7 Strategies To Build Your Residual Income On Hive

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Yesterday we went over 6 ways to help get your Hive account off and running!

It was the first part of my little 2 part series I was planning for this week. It all comes from the #ThriveOnHive challenge we're working on, with the end goal...Getting as many people on Hive to see the full potential of showing up every day, and putting in the work!

Yesterday, we built the foundation....Today, we're going to add some fuel to the engine and really get things moving!


We set the goal to reach 25 Hive per day!

Now this can be adjusted up or down, but I would encourage you to reach for a goal that you can't achieve in a day or less. You want to see this grow, slow and steady. It's so much more rewarding :)

1. Commenting Through Engagement

The first example I think of when I mention being rewarded for actually commenting on posts is @taskmaster4450 's challenge. Where he said, go make 500 comments and see how your journey is going! I couldn't agree more. The 'currency' for content creators on Hive and online for that matter, is engagement. And when some of those authors appreciate you showing up in their comments, you never know what there upvote may be worth! Always remember to give value daily!

2. Curation

I do these little posts every week on Saturday nights. #MyHiveGoals shows me how powerful my curation efforts are compared to all my other 'income generating' activities are on Hive. It's truly one of the killer features of this blockchain, being rewarded for essentially liking other people's content and encouraging them to keep going. Amazing potential and it grows as your Hive power does too!

3. Delegation To Projects You Believe In

People are often fascinated by this statement...On Hive, you become a venture capitalist on day one! Here's what is so exciting, you can find projects or even people you believe in and support them through delegating Hive Power or other second layer tokens to them. Some of these projects, will even give you a return for delegating which is brilliant! My favorites are @leo.voter and @brofi right now! I get to support to projects (LEO and BRO) that I love and in return, I get income daily and weekly!

4. Dollar Coast Averaging Into Income Tokens

Fair warning, we started the @he-index project so obviously, I believe in it lol But along with that, projects like BRO are truly remarkable. Everyday, I check my account in Hive Engine and I'm dropped dividends from my stake in both these projects. INDEX and BRO are my favorites but there are so many other great teams build solid income generating tokens on the blockchain. And if you are slowly adding to your stake through dollar cost averaging, you just the dividends grow and grow!

5. Content Creating Through Blogging & Vlogging

I know we want to tell the world that Hive isn't a blogging blockchain. And I get it. We're so much more. However at the core, this blockchain excels at delivering blogging content and thanks to projects like @threespeak , video content as well! And the more effort and value you create through these mediums, the more people notice! Remember yesterday when I said people support those they know, like and trust...Well, creating content helps people get to know, like and trust you!

6. Game Fi With Splinterlands

We will discuss 'playing' the game next, however right off the bat...As soon as you start to understand the #Splinterlands eco-system and platform, you can see how it's built to reward you every single day of the year. From SPS staking , to asset rentals. Buying and selling cards. Investing in liquidity pools. Heck, even writing about the game on Splintertalk....This can be one of the most rewarding experiences on Hive and has been for years!

7. Actually...Playing Splinterlands

Thanks to the brand new changes with how they are rewarding players, you can now earn cards, items and even governance tokens...Just by playing the game. I've been blown away at the latest changes, and while it's not going to make you rich overnight when you first start, the more you understand the game, the tokens and the entire eco-system...You get hooked and want to keep playing it day after day! Of course, the best part is...You are rewarded along the entire process!

These are just 7 ways to help you reach your target on Hive. Again, it's important to set a goal for yourself and make it achievable. However do undercut yourself, create a goal that makes you push and try to improve every day. And before you know it, those streams of residual income start flowing into your wallet!

It takes time, dedication and effort...But oh wow, it's worth it!

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Awesome, step-by-step building blueprint. Slow and steady.
25 Hive a day seems far off, but I know it is achievable.
Thanks for the information.


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All good methods and what's really cool is each of these continues to grow with new projects and development increasing options to build revenue and income streams all on hive.

 9 months ago  

It really is amazing, just keep growing and stacking...Magical things happen!


