Delegation of Hive Power ;)

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Hello and thank you for accepting me here in Hive Pakistan a Community to support Pakistani users and to encourage them ;)

This is Ghulam Abbas (@nabbas0786), Joined HivePakistan community few days ago, writing my first post here.


I just bought Hive using my Binance and sent them in my Hive Keychain, than decided to delegate some to different communities which are best are helping others.
So I found these three

Hive Pakistan

One of my favourite and latest community as being a Pakistani I would love to be a part of this great community and I'll do what I will be asked by the Admins or Mods.

Leo Finance (Inleo)

At first I wasn't aware of Leofinance but after spending some days I realised that Leofinance is one of the top and trended community on Hive which makes me to delegate my HP.


When I firstly joined Hive with the reference of @aadilmir I just knew about Actifit and it also helped me to boost my rank and earning for first 60 days after my joining date.

I Delegated all of them with same amount of 50 HP, enough for now will see to delegate more whenever I buy more Hive.


You may take it as my problem/issue or question whatever you want, but I wanted to know

  • Before Delegation my VP (VotePower) was at 0.002 after Delegation it goes down to 0.0007.
  • Is Vote Power just based on Hive Power which is under my ownership?
  • What benefits I'll get after my these delegations?
  • While Undelegating my HP how many days it'll take to convert into my available HP?

Bit confused with these questions haha after all, not all yet understands the mechanism of hive(how it works). But some of you are aware of it and I'll be pleased if you help me to increase my knowledge about Hive and the mechanism of Hive Blockchain.


I am really sorry if I disturbed you while mention but I hope you guys can help me to understand the working strategies of Hive, please refer me towards your Blogs, Posts or any of your video where I easily can understand it. I tried to search about it but didn't understand much, in hope that with your writtens I'll be helped to get more and more gain. 😀 Hope you won't mind it 🙏

Thank you very much
Hope you enjoyed while reading this

Do these following things 👇

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Have a good time ahead 😁❤️💜



@hive.helps is right here! While your HP delegation helps hivepakistan and returns u 90% of curation rewards in liquid hive that will be 8% returns (minus 10% of 8 as fee, 6% of this 10% fee is used to increase hivepakistan hp so we grow forever in upwards direction, 2% for our bots fee) approx as u can check on Additionally u get 2-3% approx on staked hp either in your wallet or delegated so that counts too.

The maths might look complex but u should consider delegating only when u have enough for yourself and would like to support hivepakistan financially. Also, hivepakistan is not the best returns provider in competitive business of delegations. Although we are helping Pakistanis in eng and local language urdu. Take care of your hp growth first and leave the delegations support to big boys out there. Also, try not to power down so u can become big boy sooner!

Also, in case someone delegated in hopes we will vote them then they will be disappointed very soon. Our #curation channel publicly displays how and where we vote. Suggestions and questions r welcomed! 🤗

Hi thanks for explaining in a better way. I think it is better understandable than my writing.

If you did not already do, I would be greateful if you have a look at @hive.helps. It is a new account which would like to make the world a bit better.

I am still looking for an organisation to donate too in March. Most a the times I am doing this to organisations in the Germany-Austria-Switzerland Region. But if you know an organization that supports Pakistanian people and whre I get a receit for my taxes, I would be happy to support this organisation. Currently its 100 $ I am giving away per month.


First of all, I am bit dazzy while writing this. My nieces don't let me sleep in night hahahaha (I had to stay awake as they r too young and play on sleeping timing then have to stay awake to continue day time hahs). So errors in writing r expected.

I don't believe in charity cultures. They take alot of fees, likely to be scams and many more dark things related to charity (I can provide more context in detail on this later). Although, what I can do is provide u alternatives of locals doing out their in real world and making a change. For example not many people on hive know but someone or me (not naming anyone) provide solar system to nigreans one house at a time by our capacity. We noticed alot of nigreans on hive r using diesel as a way to produce electricity and load shedding (down time) of electricity can reach as high as 18 hours. So, someone decided to provide them solars one at a time. Well, how someone spots who needs help as someone don't take any applications is by checking their postings and looking for people u r trust worthy then helping in anonymous ways which gets the job done.

After someone's budget will increase, the next expansion is providing water filtration installed in home. Currently they drink water in plastic bags. Ofcourse all this is not for all nigreans but some posts gives u idea of who is worthy to help without damaging their morale.





Hmm, I will look into this.

I try to get as much of the money into direct help as possible.
In Germany we can have Tax deductions of 50 % if money is donated to e.g. special organisaztions. This makes it possible to donate double the amount, or other way around. If I just give money to people, I can only donate half as much. That is why I look for worthy organizations.

And its difficult for a German to find this outside Germany.

tysm for well detailed information ☺️ℹ️

Dear @nabbas0786 your voting power is directly linked to your staked hive so your HP.
When you delegate your HP you delegate your vote power with it.
If you end your delegation it will take 5 days, until your HP are back at your account.

One more. For delegating HP to @leofinance you will get Leo tokens. This wont be many for 50 HP, but the APR is better, than just voting with it.
Not sure how HivePakistan and Actifit handle it.

You means keeping HP in wallet better than delegation? Do I get it right?

Depends. HP in Wallet bring around 8 to 12 % APR.
Delegating to certain projects like leofinance are around 20 % and you do not need to vote everyday. Yopu wont get many tokens, since it is not many HP, but for small accounts it seems better to delegate. If you want to increase your HP faster you can sell these tokens and buy and hive with it and stake it.

As soon as you have enough HP to reach 0,02 $ vote value (around 1.200 HP), it makes sense to vote yourself, since than the accounts you vote, will get a notification and will see you.

To get more people know you, you should interact by commenting other peoples posts, if you like them. Like I do here ;-)

I like to interact and communicate with others and I'm doing that thing tbh.

Conclusion is that, I must go to earn/add more HP after having hp and getting my vp at 0.02$ I can delegate the upcoming reward's HP..

Sounds like a plan.

ahhaa,, thank you so much for clearing me, now I can say that I have learnt something special about Hive and about Delegation.

Can you also tell me about Curation rewards? How it works?