Islamic Jihadists invade Mozambique, destroying an entire town just north of me – beating the Chinese to it

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I’m in the south of Africa at the coast, but my neighboring country of Mozambique was invaded by Islamist Jihadi terrorists some months back. However, last week they attacked an entire town in the north of Mozambique, called Palma, which is about 20 miles from the Tanzania border. Thousands of people had to flee for their lives, running into the bush and forest as their town was invaded by armed gunmen.

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I’m not sure how many citizens were killed, but reports say that over 10 000 people have fled the greater district of 75 000. This has all happened in the past few days. The government has sent in troops and claims the region is safe to return for locals, but how must it feel for them knowing that there are armed gunmen nearby?

And these gunmen are crazed jihadis, who show no mercy and have no conscience, like psychopaths. I write about this because it is on my border, in the very next country, albeit a few thousand miles away. The northern region of Mozambique is a recent hotspot of insurgents, yet is was supposed to be the blessing for the country when natural gas was discovered there a few years ago.

International investors have poured money into the region to tap the gas and provide power. It was going to be the boom town that uplifted the region from poverty. That gas mining has stopped completely now and the entire nation’s economy is at risk. This is Africa for you – poverty stricken, plagued with malaria and now under savage attack from madmen.

Can you imagine a jihadi invasion in your neighboring country? I guess the EU had the migrant invasion, when refugees flocked across the borders. That was a soft infiltration by the same jihadi extremists, just under disguise. They are plotting to take town the EU too. The war has been raging for years already. White western culture is the target. Sharia is claiming one EU town after another, including in the UK.

Now here in my neighboring country the invasion has begun. The town of Pemba was invaded, with shops and offices set alight, hospitals and administration buildings attacked and the mobile phone network destroyed. People have been hiding in the bush for over a week now. Doctors without borders, an international aid group, has set up a camp several miles away but only a few people are making it to them for help and shelter.

The rest of the people are scattered in the bush and hiding for their lives. I don’t know if you have ever been in a war zone or under such conditions where you fled your house in the clothes that you were wearing and had to hide in the bush. I certainly haven’t. But when I hear that it is in the country next door to mine, then I begin to reflect on life and the condition of the planet with concern.

This is really close to home. In USA you might have Mexico as the badly behaved neighbor across the border, but here we have Mozambique and Zimbabwe, two of the poorest nations in the world. It feels like the invaders are not going to stop and will continue their plot to take over the world.

On the one hand we have the atheist communist Chinese invading through debt trap diplomacy. They persecute Muslims like the Uighurs in China. And on the other hand we have the same Muslims in the form of jihadis invading and killing mercilessly all the innocent people they find. Perhaps the jihadis should just go to China and free their brothers, but no, not even the Pakistanis to the direct south of China are even saying a word about the concentration camps full of Muslim Uighurs being tortured in China. Thanks to debt trap diplomacy.

The world is going mad all around me, while I sit in my little bubble at the southern tip of Africa, the last outpost in a world at war with itself. Tribalism and racism is truly rife between nations. USA is at war with China, calling them the enemy, lining up troops and ships all over the South China Sea. I wonder how much longer we have? I mean we already are in a world at war, all over the planet, but how much longer before the missiles start firing?

I’m not a doomsday pessimist at all, and my life is perfectly pleasant and peaceful here at the last town on the map at the very south of the continent which is the furthest removed from anywhere. But when I see invaders at my northern border nation, then I can’t help but feel that I’m next. My nation’s military is defunct, bankrupt and collapsed. China is propping up my nation, plus many others on the world map. It’s only a matter of time before the gloves come off and the red button is pushed.

I’m not worried, since I have my cave ready for bug out day. But the barbarians are getting closer to the gates, so to speak. How is it in your part of the world? Any signs of war and invasion there, like I have here in South Africa? How is China controlling your nation? We already have a Chinese national as a member of our parliament here in South Africa, who hardly speaks any of the local languages. You connect the dots guys. USA is already overrun by China too, you just don’t know it yet.

My only glimmer of a solution is that the Chinese will bump up against the Muslim jihadis and they will cancel each other out while we pale faces will sit and observe them killing each other from the sidelines. Do I sound paranoid? Maybe the madness is fraying my nerves. I can only read the reports coming in regarding the entire towns being invaded to the north of me and wonder.

One thing seems sure though, the white race has its days numbered. We are a dying breed, being outbred by the Chinese and the Muslims, by the day. It’s just a matter of time. Are you learning Mandarin or Arabic? Better make your choice guys.
English is almost over as a lingua franca. Tell me it isn’t so in your part of the planet, I would like to believe you. But I have seen the signs of the times and it looks like the final act for old pale face and his tribe, so get those dictionaries out. How do you say “God bless our dear leader Xi” in Mandarin? Or is it “Peace be upon him, the mighty prophet of Mao”. I guess you could always make a quick profit selling prayer rugs. You may need to bow down, or roll up some corpses in it. Coming soon to a border town near you.

Remember the main dish in China is pig and the main taboo in Islam is pig, so those guys will definitely be able to cancel each other out and I can keep my rug clean and tidy while they do it. I’m off to check the dictionary anyway, the victor might need a translator to work for them. Thanks for reading, this is all satire in the name of art so no one should be offended by my creative license...while it still exists.

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So there’s a whole lot of geopolitical stuff In this post I don’t know much about but here’s my hot take on the whole thing!

I always feel that when a faction is dying it lashes out or fragments. So what I assume is that as we move into a more technological world where we are more boarderless and stateless we see nations losing power over their people

The nations that have benefited from the ponzi they’ve been offering their citizens loads of benefits and have the costs shipped overseas! We all see it we all want to live like that and those that do have lost the sense of religion since they live such cosy lives! So religion loses its grip on people

I just think we all in a mass transition phase and it’s going to be ugly and manifest in weird ways

I don’t know what is the right or wrong way to deal with this, humans are a tough species to deal with just thinking about all these issues is exhausting enough

I assume UN and US aren’t going to bother sending troops in but surly all of Southern Africa have some sort of army we can muster to do something or what’s going on there?

Hey there Che my compatriot, good points there that you made. Our SANDF is rather ill equipped apparently but SADEC or the AU could send some troops. Mozambique say they have dealt with it via there own military, but this ISIS faction are not going to go away just north of us. Cyril is head of the AU I think, so they could send in the troops.

Yes, it's a time for opportunists like ISIS etc to really capitalize on the weakened political systems after the recent pandemic-induced economic collapse. The global war is ongoing now on many levels with many players, and this is just a side show probably.

Rule by force is the disease, who and how are symptoms.

Good quote there friend, it sums up the situation well.


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