Images and Ideas Challenge, Hive to be won

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If you've been paying attention, you may have noticed that some big changes have been happening in the Stock Images community. These have all been to move the project forward towards catering for Hive authors looking for images to use in their posts. As part of this project we are looking forward to running regular challenges which we hope will unite our contributors with what is essentially their clients, the images users. With these challenges we will be rewarding both images contributors and those looking for images to use.


How it works

To start with the challenges will run every two weeks. Each round we will have a topic or two for our contributors to try their hand at. We invite everyone to give their feedback on these entries and the best one will win Hive. Meanwhile, we ask anyone who has been looking to use images to tell us what they are looking for in the comments on this post and these requests will be put forward as the challenge topics for future competitions, with the suggesting account added as a beneficiary of that challenge post. They will also be invited to judge any entries and pick their favourite submission. If they also choose to use a submission, then all the better.

We invite people to add an upvote to their favourite suggestions and this will play a part in which ones will be selected first for the next challenge.

This week's challenge topics will be:


The second is a little more complex. This week I saw an image used in a fiction story about a world impacted by a climate that was getting hotter. I invite users to get creative and come up with something that might illustrate a world like that.


We have 20 Hive for the winning entry. All quality entries will be nominated for curation if they aren't already well rewarded. Votes will be given on all good suggestions for images, with the chosen suggestion/s added as a beneficiary on the next challenge post.

Camera image by @bantamuda.


Lately I notice users love writing about crypto and crypto related stuffs money, currency, or investment. I think having Hive own such related images with such subjects will certainly help users to dig own resource. ...

I don't have any cleaning related images, but I love this project, and will look forward to participating more in the future if the contest are more along the lines of what I like to take photos of. Came here from ListNerds.

Glad to see you made it here :)

You don't fancy challenging yourself to step outside your usual genre? 😉

Glad you dropped by, anyway, and hope something comes up that you can join in with.

This is quit a challenge for all those photographers out there. I am sure that almost everyone out there has a cell phone that can take pictures. So everyone should put their creative hats on and take pictures.

It didn't just have to be photos, it can be art and graphic art too. Quality is important as well, so if it's phone photography let's hope the camera is better than mine. 😅

What a great idea. I wish I could contribute but I rarely get out anymore. Thanks for the post and keep up the great work.

Thank you. I wish you could contribute too.

It's a pretty good challenge to be someone who really has creativity in taking photos, be it objects or anything else. Thanks for this latest update for stock images.

This sounds awesome! We can place two posts? One for each topic?

Absolutely! 🙂

woowww... this is a very good challenge for all photographers to be consistent in choosing pictures.
thank you very much stock images for updating

For sure and all artists are welcome to submit to the community, not just photographers. 🙂

Thanks you hive-118554

Thank you for using my image in this post. I'm sure stockimages contributors are getting creative.

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Not just photographers, we welcome all artists. 🙂