Gaming Review 04 : Fighting Tiger

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Hi Gamers, how are you all. I am with you today with another new game review.

I like to play different types of virtual games specialy fighting, racing, shooting etc. So I want to share with you my gaming experiences.

So I am on this video series, trying to play different video games and giving a short review about the games so that you have some experience about the games and get some review in brief.

So today is my 04 th gaming review where I am discussing about the game: Fighting Tiger

Game Link:

Gaming Type: Fighting

Developers claim: This is the best 3D fighting game you are looking for!

Ads appearance: Contain ads

Present PlayStore Rating: 4.3

Download: >6M

My Rating:

Sound Quality: 4/5
Interface: 4/5
Gaming Control: 5/5
Suspension: 4/5
Challenge: 4/5
3D Motion: 3/5
Techniques: 3/5

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I am from Bangladesh. I like to do some creative works like needlework, blogging and as well as writing on blockchain Hive. I am a great fan of virtual gaming.

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