My Introduction post to Outdoors Community // Well Deserve Place for Share Outdoor Activities....

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Hello Outdoors Community,

Few hours ago I read @holm's blog post about New Community: Outdoors - For people who loves to be wild. I read whole post very clearly for take imagine. I had passion to read because in that post mentioned about Outdoors very clearly. I'm real nature lover and always try to keep my responsibility much better than previous time. So Massive shout out to @holm who were made very deserve community here in Hive Blockchain.


Yesterday I made my introduction post to Hive community. So I don't need to write more about my previous history where I spent over two years in steem blockchain. I'm a Suresh Madushanka living in South Asian country and working in private company here like stores in charge. I want to give my answers to @holm as he previously asked from us and he really like to read them for build good connection each others.

What outdoor activities do you love to do?


Firstly I want to say that, Walking is my one of most favorite outdoor activity. In my childhood I walked and run away nearest beach area. My legs was much stronger walk among beach sands. Because it's very difficult walking without wear shoes. I've over five year experience about traveling around my state. So I walked among darkness forest more times.Above capture taken by me where I walked over 3 k.m to reach entrance of the Sigiriya rock in Sri Lanka. More foreign tourists really like to see Sigiriya the most historical and traditional location.



My next favorite outdoor activity is Climbing mountains. When I started my first climbing journey,My whole body was fully weakness with more tired. However I could reach final destination after massive effort. Sometimes I was sick under the warm sun light. I continued my climbing journey and finally I were succeed. Both captures taken from where I climbed Sigiriya rock. Sigiriya rock exactly magical creativity of the nature. It had many behind stories.


I love to Hiking. It's my another interesting outdoor activity. I'm glad to see more younger local people join with hiking groups here and they do camping also.Especially young ladies joining to hiking expanded their fences. It's good news to our people who're loving to hiking and camping. Above capture taken where I hike Kodigala mountain.

Where in the world do you live?

I'm living in Unawatuna village located in Galle District of Southern province in Sri Lanka. Someone know about Sri Lanka. It's tourists attracted coastal island placed south of India. Whole island surrounded by Indian Ocean. Sri Lanka is a most beautiful island. With some of cultural and historical values here increasing beauty more.

Other interesting facts?


Since my childhood, I had interesting task for collecting old stamps and coins. I knew those old coins will be more valuable to the future. But I missed lot of coins when T-Sunami disaster attacked to us 2004.

I really love to capture most beautiful and naturalize locations.Also I have collected and bought awesome post cards & wall paintings. These arts gave me big inspiration.

I believe, I explained everything of this introduction who're waiting to read our posts @holm. He's such stronger for cycling across the countries. So Thanks for reading.

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Really awesome introduction! Thanks a lot for joining our community:-)

Glad to see you made such great efforts writing it! I would love to visit Sri Lanka one day, it most be
wonderful to live such a place.

Sending you the 10 SBI right away!

Yeah.. Sri Lanka is a perfect place for enjoy anyone's life nicely. Finally I met right place for share my outdoor activities. Thanks for made it and sent price.

Welcome to the Outdoors!
There must be many amazing places to explore in Sri Lanka. Looking forward to more posts.

Thanks for welcomed message @leoplaw. Yeah..I'll posting my outdoor activities later on this community.

I love walking and climbing mountains as well. Thanks for the interesting post and letting us know about yourself as well as putting up the awesome pics, @madushanka :)

You're welcome and thanks for spent your valuable time to read my introduction. Yup...walking and climbing activities really fun and enjoyable tasks. Sometimes can be difficult. But after reach destination we can satisfy much.

Nice to meet you my friend and welcome to the Community. I look forward to seeing your future content.

Thank you for warm welcomed message.