Take the Pressure Off, Be Community-Minded

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From a perspective of having aspirations to be a successful online marketer - LONG TERM - has had it's ups and downs. Enough for me to walk away from it for a long time before deciding to get back into the fray.

Learning more about myself during my health and fitness journey that began not too long after deciding to take a break from making it big as an affiliate marketer, had a profound effect on how I approach most everything in life as I've gotten older.

The lesson of believing in myself and how I could accomplish whatever, I set my mind to was definitely a reality; when I got into High Intensity Interval Training. I went from being a non-athletic, beer bellied, Newport cigarette smoking, Big Mac eating bump on a log into a 6 out of 7 day healthier eating, fit minded; workout fanatic.

More importantly, was building my mental into something more level-headed and knowing the limitations, but never giving up or not trying; because of what not may be a limitation, but truly unrealistic goals.


Right around the time, I was moving on from online marketing; social media was really becoming prevalent for online marketers and Jon Olson and his team at the time were constantly putting it out there, in no uncertain terms; how critical it was to integrate engagement into our marketing by taking advantage of the social media model.

Although, I've pretty much dedicated most of my free time to HIVE activity; I still promote off-chain and work on building my list using the traditional ad sites that many of us began our affiliate marketing journey with. At the very least, I remain rotating my Lead Capture Pages and banners to show my face/name as much as possible - 24/7 if I can.

So when I start losing pace with my time on those platforms I can still generate sign-ups in the last 7 days shows as much:

EBS 7 Days.png

Those may not seem like earth shattering numbers, but what makes them important to me; is that all the effort I had put in the last 2 years can still yield me results including when the lull sets in.

But is it making an impact?


Going all in on HIVE makes the social media aspect loud and clear that the power of community is ten-fold and just throwing up a lead capture or splash page while having some unrealistic expectation can negatively effect your message.

I'm learning that on a daily basis.

My personal and traditional social media accounts are predominantly about my Orangetheory Fitness fandom and everyone including family know that it's who and what I'm about.

The OTF community is frickin awesome and I can go to another state at the drop of a dime, walk into an Orangetheory studio and someone will know who Tiffany and I are. I'm connected to hundreds if not thousands of members, coaches, staff and owners.

It's the community!

That has added another layer to my health and fitness journey. It probably matters more to a lot of the members than the workout itself. Not me, for me it's all about the workout - first and foremost- but, the community aspect of OTF is what makes it amazingly popular and there are Orangetheory studios worldwide.


So taking my OTF experience and coming back to online marketing with a more hardened mindset and knowing that I had to execute on the basics; helped me get on track pretty quickly. I avoided the pitfalls with a few missteps here and there, but I was happy with the trajectory.

Along came HIVE, because I had immersed myself into CTP and showing me another world that yet again; made me pivot on my approach.

Just like my membership with CTP, I was a member of ListNerds before it's conversion onto the HIVE blockchain; I used it the old way and until recently, I still had some of my old campaigns on the upgraded auto setting.

When I upgraded again during the re-launch and further upgraded to the Enterprise level, I immediately knew that I had to change my approach altogether. I had the proverbial aha moment. ListNerds 2.0 is on the blockchain. The HIVE blockchain. Nothing says more than community.

So, if I was going to use this re-launched platform: am I going to use it the same old way that honestly doesn't jive with my long-term goals? Heck no! I am going to use it as a way to reach out to the HIVE community and to bring in new folks to HIVE and for them to see how you can succeed just by being YOU.

My last 10 mails in the system has done incredibly well and NONE are from my old batch of email marketing campaigns:

LN since 2.04.png

I made sure to be more engaging, point folks to my HIVE posts and initiate engagement in different ways, recommend other's HIVE posts and making it more about building on the community we are lucky to be part of, than making it a billboard for shit I'm trying to make money off of.



Good post Jimmy. If you average 15-16 new sign-ups a week then you are on track to have over 800 subscribers by year's end. 800 loyal and engaging members are better than 10,000 members who most just scrap your emails.

Thanks for the encouragement @beststart 🙏🏼

I pretty much ignore most of the stuff that doesn't link me to a post but that is probably my own way of looking at the emails. Hive is better because there is no actual cost to you and it' not like your giving away information by engaging or voting content.

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Hopefully, others will adapt to that POV and those that don’t - their messages will be drowned out to a bare minimum.

Thanks for coming by @jfang003

"than making it a billboard for shit I'm trying to make money off of"

Yep. 100% agree. Don't be that guy. I currently write on Hive and then use LN to send folks to my blog, like you. Works. People engage. My comment count is ridiculous now and I love it. My followers # is up as well, and it feels good engaging again.

You're an epic guy, Jimmy, and your stuff has your own twist. Work on that part.

As for LCPs, there's nothing wrong with them at all. I use a couple of LCP in the rotation, but it's got video on them, and leading folks to sign up for my list, which follows the 80% pull method. You can use the LCP in a winsome way, instead of hawking wares. You know all this. :)

Enjoying just the increase in tokens due to this new method. Paid for membership to LN hands down.