These are definitely some killer tips... I just started staking some SPS tokens on #Splinterlands, and I got into Rising Star and DCity pretty early on. I delegate to @brofi (among others) and I invest consistently in BRO and UTOPIS for #Hive income. I curate daily too and engage when I can.

But I really need to get back into a content groove! Posts like this one help get the juices flowing though. Cheers! 🙏


 9 months ago  

Glad to hear it, hope it does spark some creative juices :)

It's still my main 'source' of income, the creating side of things. But the other ones, add up nicely!!


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I didn't knew that brofi had a delegation. I am going to put my next 500 HP to them :)

I have yet to get into the audio part. I am going to test that one once the winter chimes in as that time would be forcing myself indoors. Some good method for contributing on Hive is listed here. Something like this is worth the bookmark.

 9 months ago  

Thanks for checking it out, and I hope it's valuable for you down the road too!


I guess the goal has to seem a little impossible so that you can give it your all to achieve it. The Hive ecosystem is getting bigger everyday and affords many opportunities for us to #Thrive and grow with it.

Engagement is the secret sauce in being known and building connections on Hive. It's quite underrated!

 9 months ago  

It really is, you never know who is watching all the engagement going on. And who might start following you because of it.


I like BRO , I'll have to look into INDEX today. I am patiently waiting for Psyberx and Chifibots to go live so I can play to earn

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 9 months ago  

I don't think Chifi is on Hive though, but it's a project I've been looking forward to as well!


Correct, it will be on STACKS. Cartel/OneUP will have major representation of players which in turn will advertise HIVE and have a big potential of creating new HIVE users. The more bridges to HIVE the better. I feel I missed out on Splinterlands and investing early in ChifiBots was a nice opportunity to take some risk on. The team has been really transparent & give regular updates and are certainly reaching their timeline goals. It's been very rewarding just following the development and learning what I can do in the future for my own project.

I need to spend some time learning more about CTP. Seems like a really solid project with a great team as well!

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Hi @jongolson

I'm relatively new to Hive and I can already see the massive potential this platform has beyond just blogging. I'm not a gamer but I know that Splinterlands is a huge part of the "heart & soul" of the project so to speak but at behind that, it really just boils down to how passionate people are and how much they want the entire infrastructure to succeed.

If you take that away, then it's just a lifeless scaffolding. The engagement is what makes it so much better than conventional social media and I'm loving every second of it.

 9 months ago  

10000% agree. It's the real currency of the community. The more engagement there is, the more people feel a part of something bigger.


Great post! do you know what delegation option yields the best % return currently?

 9 months ago  

Not sure to be honest. I just like supporting the projects I believe in. What they return to me is just a bonus. But I think it's around 15% or so.


The great thing about Hive is that you have tons of ways to actualy earn tokens. Cumulate them together you have a pretty interesting business :-)

 9 months ago  

Absolutely, so many ways to accumulate them here!


They are great tips but 25 Hive daily is still out of my reach, you have to keep trying.

 9 months ago  

Don't start for 25. Start aiming for 5...And work your way up.


Excellent round up. I've never looked into the BRO project, but after reading this maybe I should! 😁 !BEER

 9 months ago  

It's epic and @raymondspeaks is a legend!


This is really good and the best way to earn here on Leofinance and Hive Blockchain as a whole

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 9 months ago  

Thanks for the comments.


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I nailed 6/7. If I had more time to play Splinterlands it would be an easy 7/7.

Great tips btw. It's nice to have something to compare your strategy to.

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The best strategy is to engage by creating as many comments as you can. Why? The more connections you have, the more opportunities you have to earn residual income on Hive. That's for sure. Thanks for sharing. This was a helpful read.

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I want you to know
I always read you, but usually at very busy times so I do not comment!
Let me try something for the first time here

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These are really top notch tips for hive users

This is a golden list on how one can extend his/her earnings and should bookmark it and read it all over again. So many ways of earning, be present, put in the work and communities will be rewarding you.

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Awesome post Jon! I know that I should get back to this, but just dealing with too many health issues at this time. So at this point I will just check in and say to all that if you are already not focusing on these things add it to your daily routine list