Threeshorts PES Gaming Series #5 : Hive.Blog vs Trabzonspor | Goals and Highlights (3-0)

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Welcome to my Threeshorts PES Gaming Series #5!

In full support of Threeshorts community, I created this Threeshorts PES gaming series where I feature the Goals and Highlights of the match to pack them up to less than a minute.

I made a special Threeshorts video for the Hat-trick of Goios, definitely one of the best performance from him. I'd love to pair him up with A. Hervey honestly, low-key players but I'm comfortable handling them.

Since I've switched to a professional level, I had the need to make them as subs where I placed Harry Kane, Morales, and Veratti on the front line. Even Maradona, I refused to continue his contract with my team. I'm looking for Mbappe or Messi to complete my front line. I hope you'll like it.

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