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Most of you already know what happened to our blockchain -
but if you don't... READ THIS

The best thing we can do right now
to try and steer this in a more positive direction
is to get our LEGITIMATE witnesses back into the top 20!

If you have not cast all 30 of your witness votes yet,


Just make sure you vote for the first 30 witnesses after No.s 1-20. In other words: everyone who runs anything else than 22.5 should be voted IN.

If you are having trouble casting your votes - Steem World is working just fine, so go there to do the necessary....

Scroll down to the bottom - on the left you will see the "witness overview" button - click it and start casting your votes, but again... PLEASE make sure you vote for the first 30 witnesses after No.s 1-20. In other words: everyone who runs anything else than 22.5 should be voted IN.

Once you have cast your 30 votes - please do your bit to spread the word and get others voting!


Until next time...
Much Love from Cape Town, South Africa xxx


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sorry for the spam, im leaving this comment everywhere. We need to block the incoming fork by tron. this will allow for us to have stronger negotiation powers.

can you please check your votes and place one for each of the following. @Yabapmatt @blocktrades @roelandp @themarkymark and @good-karma.

No problem. Will spread the word as best I can.

thank you

pleasure. You ok with me putting this out on twitter too?


Yes... everyone should vote for witnesses. I just hope we're not trying to bolt the gate after the fox has been in the hen house...

hope so too!!!!

Look at it like the fox is in there but we have him trapped, he's been exposed, and we're about to kick him the hell out!

And with bruises.

Damn straight!

Will vote. Even how little SP I have.

Little becomes much. Resteemed.

It all counts, thank you!

#SteemResistance ! We are showing to the CryptoWorld you shouldn't mess with our community. We are thousands and have a big social impact. Don't trust our low CoinMarketCap Ranking, we are worth much more !

Damn straight! :)

Resteemed from me here in Thailand.

Awesome! Let's hope people actually go and DO IT!

I have done for several accounts and coached a few Natural Medicine people today. I will write the Natural Medicine version of your post this evening and pass the baton.

Fantastic! Every bit helps!

I am doing that and updating my upvotes to wetness regularly

Great! Thanks

Appreciate your efforts @jaynie 👍
Was the first thing I did when I woke up to this horrible news.
But is it going to help even if all active users do witness voting?
Don't they(Stemmit Inc) have more stake in SP than all of us combined?

The best we can do... is our best :)

I have just updated my voting list.

Awesome! !tip

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Thanks for the big msg to community. Few minutes ago I cast my 30 witness votes with removed someone and added top list. I invite to my fellow followers to cast your witness votes if you're not doing yet.

Thank you too!!!!

Thanks for this post, more need to resteem it and everyone needs to vote ASAP witnesses number 21 and after We all have votes that count. STEEM Blockchain isn' t owned by Justin Sun and his exchanges. #takebacksteem

Exactly! Lets hope that everyone does the right thing here!

Ready, my witness list is now updated. Most people (new users) do not know what they should do. Giving information is the best way to make strategic moves

awesome @oneray! and yes.... we need to get the message out there ASAP

The gap between 20 and 21 is closing in. One of the exchanges removed their votes i think.

and closing further!!!

Very Important. Done and shared on Twitter.

I resteemed @soyrosa's article because she was first :p

lol irrelevant! same message :) I also stole two of her lines... but hey... am sure she will forgive me in this instance LOL

I suggest Blockbrothers 😉


Of course blockbrothers but... to get to the top 20 the 21-40 first and you have 30 votes so. 😉

Resteemed. And if anyone needs help voting, just ask!

Thanks xxxxxx

You will laugh. I did an witness update a day before the exchange takeover.
Resteemed :-)

hectic! A little foresight there haha

Why only the first 30 after the first 20? I like to know what I vote for what they do for me and that is tbe biggest problem here. They do not tell, share, etc.

where have you been the last 24hrs?! lol The first 20 are Justin Sun's witnesses that took over the steem blockchain yesterday by colluding with exchanges! There is a link to the article in this post. We need witnesses now that have history. Change it later if you must but get onto the train and do something positive before this all goes completely belly up.

And make sure these guys are on your list: @Yabapmatt @blocktrades @roelandp @themarkymark and @good-karma.

I know who are the first one but why voting on number 21 till 50? Why only them and not 53 or 100?
I think I spent mote hours here as you do but still can not find or get answers to my questions and I am not the only one. 💕

Since (my time time) yesterday 10 am I saw the first problems here and they are still not solved.

because we need to reinstate the original top 20. voting for witness 99 is not going to do anything for us right now....

Thank you for explaining. Tip how to do that. I can no longer use steemit or other apps everything is shut off..

no problem. Try doing it on
think it is still working

Not with me I already tried and that site is too big to load for me. I assume sooner or later it, steem connect will work again. 🤔

Steempeak works! 👍🏼😎

Not with me because steem connect does not work. I try it again. Thank you. 👍💕

It is already done, from number 21 onwards, greetings friend and God help us in this fight


Witnesses updated and this post resteemed. Also the Twitter post resteemed. I had trouble using Steem World - my Witness button is grayed out. But I was easily able to use Keychain and the Witness button there to remove votes and add new ones.

Awesome, thanks hon!

Let's get these witnesses in the top 20.


YES! LETS!!!!!

We have one in the top 20.


@jaynie, I've voted my 30, none of which are in the (current) top 20.
How do I know, now can I tell which HF they are running>22.5?
How do I know that?

It does show it in the list on steemworld - not sure where you were looking. but pretty much as long as it was not any of the top 20 its ok for now.

Is time to grow in other decentralized social networks such as Witnesses! Here is a tutorial to create a node in this community. The consensus it is 25 witness nodes. See you there tutorial >>>

i have done my witness vote

All right. We will do our part.


done and resteemed !

I just adjusted my choice. Thanks for the tip for SteemWorld. It was so easy to know "our" witnesses.

Excellent way to embrace democracy: use the vote. I've already updated my list. Thank you for this initiative, @jaynie

There are 10 already! BOI is inspired!

I also wrote about recent events in this post and I would appreciate your feedback.

Steem on!

Congratulations @jaynie!
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Just did. Thank you.

Whoopah! Thank you :)

Check his voting list.

Oh dear lord! Hopefully accidental.

It was intentional. He does that.

We have lots of nice 4 letter words here in South Africa for people like that lol

@smallpusher... not sure if you did this accidentally... but you have voted IN all the witnesses that we want voted OUT! - You need to be voting from witness number 21 onward (NOT 1 to 20)

Keeping my fingers crossed that this was a legitimate error.

he recently sent over 25k steem to poloxiex. Likely intentional.

Dude, vote witnesses ranked 21 to 40. What you did was not very helpful.

Steem has been hijacked by a lunatic, possibly a future Bond Villain. You can be a hero by helping 17 real witnesses get into the top 20.

Think about it, you don't have to be a fucktard, there is a better way.

there's always one....