IMPORTANT update for contributors on submitting to Stock Images. PLEASE READ.

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We're excited to be able to give more control over to image contributors to allow them to help guide potential users to their content. We now have a new search feature for the Stock Images community, created by @christopher2002, which will allow people to find stock images easier. Please bear in mind this is still being fine tuned, so we need to get all contributors on board with the new submission format to get it returning better results.


In order for this to work efficiently, image contributors will need to add 3-10 #hashtags written in the body of their post which reflect the theme and content of their images. Without these tags, your images won't appear in the searches. To update old posts you can add a comment with !update-stock-image-tags followed by the hashtags you want to add. An example can be found on this post:

To be clear, you should not repost old posts to update them, just add the !update-stock-image-tags comment.

Use single words, because the search feature won't recognise words joined together. Too many hashtags will overwhelm it, so stick to the limit, or your images may not come up. If you make a mistake or want to update your hashtags, this can be done at any time using the !update-stock-image-tags comment; it will, however, override the previous hashtags rather than add to them, so you'll need to repeat any you want to keep.

The database updates every 5 minutes, so don't worry if your images don't show up straight away.

When adding hastags try to think what searches you would make if you were looking for the sort of images you are sharing.

Currently the search feature is searching older posts using the title and the body of text, but this often isn't turning up pertinent results. As more posts get the hashtags added to them we can drop this method as we start seeing better results.

We welcome feedback and questions, from both contributors and image users, on the search engine in the Stock Images discord. This will help to improve this service.


Right! I used the searcher to find 'goat' and was disappointed with the lack of goats. Funnily enough, I know someone on HIVE that takes great pictures of goats - cough cough - @buckaroobaby...

LOL! I agree!

When barge was making the thumbnails, we were also disappointed with how few Goat photos we could find.

I have a few too, tho I did not posted them yet :P

Great to see work done to make it easier for users to find images they can use.

Just a little observation, it might be worthwhile to mention the obvious that users should not repost old content with the new tagging method, and that they should only update their previous post.

Bearing in mind English is not many users first language and many tend to skim over the details, pointing out the obvious could remove any potential abuse or confusion from users.

Thanks for your insight. There have been a lot of questions on discord that have been answered and we are also monitoring contributors' posts guiding them along the way. We will do our best to make sure they understand that point of not reposting their previous posts but only updating them with the tags. 👌🏽

A big thank you to Christopher for making this search feature, the ongoing updates and answering the incessant questions.

@tipu curate

So there is a stock image community. How does that work for people who need images to use?

At the moment the main index may still be the best way to search for images, or you can ask for help in the discord. Please do also feel free to search on the new search feature linked in the above post, it's improving daily and we value feedback, which you can again give us in the discord server.

I hope you'll have patience with us while we try to make these images easier to access and find. If you find any you want to use, do use #freeimageshare as one of the tags on your post, so that we can find it and thank you for using Hiver images.

Good Morning and Thank you for the information. This is another amazing service being offered here on Hive! Have a great Sunday! 😀

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To update old posts you can add a comment with !update-stock-image-tags followed by the hashtags you want to add.

maybe this was already asked 12 times, excuse me then.
but may I edit the body of my posts, adding the needed tags?..
and which option would be preferrable. thanks.

I don't think that would work, but @christopher2002 is the best to know there. I believe the update notation is to override previous tags or search methods, so older posts are currently being searched using a different approach which searches all text, but it's not bringing up clear results.

I will do both, just need to give some time to sit and think of the tags. I've got this C-19 thing (current weakened edition), since Friday - my head is still not 100% operating : )))

It does not matter. Both ways are working fine. In my opinion, the easier and cleaner way is to edit your post and add hashtags there. But when you prefer, you can also write a comment to update the tags.

understood, thank you! (a lot - I just enjoyed the index working yesterday!!)

🤸‍♀️ 🎈

I think this is a great addition to the existing database.

Ease of search is paramount to any content.

It is a commendable task the team is doing.

For my part and trying to collaborate under each photo I have started to add a table with the characteristics of the element shown as family, order, common name and scientific name to facilitate the cataloguing.

Greetings and good 2022. Congratulations to all the team

The search function is an absolutely fantastic addition to HSI....bravo @christopher2002 👏👍😎

I've been through my own HSI posts and have done the tagging via the comment command - easy as. The search results on come up quickly and are super to see!

Inspired to make some more HSI posts 🤗

That's great to hear. Sounds like it's improving really quickly. He's done an amazing job and I've no idea how. 😅

Nice to hear that!

This is an awesome initiative! Hear of for the first time now :-)

I have made a tag change to the body of the post and now my post is successfully displayed on Hive Discover - Hive's Nest Image Search Engine.
With keywords #artwork

This is really awesome for the blockchain and I appreciate every effort been put to it.

Glad to see new improvements to stock images, I'm trying to be the best stock images.

Good news. Thank you.

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Just beautiful new ( ◜‿◝ )♡.
Nice work! This is what we needed, and it's just starting ✨!🎉

Hello friends #stockimage, if you want to add tags to posts that have been posted before, do you need to write update stock image tags in the comments column?

Yes. It needs to be !update-stock-image-tags exactly in this format, then followed by the tags you wish to use.

Bagaimana dengan tag sebelumnya, apakah ditulis ulang dalam kolom komentar?

I am excited to see this :-)