Camping Club Hive Photography Contest *8 Theme "Old travel experience"

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CCH Photography Contest *8 Theme "Old travel experience


Hello dear camping friends
Today we start a photography contest in the CCH community. All interested are invited to join this contest and are given the chance to win!

The following prizes are earmarked for the winners
The prizes for the winners are a total of 30 hives, first place 15 hives, 2nd winner for 10 hives, and 3rd winner for 5 hives.

For everyone who participates in Camping Club Hive Contest * 8 In addition to the above prizes, all participants who have not won the CCH Contest * 8 will each receive 2Hive to support the creativity of the members.

For the TOP 5 of the Camping Club Hive Contest *8 Theme, I will award an additional 10 PGM Tokens from @zottone444
More information about the token can be found here

I give you the opportunity, like in the last Photography Contest, to determine the winners by giving them points. 🙂

We will hold a photography contest for all content creators on the Hive social blockchain. So, the theme of this contest is "Old travel experience". As usual, before you enter this contest, of course there are some rules for it. Let's see, here are the rules:

  • Photos must be original participant's own.
  • Participants must submit a minimum of 3 photos in 1 post.
  • Participants must write a description of the photo of at least 150 words and mention “CCH Community Photography Contest *8 session in the post title.
  • Posts must be in English.
  • Posts must be published through the CCH community.
  • Participants must use the hashtag #cch-contest, that to make easy we find your.
  • Uploaded photos are allowed using DSLR, Mirrorless, smartphone cameras.
  • Photos must match with the theme
  • Not allowed photo collages.
  • Each participant only has 1 post to participate in the *8 contest session.
  • Please reblog this post and paste your post link in the comments of this post.
  • Photos do not contain elements of SARA, pornography, sadism or things that are harassing other parties
Again as mentioned above "I will give you the opportunity, like in the last Photography Contest, to determine the winners by evaluating them with points." The winners will be announced on the ten day after this post goes public.


The Camping Club Hive CCH is very much looking forward to your contribution 😀


With that in mind, happy blogging
Camping Club Hive Community

CCH Community photography contest Session 8

Hello everyone, here is my participation in this edition number 8 of the contest

WhatsApp Image 2021-11-17 at 3.26.48 PM.jpeg

Welcome to CCH Really great post 🙂

Thank you for welcoming me, very happy to participate

 9 months ago  

Greetings @visionaer3003 sir,
Sorry for my late entry 😄

Here is my entry for this round


Wish everyone all the best!
Thank you

beautiful, you wrote a great contribution 🙂

Namaste 🙏@visionaer3003, Here is my entry for the contest, hope you will like it.

Nice you are there 🙂

Really nice number 6 that takes part 🙂

 9 months ago  

Thank a lot

 9 months ago  


My post for the Camping Club Hive Photography Contest * 8 Theme "Old travel experience"

A lot written like a book great contribution 🙂

May I know what is the deadline of the participation?

Hmm he didn't specify but you should get your entry in as soon as possible to meet up, results comes out ten days after the contest post goes public which has been out since three days now

I hope to see your entry sweet 😇

"The winners will be announced on the ten day after this post goes public." 🙂

This is my entry for this wonderful contest i hope you like it....

Really great post I liked it a lot 🙂

Thanks a lot brother.... @visionaer3003

Nice that they participate 🙂

Excellent number 5 to participate 🙂

The concept of this contest is just amazing.... By changing to concept of contest you were giving each and everyone a chance to describe and present best of his and her in front of this community..
I do not have the photosof my travel experience in my smartphone but i will try to find it on the system and definately going to participate...
@visionaer3003 and the whole CCH Team
Thanks a lot for organizing such a beautiful theme based contest

Thank you for the nice comment 🙂

I am not be able to add cch-contest in my tag what can i do - symbol is not allowed when i am adding tags @visionaer3003

Make them without the hyphen, add "cchcontest" or leave them completely away 🙂

I will try to add the tag to fullfill the requirement of if contest thanks brother for such kind words

Thanks to you brother... For showing immense love towards each and everyone love you brother keep working like this...❤❤

Realy nice number 4 that takes part 🙂

Thank you very much @visionaer3003
Glad if you like my work!

Beautiful number 3 that takes part 🙂

Thank you

 9 months ago  

Thank you for announcing the next contest. Hopefully I will post my entry soon. 😊

I'm curious, don't wait that long 🙂

Really nice number 1 to take part 🙂

Thank you very much, I am very happy and very grateful 🙏🙏

Nice contest idea, I hope I do have photos in my phone gallery to show an old travel experience.

Thanks for this opportunity and all the best to the participants

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upvoted the post, and supported by spreading the word and my own participance.

here is my post about our family 1st train trip 10 years ago.

 9 months ago  Reveal Comment

Great number 2 that takes part 🙂