Lifestyle: The most valuable thing we have is our time, how do you invest it?


Time is a curious thing in our lives, it seems that our whole life revolves around it, but in reality, do we give it the importance it has?

We live remembering the past, we are what we are as a consequence of it. And we live planning the future, a future present that makes us not enjoy our present present.

The past has already been, and the future is not yet, the here and now is the only moment that really exists, and yet many, many times, we do not value it, we do not appreciate it, we do not enjoy it.


We see the present as a path to a future that we do not know if it will arrive, or as a continuation of a past that we cling to. But beyond seeing it as a continuation of what already was, or a promise of what will be, at present we do not see it for what it is: a permanent opportunity.

An opportunity to advance, to improve. And at the same time, one of creating a future as a natural consequence of what we do today, and not as the collection of an investment, of a bet.


The reality is that the most valuable thing we have is our time, our present time. In essence we are what we do with that time. Have you ever thought about what you do with your time?

If you live tied to the past, you are not living your present time more than as an extension of your past. And if you “kill yourself” to achieve a better future, you don't know if it will eventually come, you are not living your time either.


It is not bad to have links with the past, and plan for the future, but what about your present? Are you living it, are you enjoying it? If your answer is NO, you have a problem, and you need to check how you spend your time.

No matter how busy you are, it is important to have time for yourself, no matter how little. Having a daily time to dedicate to something that we like, relaxes us and / or makes us happy is important. Just as we need sleep to recharge, we need personal time to have mental health.


Meditating, exercising, and reading are just some of the things you can do as part of this strategy of spending time with yourself every day. You will see that little by little you will notice the benefits, and that this will impact practically your entire life.

Make this time a priority. Don't see it as wasting time. If you spend time with work, with your partner, with your family, even strangers, why not spend some time with yourself? Are you not just as important?


This strategy will force you to live your present, even if only for a few minutes a day, and will make you gradually become aware of the value of present time, since it will be a time that you will not dedicate to others but to yourself. It will be a time that you will not invest in a future that you do not know will come, but it will give you feedback almost instantly, and it will make you grow little by little, and leave the past behind.

We have to start to better value our time and what we invest it in, and there is no better time invested than the one we invest in ourselves, I invite you to try it, maybe like me, you will be surprised by the results.

©bonzopoe, 2021.


Thank you very much for reading this post and dedicating a moment of your time. Until next time and remember to leave a comment.



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