dPoll Frequently Asked Questions

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Table of Contents

  • dPoll
  • Voting via Keychain
  • Markdown
  • Pictures
  • Videos
  • Maximum Answer Options
  • Payout Options
  • Editing after Publishing
  • Multiple Choice Option
  • Poll Promotion
  • Content Filter
  • Result Filter
  • Community Feature
  • Stake Weighting
  • Upvoting
  • Audit Option
  • Polls by Vote
  • Forcing posting Authority
  • API


dPoll.io is a polling app built on top of the Hive blockchain.

Take a look at the source code on github.com

If you have any feedback, go to our issues page at Github or drop by our Discord server.


Voting via Keychain

This feature allows you to skip logging in via Hivesigner and vote directly via Keychain.
Creating dPolls requires the use of Hivesigner.


You can use simple Markdown to format your poll in the editor.

It is not possible to use Markdown for the answer options.


dPoll is currently not storing data locally. Therefore it is not possible to upload images directly into the editor.

As a workaround, you can upload images to the hive.blog- or peakd.com editor and then copy that link into the dPoll editor.

Other image repositories like Imgur work as well, but make sure your source allows hot-linking. Pixabay for example does not.


Embedding videos is currently not possible on dPoll. If you include the link in markdown it will show up as link on dPoll and will behave as expected in your post on Hive.

[Link Description](Link to video) : displays a Link to video

Link to video : only pasting the link embeds the video player directly in your post

Ideally, use both ways in conjunction. That way you get a link to the source and the video ready to play in your post at the same time.

Maximum Answer Options

Up to 64 options can be created.

It is recommended to keep the number of possible answers below 5, ideally Yes/No/Other.

Voters start losing interest if there are more than 10 options in most cases.

Payout Options

You can choose a payout option before submitting your dPoll.

The options are:

  • 50%/50% Payout
  • Power up 100%
  • Decline payout

Editing after Publishing

dPolls can be edited until the first vote is cast.

Thereafter you can edit the main post on Hive but not on dpoll.io itself.

This is a trade off between the need to correct mistakes and the integrity of the poll. Use the preview option ("eye symbol") in the editor before you publish.

Multiple Choice Option

At the end of the editor is a check box to enable multiple choice dPolls. This option allows the voter to choose multiple answers from the options provided.

Poll Promotion

This is helpful when you create a poll and want to increase exposure to more users.

If you bid the highest amount, your dPoll will appear on top of the dpoll.io homepage.

Content Filters

  • New: Lists active polls by creation date.
  • Trending: Lists active polls by voter count.
  • Promoted: Lists active polls by promotion amount.

Only active polls are shown - in every filter. If you want to look up older polls, you can go to the profile of a dPoller by either clicking on the user name in a recent dPoll or to https://dpoll.xyz/user/@[username].

Result Filters

It is possible to screen the cast votes by parameters:

  • Minimum Reputation
  • Minimum HP
  • Minimum Account Age
  • Minimum Post Count

Every account can vote, and the default view doesn't exclude any accounts. However, you can filter the results based on parameters you think represent a genuine/eligible account.

This feature is useful if there is a lot on the line (large prizes, delegations, questions about governance).

In the interest of transparency: every poll creator should state the filter he intends to use beforehand.

Community Feature

This is an extension of the Result Filters

This filter allows the creation of special polls targeted to a specific audience. Every account can still vote on all polls, but there is an additional result filter that permits to filter result by community members.

Further there is a custom Stake based option. The first implementation is the currently running dPoll by @steemalliance on the Structure Proposal Election. For more details on the specific weighting read here.

Stake Weighting

You can select in the filter options menu if you want an account based view of the results or a stake weighted view.

The metric is owned HP. Delegations are ignored. Results are dynamic. That means power ups/or -downs will automatically be reflected.


Why hasn't dPoll included an Upvote Button on the voting page itself?

It comes down to health and safety.

dPoll only asks for Comment and CommentOption scopes via Hivesigner.

Meaning that with the access token gained, we can only broadcast comments/posts on your behalf. However, we can not upvote with your authority.

This protects you in the case of an attacker gaining access to dPoll servers. They could abuse the comment and posting option, but can not steal your voting power.

Audit Option

This makes the transaction data easily available to everybody who wants to check the integrity of any dPoll. You can do this by going to the the Audit link of the poll you are interested in.

Polls By Vote

We have implemented a view which lists polls by vote count on specific date ranges. This view is hidden at the moment, but it's accessible via /polls_by_vote. This option ranks the dPolls of the last 7 days by votes cast. If you want to know how to set specific date ranges: see here.

Forcing posting Authority

If for what ever reason you need to force grant posting authority you can

go to peakd.com : Profile : Settings : Keys & Permissions : Authorities

or use this link with your active key:


If you want to revoke posting authority you can

go to peakd.com : Profile : Settings : Keys & Permissions : Authorities

or use this link:


API (Powerquery)

Here is a handy link to a YouToube video on how to use Powerquery

In order to evaluate and use the polling data you can use the API to extract data from dpoll.xyz.

As an example:

Go to https://dpoll.xyz/api/v1/questions/ and look up the number of the poll of interest and add it to the link: https://dpoll.xyz/api/v1/questions/[number of desired poll].

Then you can load the data into Powerquery.

Point of interest is right at the top:

choices List

Right click on List

Right click on Drilldown

Click on button Convert to Table

Choose the values of interest in the column drop down menu.

column1.voted_user Expand to new Rows

again: column1.voted-user Select All

This will show every user and the chosen answer.

Click on Close and Load

Now you have the data in your Excel sheet and can do what ever you want with it.

Support dPoll.curation by delegating Hive Power:

50SP | 100SP | 250SP | 500SP | 1000SP | 5000SP


I think these dapps should have an integration method - framework with each other. Like if you post on peakd they should allow that in an iframe because I honestly do not do the effort to go to that dapp just to perform some action.

I noticed that this post is just about 16 days old. Thanks for the updates!