Memories of WWII on the beach in Thyborøn, Denmark

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These photos were taken on a walk along the beach in Thyborøn, a small fishing village in the north of Jutland, Denmark. It’s a small town with only a couple of thousand inhabitants. It used to be even smaller with less people. But between 1915 -1918 the harbor was built and because of that, the population grew. Today this harbor is actually one of the largest fishing harbours in Denmark.

But Thyborøn is mostly known for the large number of shipwrecks along the coast But also a walk on the beach reveals what is left of WWII bunkers. During WWII the Germans built a fort as part of their defense system. Thyborøn is located at the entrance to Limfjorden. Thyborøn obviosly had a strategic important location. Around this entrance and along the beach, the Germans built more than 100 bunkers and gun emplacements. Some were large and som slightly smaller. What you see on the photos, is what is left.

At the harbor you can see the here you can see the anchor from the Russian naval frigate "Alexander Nevskij». The ship sank in November 1868, but it was not until 1958 that it was discovered. Later I found out that the town has a museum - Sea War Museum Jutland. This museum will give you a history lesson about the battles at sea during the wars. But I didn't find out before we had already left. Because we were only driving through town on our way further south, we did not take the time to look more around. For anyone interested in war history from the two world wars, I think Thyborøn is worth a visit.

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All the photoes are mine, Ulla Jensen (flickr, Instagram and facebook)

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What beautiful photos @digi-me! That beautiful scenery is definitely a great sight to behold.

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Interesting history. Maybe someday you can visit the museum.

I think it would be interesting to visit. Lots of history from the wars.

Must be interesting for sure. And if you do visit, have fun 😊