Why we must question authority

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In 2021, it's more important than ever that we be skeptical of those in positions of power, and yet, simply questioning the official government narrative has now been deemed a sign of mental illness or terrorism. Ironically, I'm currently banned on YouTube for spreading truth about Covid vaccines, so this 2021 edit of "Why we must question authority" will be exclusive to my other platforms.

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I knew this YouTube ban was coming!



Funny how back then Carl could speak truth that you can't now, but he had to be a completely closet/clandestine cannabis user.

Reeeeaally good point.
He had to write under another name when he was being positive about that plant.

We have to question it because it keeps lying and it's lies keep getting more absurd and dangerous.

Civil disobedience is at the core of most effective activism. It is the peaceful public breaking of unjust laws, and it's every free person's duty!

Whoa! Didn't know Carl Sagan was such a paranoid conspiracy theorist!! :O

Heheh, nowadays he would be called that, I'm sure.

This is an excerpt from his final interview, in 1996, which can be found here (at least for now). It is wonderful and poignant.

Nice little video.
Question Everying
always be #ExposingExploitation

Nice selection of photos used.
And it's always good to hear Carl Sagan's voice again! I wish he were still around. Imagine what he'd say today?!

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