Thank You @threesteps means a lot 🙏🏼

Yes Jimmy. Being engaging is awesome. It helps to be a good writer like you are. I have to really struggle to write like this. I am getting better. Your right also about needing to believe in yourself. Practice Practice Practice

It's always a work in progress. I have to go back and edit the grammar stuff after posting, which I hate to do; but I never have to edit my truths

Just keep posting and it becomes easier @alente

I reckon you've grasped this better than anybody.
Life's a journey and you've done a lot of hard yards in affiliate marketing and that experience shows. As I said to you the other day - this just feels so natural for affiliate marketers. It replaces "buy my stuff with let's talk about things (and make a few bucks while we do it." Community isn't some fluffy feel good tokenistic exercise. It's real and it's exciting.
Revolutionary is not a word that I throw around, but I can't help but use it here.
Great post Jimmy. Keep 'em coming

"making it a billboard for shit I'm trying to make money off of"

!LOL well said @jmmy.adames

Have a blessed and successful week my friend:)

🤪 @benthomaswwd thank you buddy 🙏🏼

You are welcome @jimmy.adames
Have the best one buddy :)

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That's cool to hear that you made some adjustments to your lifestyle. I started getting a bit more serious about my health a while ago when my friend had a heart attack. Funny how something like that can really be a catalyst. I need to dig into the List Nerd thing that CTP started. I don't use it the way I should I don't think.

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Sorry to read about your friend, but good that this pushed you to make a change! Be proud of that :)

Listnerds is bringing in some nice engagement and new connections. On top of that the earnings are sweet! I would really love to see your emails pop up there too as that means another person dropping quality content :) And so we keep building haha

Yeah, I already post most of my stuff over on Twitter. I guess it is just a matter of taking that extra step. I just need to get in the habit of doing it once I have my stuff sorted out.

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Yes, that's what I said in my guides about Listnerds as well. Don't worry about getting all in right away as that's usually the reason to not start. I was personally not really interested in the hype when I kept reading email marketing and affiliate marketing as I had my own thoughts about it. And here we are weeks later, and I'm doing quite well there, made tons of new connections and I see more and more hivers popping up with great content instead of the oldschool "not that great" content. I'm trying to be careful with my wording, but I'm on a mission to improve that pattern and show others that we can do better and that it's actually more fun that way too.

Just start with the daily login round of mails, vote the good ones, etc. Step by step :) send out 1 email f.e. a nice post where you'd like to have some engagement. And see for yourself what happens! Tons of extra views!

Sounds like a plan!

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Absolutely, wake up calls are impactful to positive changes; bittersweet in a sense.

Take an engagement approach @bozz to your messages at ListNerds and you will be impressed with your CTR.

Thanks, I will see what I can do. I think it is just a matter of making it a habit.

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One day, I'll join OTF because of you lolol

They are popping up a lot up here, and while not as visible as other chains, I know they are here!

Thanks for the community support man and of course, using Listnerds!

@jongolson - yup; I follow a few folks at some OTF Canada studios. Canada is on Tiffany and my bucket list and there has to be an OTF wherever we stay lol.

Quebec and Toronto are where we hope to visit.

OTF or not, I only wish great health on folks; however it’s accomplished 🙏🏼

ListNerds for life son! Halftime Show withdrawals. 🤪🤓

50 cent won that show lol Wonder how long he was hanging upside down for lol

@jongolson - Love my man fitty, but he may need some OTF time 🤣 But, that was definitely a hype move and a big surprise; because I didn’t know he was going to be there.

Looked more like 75 cent lol

That is excellent, Listnerds is a great way to get paid every day!! I am having similar results.

Keep up the great work @mba2020 👊🏽

You too buddy 👍

One of the things I love about being in CTP is that they do practice what they preach. Community is their focus and it is very apparent. I had no idea that Orange Theory was that widespread. I remember hearing my oncologist talk about it at one of my follow up appointments. So it's not just a gym membership. There is community with it as well.

Indeed @lisamgentile1961 - the power of community is evident with CTP on HIVE and the fitness establishment that kicks my butt most of week 🙃 - it's undeniable.

Another thing I love is not having to hear that Always Be Closing statement around here. Always Be Engaging is way nicer! Have a great Saturday, @jimmy.adames! 😀

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-- @lisamgentile1961

You have done well indeed.
I have to upgrade my performance is not yet well represented.

Take it a day at a time, I have a long way to go as well; but without action there is no chance.

You Got This @oadissin 🤓👍🏽

hello dear friend @jimmy.adames good afternoon you are doing a great job, it is good that you have returned and have not given up I appreciate that you shared this post
Have a beautiful week

Gracias 🙏🏼 @jlufer - Very much appreciated - Always

This is something I keep mulling over. The goal of online marketing, in the majority of instances, is to get people to go to a site and take action, usually buying something. Hence, the ultimate goal is to make money. All the social media engagement is meant to drive traffic.

