AstraZeneca vaccine too deadly to continue using in Canada

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AstraZeneca's Covid-19 vaccine is killing people even faster than Pfizer or Moderna, and will no longer be given as a second dose, according to Canadian officials. People who took AZ as their first dose will be offered Pfizer or Moderna next.

For months, prime minister Justin Trudeau has been begging Canadians to "take the first vaccine offered to you", and millions have been given AZ at his insistence. Even after it was confirmed to be deadly, officials were slow to admit there was any problem. In fact, right up until today, the message has been that AstraZeneca is safe for most age groups, and is an important part of Canada's vaccine strategy. Today, they're admitting it should no longer be given.

Fake reason given

"An mRNA vaccine is now preferred as the second dose for individuals who received a first dose of the AstraZeneca/COVISHIELD vaccine, based on emerging evidence of a potentially better immune response from this mixed vaccine schedule," say officials.

But if mixing and matching produces a better response than multiple doses of the same product, why aren't they giving AstraZeneca to people who had Pfizer or Moderna for the first dose?

Answer: Because they're lying, and not even being very clever about it. They hope you won't notice, or won't do anything about it.

World famous singer and guitarist Eric Clapton just did an interview in which he discussed how the AstraZeneca "vaccine" almost killed him, leaving him potentially unable to play again. You won't see that on the 6 o'clock news.

So it appears AstraZeneca is Canada's Sinopharm - the most deadly on offer. But truth is, ALL these so-called vaccines are now proven unsafe and ineffective. They don't stop the virus, and they come with a host of their own risks!

This all comes just weeks after they announced AZ is "no longer preferred" due to blood clotting and other side effects.

"While we initially said Canadians could opt for a viral vector shot like AstraZeneca if they didn't want to wait for an mRNA vaccine, the guidance has since evolved and a Pfizer or Moderna shot should be offered to start a vaccine series."


But thousands of people have already died, and that number is only a fraction of the real total. No vaccine or drug has ever been given, experimental or otherwise, after so many deaths. We truly are playing Russian roulette with our lives and with society.

We must stop these lying genocidal maniacs. Calling out their lies is the first step!



They are experimenting with us

Seems that way. Or even worse, they know what this shit does. Maybe the experiments were already done in secret, years ago.

We think it's a sterilization shot. Imagine if 3/4 of the world's population was unable to have anymore kids.

Shame on Trudeau for playing politics with peoples' lives. Not just that, but dirty politics and outright lies.
And shame on the media for downplaying the dangers, and their role in so many deaths. They helped push AZ into people, and thousands at least are dead.

I think AZ is too dangerous to use anywhere.
I feel similarly about the other "vaccines" for Covid.

Yeah, I wouldn't use it anywhere either, @Hempy
I would not stick it in my eye
I would not stick it in my thigh
Do not penetrate my skin
Do not stick the needle in.
I do not want it in my arm.
Surely this is cause for alarm
I know it will cause harm
I do not want it in my but butt
I do not want it, I tell you what!

Recently here in Spain no body is getting astrazeneca, just the people who have their first vaccine. What's going on? Next week we going next 30 to 40 year old... I'm getting only Pfizer vaccine what do Yo think?

Here in Canada too, everybody is now being pushed toward Pfizer and Moderna (the first 2 mRNA vaccines authorized for emergency use). I think they have less short-term problems than some of the others. For me the best vaccine is no vaccine.

You think? I have no idea, here vaccine means freedom and every body wants to be free.

Freedom never comes from government or corporations, never. And it never comes out of a syringe. You have been misled.

Probably those technocrats f...are happy that AZ killed so many people,
because that is the aim in depopulation, right.
It's just "bad to sell", you know... they want the people to die slowly or
in winter, so they can blame whatever...
Keep it coming, Bro.

Yes bro, I think there will be a "one two punch"..... we have had the one.... but I think there's at least one big nasty surprise waiting just around the corner. But we can defeat them with truth, as we are doing. :))

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They've been lying all along. Why would you expect anything different now?

Why would you assume I expect anything different?

Sorry. No assumptions here to you personally. Just generally speaking these elites all think we are a bunch of scared idiots willing to do whatever they say next. It is sad that so many put their trust in them.

Oh, gotcha. The generic "you" rather than the specific "you".