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This may sound odd to many, but I get shamed CONSTANTLY because I'm fit & in great shape, I'm slim, and I still have small perky (natural!) boobs at 56. Just wait till menopause they laugh, with sadistic delight. Been & gone and I feel better than ever I reply. You should have nursed your baby and then you'd know how we feel with your boobs to your knees!. I did nurse my daughter for 2 years and 3 months I reply. And their jaws drop. Cos it makes them uncomfortable. I have a friend - a yogi who's super trim, slim and fit at 62 and runs 10km a day. I've heard people say, behind her back, "it's not natural!".

I do wish the body positive images weren't all about fat women tho.

Great issue that you raise. If we all saw the spirit and the inner-Beingness FIRST, then this shaming simply wouldn't be possible.

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Oh gosh, I can't say I've experienced that! Sounds like people lashing out over their own insecurities. Being small breasted certainly helps us avoid the sagging over time. I feel very lucky in that respect.

I'm pretty happy with being small breasted too! But it should all be about HEALTH and FITNESS and not about LOOK and SHAPE. Being "body positive" obese and headed for a heart attack is in no one's interests. So very often the body positive movement leans towards an endorsement of poor health and poor lifestyle choices.

I wish we'd all stop looking at not just the way PEOPLE look, but things and animals - and relate-react to their function, their gift, their contribution to the world.


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yes body shaming goes both ways, I have a friend who has always struggled to put on weight and she has really suffered through the years. I wrote a follow on to this as I really feel like this post opened up a can of worms and started a really important conversation. Thank you for your wonderful input and for shedding some light on the different types of body shaming xx