With Hive, the engagement is the money maker. We get paid for taking the action. Thus, it appears the model is switching.

Yes community is vital. However, since it is tokenized, the community is really an economy, albeit in raw form at the moment. As these expand and are built out, there will be more opportunities. Therefore, we are witnessing a major paradigm shift happening right before our eyes.

Plus our actions are actually bringing it into being.

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I love how you explain these things, it makes me realize more and more how powerful the people using Hive can be if we all try to add value in our own way.

As I keep saying, we each have a role to play.

This is a cooperative. Once people realize that, they can understand the value they bring. Those who opt to step up and increase their activity will see how powerful all of this is.

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Yes, agree. It's truly fun to see people stepping up with their content as well as engagement.

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We have a good foundation with the people here. Now we just require more people, larger numbers.

That will really send things flying.

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I can't wait :) haha
I've tried to convince SO many people from my home country from the moment I discovered Steem at the time, showing the results etc. None was "brave" enough to even check it out. I really bet plenty of them feel like idiots if they find out how users here managed to continue earning from their content even while the whole world was in financial trouble during this pandemic. So many of them have great skills and if they had taken the step to check it out, their lives would have been a bit different after losing their 9 to 5 job f.e.

But luckily plenty others find their way here that do see how valuable this platform is.

They will find it sooner or later. The fact that we are still early in the game shows there is plenty of room for growth. I agree there will be regret by many since leaving/ignoring does not get people filling their bags.

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@taskmaster4450le man, in those terms the value of community is even more evident.

Thanks for providing that POV. Awesome!

Yep. Understanding Web 3.0 is really an essential thing. There is a complete remaking of the Internet. This is really going to be huge when the masses realize what is available.

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First of all I want to say that I admire your willpower to make that lifestyle change. I wish I had the same strength for that lol, but in my case, I have cut out caffeine and coffee completely (smoking for several years now after being a BIG smoker lol, and caffeine for about 6 months, lost count lol). These were two major steps for me and although I tried quitting smoking before, it never lasted. All these years I wanted to stop, but the real life stress events made me feel I would fail again and again, so I waited until a day came that I woke up with a cough and decided today is the day. I never touched any cigarette again. Even though my boyfriend left a few in the house for me that week when he went to work, in case I changed my mind as you can't walk into a Tabaco store here with a child and she wasn't attending kindergarten yet.

The caffeine was something I was very addicted to for many years. I really appreciate a good coffee, and I could not (at least my mind made me believe so) start my day without it. I just couldn't, until I did. Haha. I had massive migraines and I noticed that they started to appear when I skipped my coffee a day due to being away from home or other reasons. I saw the pattern very clearly and whenever I took it again, I got the headaches from that. A vicious cycle which I needed to break. I quit and only take very light iced coffee when I have the cravings for it, I can't even recognize that there's caffeine in it so I never have withdrawal symptoms thankfully.

The exercising is another story though. At some point we decided to do boxing at home, but my boyfriend needs to hold these punching gloves and his "meh, don't feel like it" attitude makes me feel like never mind. Which I'm trying to change btw. There's currently so much I need to focus on, it sounds like excuses but I have learned a lot about myself and I know that I will make that big effort to start exercising (I mean adding more than boxing at home in this case) when I feel I can achieve my goals. For now, it would heavily interrupt with the already lack of time I have and mentally I'm just not ready for it lol. Call me weak, it's fine :) I know, and I will change at the right moment. I just hate to start something and not succeed, makes me feel down and probably cost me many stressful moments that affect my work stuff and emigration stuff I need to research.

BUT reading posts like yours is very inspiring and I can't wait until I can add myself to the list of people that pushed through a healthier lifestyle. On another note, I did implement more vegetarian food days here and less junk food. It's not where we need to be yet, but it's a start!

That means more to me than anything. I hear or read a lot about how Tiffany and I inspire people just through our health and fitness journey and that is amazing.

Based on how you took the opportunity to provide guidance to learn and be better ListNerds users in such an impressive way; that it's inevitable you will crush your health goals.

At least it's in your thoughts and you are trying, that's a huge step @thisismylife

that it's inevitable you will crush your health goals.

I hope you're right :)

At least it's in your thoughts and you are trying, that's a huge step @thisismylife

Yes, it has been for a while but like I said, changing so many things at once is hard. And I know myself very well to know that's not going to work. I believe that this year will be the year though, once we're in an environment where we want to be it will be a huge change of mindset, I'm sure.

Until then, I will manage :) haha Thanks for your kind words!

You are doing an awesome job
Keep going for them goals my friend and creating good content like you do you got this.

I will be including this content on the @heartbeatonhive curation trail

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Awesome post we could all learn something from here. Keep up the great work! Much success to you!

Hope you're having a fantastic week!

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