.

📝 The year has still pretty much just begun, but there are already some things we wish we could undo, redo or at least witness again. If there's a single day in the past month and a half that you would like to go back to, what day is that and why?


  • Pick a prompt, craft a masterpiece, and be unique with your title.
  • Ensure your entry is at least 500 words
  • Use copyright-free images and properly source them; indicate if they belong to you.
  • Use the tags hn-wk34 hivenaijaweekly neoxian
  • We suggest the INLEO frontend to stand a chance to be curated by leo.voter.
  • Publish into the Hive Naija community.
  • Read other entries and leave comments if you want that too.

The community thrives on the diverse perspectives that contribute to its vibrancy. We look forward to your unique entries this week.

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I respect and love all the winners. I am forever grateful to you for tremendously appreciating the opportunity to gain all their experience through this tireless work. Also, I love everyone's experience and expertise here. The Creator has always endowed everyone with all abilities.

Also, thank you very much for giving an amazing contest in the weekly event like every time. I think in the month of love all our skills come alive. Always wishing you all the best. Also, thank you very much for giving this wonderful curation gift.

Thank you The Hive Naija🤗. I appreaciate that I am mentioned among the honored.

Thanks a lot @hive-naija, this feels so surreal, it's an honor to be among the winners of last week's prompt,congratulations to the other winners. Thank you.

Congratulations to all the winners and this week's prompt is great, hoping to pick one prompt and write on it soon.

Thank you for always giving us something to write on.

Congratulations to all the winners
Last week prompt was quite interesting.
This week we go again
Thanks @hivenaija for given us this platform

Congratulations to all the winner. Written about valentine seems difficult as I have no experience with it.
And in case of second topic I feel I have nothing to undo or witness again. Still I am thinking about it. I will try to remind something to participate. 🙂

It’s an honor to be one of the winners from last weeks prompt, thanks to @hive-naija community and also congratulations to every other winner

Congratulations to all the winners of both the weekend thread and the weekly task too.
I’ll hop on this weeks task hopefully I’ll be one of the winners, Goodluck to everyone

I congratulate the winners.

I hope to join this week's prompt.

Congratulations to all winners of last week. Looking forward to reading entries this week.

Here is my participation:

Thank you very much @hive-naija
I am grateful.

Thanks for the mention..Good prompts for the week.

Thanks for this
Here is the Link to my entry in this week contest

Congratulations to the winners.
Awesome topics for this prompt and I say kudos👏
This is my entry:

Through extraordinary curation. Thank you so much for providing some reputable topic. Thank you so much for opening the treasure of vivid experiences of the month of love. God is always great I always respect your great advices to God. With that, I send my heart full of love to all hivars.
Let the experience of all the winners impress us.

Congrats to the winners, you guys are my role models;)

Congratulations to all featured winners. Well done

Congratulations to all the winners. It's evident that your hard work is being rewarded.

Can't wait to start writing on this week's edition

I congratulate the winners. I hope to win someday too.

Congratulations to all winners.
Here is my entry for the week.

Congratulations to the winners. Congratulations!!!!

Here is my entry

Congratulations to all the winners
Here is my entry link

Get the Gold 🥇

WOW 😲! So I not the only one missing valentine? No be small thing ohh.
This is my entry for the week.

The topics here on @hive-naija are both emotional, where one have to reflect on old memories on the other hand..bringing up the presence of love.
I wrote mine can check it out

Good day everyone, congratulations to the winners and here is my entry for this week's prompt

Congratulations to all the winners. Here's my entry