Tricks on How to Take Silhouette Photos

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Hello Everyone

Have you prepared for the contest that will be held in the CCH community. But before the contest on the title, we will share tricks on photography techniques. Maybe you can apply the tutorial to the shooting process that you will participate in the contest which will soon be held in the CCH community.

The tricks that we will write about this time is the technique of taking silhouette photos. As we know, silhouettes are one of the best ways to produce photos that contain mystery, illustrations, and other things that can be found in silhouette photos.

Without a doubt, almost everyone likes silhouette photos, especially photographers, surely they really like silhouette photos. And many objects that can be taken with this technique. Like at dusk. We can take advantage of sunset and sunrise backgrounds to produce silhouette photos.

So, in our article, we will discuss and share some techniques for taking silhouette photos. All of these tricks are our experiences during the process of taking silhouette photos. Alright, let's look at some of the tricks below:

The first trick : To produce a perfect silhouette photo, you must choose the right object before you start the shooting process. The right subject or object is very important to get the best results. However, what you need to know when choosing an object or subject is that the subject has a strong character and the shape is easy to recognize even though the object looks black.

Second trick : Before you shoot, you have to pay attention to the correct light, to get a silhouette photo, you make sure there is enough light shining on the back of the object. For example, we place the object or subject in front of sunset and sunrise. And it can also be helped by other bright lights.

The third trick : In this section, you must set the right focus on the object, so that the object you want to take is really focused on the subject you want to shoot. For this, you can use two strategies, first, if your camera has manual focus, try to use prefocus before doing the material. Whereas the second way, you use aperture to maximize DOF, meaning that all elements of the photo will be more easily focused) so that the image we want to get the most perfect result.

Trick Four : When you shoot a silhouette image, don't ever turn on the flash on your camera. Because this will make your image fail to get a silhouette image.

Here are some tricks on how to shoot silhouette photos that we share with all of you. Hopefully, these tricks can help you get the best photos when you want to shoot silhouettes.

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